Two ways to get URL parameters for native javascript

Two native methods of obtaining parameters via URLs (typically provided using a framework):Method One (recommended):Urlinfo=window.location.href; Gets the URL of the current pagelen=urlinfo.length;//gets the length of the URLOffset=urlinfo.indexof ("

What is the difference between Var, let, and const in JavaScript?

To put it simply: let is a bugthat fixes the scope of var and becomes more useful. Let is the better var. var is scoped to a variable defined by var at the scope of the function, scoped to a function body, not the curly braces {} that we

The prototype property of the JavaScript constructor

There is no concept of class in JavaScript, so it differs from object-oriented language in object creation.The object in JS can be defined as a collection of unordered attributes. Its properties can contain basic values, objects, and functions. An

JavaScript date-to-timestamp cross-turn

1, timestamp to date format:  1 functionTimestamptotime (timestamp) {2 varDate =NewDate (timestamp * 1000);//The timestamp is 10-bit *1000 and the timestamp is 13-bit, so you don't need to multiply3Y = date.getfullyear () + '-';4M =

JavaScript notes Collation

1, filter is also a common operation function, he is used for some elements of the array, and then return the remaining elements, and map () like, the array of filter () also accepts a function, and map () is different, filter () The function of the

javascript-reserved 2-bit decimal function method

1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTMLLang= "en">3 Head>4 MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">5 title>Format-numbertitle>6 Head>7 Body>8 inputtype= "text"ID= "Input">inputtype= "text"ID= "Output">9 Body>Ten Script> One varIPT=document.getElementById ('input'); A varopt=

javascript: Drawing 2D graphics with canvas

One of HTML5 's most welcome new features is the canvas element, which is responsible for setting an area in the page and then using JavaScript to make a dynamic drawing. Basic usage    id= "Drawing" widht= "Max" height= " > a

JavaScript variable declares the difference between Var and let

var declares a variable that is an entire regionLet declares that the variable is valid only in the local area.123 + A at - the difference between Var and let - - - let allows you to declare a variable, statement, or expression that has a scope that

javascript: Offline applications and client storage

Offline detection First check that the device is online, HTML5 defines the attribute, and HTML5 also defines two events: online and offline, which are triggered when changes are made to the line and offline status switches.

JavaScript reserved Keywords

1.JavaScript reserved KeywordsIn JavaScript, some identifiers are reserved keywords and cannot be used as variable names or function names.1.1 JavaScript StandardAll modern browsers fully support ECMAScript 3 (the third edition of Es3,javascript,

A detailed explanation of setinterval and settimeout usage in JavaScript

In the writing H5 game often need to use the Timed Refresh page to achieve the animation effect, more commonly known as settimeout () and setinterval (), but everyone on the use of setinterval and settimeout understand, The following through this

JavaScript events and animations

First, events commonly used eventsClick (function () {...}) Click event Hover (function () {...}) Mouse over event blur (function () {...}) Lose cursor focus (function () {...}) Get cursor change (function () {...})//Modify Event KeyUp

The Javascript:js DOM object of the front end is a

JS Dom Object Onefirst, what is the HTML DOM HTML Document Object Model HTML DOM defines a standard way to access and manipulate HTML documents HTML DOM renders an HTML document as a tree structure with elements, attributes, and

JavaScript inheritance, and then talk about

When it comes to JavaScript inheritance, I believe that as long as the front-end developers have some understanding or application, because this is too basic knowledge. But I do not know whether you have in-depth understanding of the mystery and

In-depth understanding of event loops in JavaScript event-loop

Previous wordsThis article describes the event loops in JavaScript in detail Event-loopThreadJavaScript is a single-threaded language, meaning that you can only do one thing at a time. While this single-threaded feature is relevant to its purpose,

JavaScript Event Basics

One: Event flowThe event flow describes the order in which events are received from the page.Event bubbling DivID= "One"> DivID= "both"> DivID= "three">ClickDiv> Div> Div> document.getElementById ("one").

JavaScript toLowerCase () method

Definition and usageThe toLowerCase () method is used to convert a string to lowercase.GrammarStringobject.tolowercase ()return valueA new string in which all uppercase characters of stringobject are converted to lowercase characters.InstanceIn this

A tentative study of JavaScript glamour (1)

Transferred from: csdn-- What is JavaScript?Depending on the user's actions, you can then modify some elements, attributes, and so on on the page.(1) Html+css static page, JS to add

JavaScript variable boosts var let const, and JS parsing and execution phases

Let's take a look at an interview question, and we'll guess what the result of this code is printed.var name = ' world! ' ;( function () { if (typeof name = = = ' undefined ') {var name = ' Jack '; C11/>console.log (' Goodbye ' + name);

Talking about javascript--function overloading

A person thinks that overloading is a set of functions (methods) with the same name and different parameter lists.From a language perspective, JavaScript does not support function overloading, it is not possible to define the same function and then

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