JavaScript Basics Getting Started Tutorial (iii)

DescriptionThe previous two blogs introduce the variable types, identifiers, and so on in the basics of JS. This blog mainly talks about expressions and operators.Original expressionThe original expression is the smallest in the expression, cannot

High-performance JavaScript reading notes

0. Organizational StructureAccording to the introduction, the author divides the book into four parts:First, the best way to load JS page (pre-development preparation)Second, improve the JS code programming skills (in development)Iii. Build and

Dom object for JavaScript

HTML DOM (Document Object model)When a Web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model for the page.The HTML DOM model is constructed as a tree of objects.HTML DOM TreeWith the programmable object model, JavaScript has the ability to

A brief history of JavaScript

First, JavaScript introductionA brief history of 1.1 JavaScriptJavaScript was born in 1995. Its primary purpose at the time was to handle some of the input validation operations previously held by the server-side language.1.2 JavaScript

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

Old ant farmer--javascript copy content to clipboard

There is a small need in a recent activity page where users can click or press and hold to copy content to the Clipboard, recording the implementation process and the pits encountered.Common methodsCheck out the almighty Google, now the common

What is the principle of VAR when declaring multiple variables in javascript?

script> function show(){ var a=b=c=d=5; } show(); alert(a);//弹a时报错(not defined),而b、c、d都能弹出5script>Because the assignment is a right-to-left combination:var a=b=c=d=5;Equivalent to var a=(b=(c=(d=5))); , where only A is declared, B,c and D are

JavaScript closures (Closure)

The special point of the JavaScript language is that the global variables can be read directly inside the function. var n=999; Function F1 () {alert (n);} F1 (); 999 On the other hand, a local variable inside a function cannot

decodeURI () and decodeURIComponent () in JavaScript

Recently made an upload progress bar module, need to get the return URL, but helpless, obtained is garbled, so on the server side of the return URL to encode encoding, and then decoding in JS, a start to use is decodeURI (), as shown, found that

Basics of JavaScript Getting Started tutorial

B Station av9243452 a series of videos, suitable for people who have learned other programming languages, it's pretty good.A total of 43 sections, the essay is 1~16 festivalJS IntroductionTo use an external file, set the. js file in the "src"

High Performance javascript--Reading notes

One: Load and executeThe 1. tag is placed at the bottom of the page, the closing tag, which ensures that the page has finished rendering before the script executes.2. Merge scripts. The fewer tabs in the page load faster.3. Non-blocking Download

Talking about JavaScript events (event delegates)

An event handler provides system interaction for a Web program, but if there are too many event handlers on the page, it can affect the performance of the page. Each function is an object, which consumes memory, and the more objects in memory, the

JavaScript, a function in JS, the first sentence var _this = This; Why do you do this?

JavaScript, a function in JS, the first sentence var _this = This; Why do you do this? Here is the source code:1 The following code is a common site home page, automatically switch span or Tabbar to change the list display content of the key method:2

Three message boxes are created in JavaScript: Warning box, confirmation box, prompt box.

Website: BoxWarning boxes are often used to ensure that users can get some information.When the warning box appears, the user needs to click the OK button to continue the operation.Grammar:Alert

JavaScript Daily Learning 5

Javascriptstring properties and MethodsEg:var txt = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";var sln = txt.length;String properties Properties Description Constructor Returns a function that creates a string property

Quick mastery of JavaScript interview Basics (iii)

Translator by: summed up a lot of JavaScript basic knowledge points, very useful! Original: The Definitive JavaScript Handbook for your next developer interview In order to ensure readability, this paper uses free translation rather

JavaScript Learning Path (2)--arrays

The Array type is probably the most common type in JavaScript. Also, arrays in JavaScript are quite different from arrays in most other languages. Although JavaScript arrays and arrays in other languages are an ordered list of data, unlike other

Essays documenting fragmented JavaScript knowledge points

1, the Interception of stringsvar str= "";1, substring () indexOf () Str.lastindexof () string clippingStr.substring (0, Str.indexof ("? page"));Str.substring (0, Str.lastindexof ("? page"));2. Regular expressionsStr.replace

Strictly judge NaN in JavaScript, while javascript judges nan

Strictly judge NaN in JavaScript, while javascript judges nan I also encountered this question on FreeCodeCamp: Delete all values in the array. In JavaScript, the false values include false, null, 0, "", undefined, and NaN. For NaN judgment, JS

Js retains two decimal places. js retains two decimal places.

Js retains two decimal places. js retains two decimal places. This article is a small EditorJs retains two decimal placesThis is a classic problem that people often encounter. It lists the function writing methods and analysis of problems in various

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