Two-dimensional array ordering using the Sort method in JavaScript

sorting methods for arrays in JavaScript The most used of course is the encapsulated sort () method.One: How the Sort () method is used.The sort method is not as easy to use as we think, not simply Arr.sort (), which requires us to define the

JavaScript Debugging Tips: Breakpoint Debugging

First of all, in each browser, breakpoint debugging support the best of course is firefox,firefox not only can use Firebug Debug page JS script, you can also use advanced debugging tools such as JavaScript Debugger (Venkman) To debug the JS in the

JavaScript instance: Tab Toggle Effect

We usually use the tab switch effect, the following figure: This effect is very common, with JS can be achieved. Layout Analysis: We can first let one of the content display, the other content first hidden, when the user clicks on the head tag, you

tab tab Toggle effect JavaScript Rollup

tab switch in the current Web page, it is very common. But the tab-switched JavaScript implementation has a lot to pay attention to, how to use the least code, the most flexible implementation. This collection of 37 tab-implemented JavaScript code

JavaScript regular expression of Xiang solution

The use of regular expressions in the detailedBrief introduction In short, regular expressions are a powerful tool that can be used for pattern matching and substitution. Its role is as follows:Tests a pattern of a string. For example, you can test

JavaScript Date Common point of knowledge

1. New Date (DATESTR): Converts a string to a Date objectParameters: ①datestr {string}: A string that can be converted to a Date object (can be omitted); There are two main types of strings: 1) yyyy/mm/dd HH:mm:ss: If the time is omitted, the time

Difficult points in JavaScript

I wrote JavaScript for a year or two, but there were a couple of ambiguous points that bothered me. Then use the most recent spare time to digest these points. 1 The scope of JavaScript The scope in JavaScript only has one--public scope. All the

JavaScript deep understanding of JS closure __js

scope of a variable To understand closures, you must first understand JavaScript's special variable scope. The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global and local variables. The special point of the JavaScript language is that the

JavaScript array element, add two functions to array, implement Delete function __ function

An array of JavaScript does not seem to have a default function to delete elements, when colleagues asked the next Google, found that there is no, continue to the valley to delete elements you need to do the following three steps: 1. Delete element 2

JavaScript window. ActiveXObject objects, how to distinguish the browser

Window. ActiveXObject) to determine whether the browser supports ActiveX controls, and if you support ActiveX controls, we can use Varxml=newactivexobject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") To create the XMLHttpRequest object (this is in a previous version of IE7

JavaScript Call usage examples

Call method: Invokes one of the object's methods to replace the current object with another object.Directly on the code:JS Example: Call Class B data in Class Afunction ClassA () { = ' ClassA ';This.getname = function () {alert (;}

JavaScript indexof Ignore case

IndexOf in JavaScript are strictly case-sensitive how do you ignore case? Put them all in uppercase or lowercase, then you can compare them. indexof The character position of the substring for the first time within the object with toLowerCase or

Getting Started with JavaScript (vi) __java

Object Objects are the core of our use of JavaScript. Objects in JavaScript are similar in many ways to objects in the real world outside of programming (it doesn't exist, I just assume). In the real world, an object is a "thing" (many of the

JavaScript wchar_t wide character converted to ASCII character code array

String.prototype.charCodeAtString.fromCharCode ()String.prototype.toUtfArray = function () {return This.split ("). Reduce (function (A, c) {var code = c.charcodeat (0); A.push (Code >> 8); A.push (code & 0X0FF); return A;}, []);};

JavaScript design mode-Factory mode

JavaScript design mode-Factory mode I understand the factory pattern, which is to provide a pattern of multiple classes related to a unified portal, so that you can get multiple classes from one portal and increase productivity.However, there are

JavaScript Design Pattern Learning--Singleton mode

Singleton mode, also known as the singleton mode, is an object class that allows instantiation only once.Use:1. Use an object to plan a namespace (for example, the jquery library, which provides a namespace for it), and to manage properties and

function functions and parameter arguments of JavaScript

JavaScript uses the function keyword to declare functions, you can return a value with return, or you can have no return value.Recommendation: It is convenient to debug the code by either unifying the return value or not unifying the return

JavaScript data types

JavaScript has six data types, undefined, null, number, string, Boolean, object, and the previous five are the underlying data types, also known as primitive types, which are the basic types that can no longer be subdivided. object is a complex data

Get DOM element height and width in javascript

The way to get the height and width of DOM elements in JavaScript is as follows:Web page Visible area width: document.body.clientWidthWeb page Visible Area height: document.body.clientHeightWeb page Visible Area width: document.body.offsetWidth

JavaScript syntax--this

here summarize JS in a key--this.  the This of a function in JS does not point to the function itself or to a scope, but to the object. In a nutshell, which object calls the function, the this in the function points to the object. But there are more

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