[Javascript Crocks] Safely Access Nested Object Properties with ' Proppath '

In this lesson, we'll look at the propPath utility function. We ' ll ask for a property multiple levels the deep in an object and get back a maybe. We'll get a when the property exists on our path and a if any part of the Just Nothing path is

Javascript&jquery. Arrays

ArrayAn array is a special type of variable that can store a value or store multiple values.Create an arrayWhen creating an array, declare the array variable, use the keyword VAR, the value of the array is enclosed by a pair of brackets ([]), the

JavaScript uses the Mediadevices API to select the camera

Most smartphones have front and rear cameras, and when you create a video app you may want to select or toggle the front and rear camera.If you're developing a chat app, you're probably going to want to call a front-facing camera, but if you're

JavaScript gets common functions for window windows

Get window scroll bar height:/*********************获取窗口滚动条高度******************/function getScrollTop(){var scrollTop=0;if(document.documentElement&&document.documentElement.scrollTop){ scrollTop=document.documentElement.scrollTop;}else

JavaScript Authoring Classes

1, constructor mode  Use the constructor to simulate "class", within which the This keyword is used to refer to an instance object.Basic syntax:function class name () {this. property name;//Public propertyvar property name;//Private property/* All

How to learn JavaScript correctly

Don't learn JavaScript like thisDon't start out in the stacks of JavaScript online tutorials, which is the worst way to learn. It may be a bit of a success after you've seen countless tutorials, but it's really inefficient to learn a thing in a

JavaScript Tutorial Series 43:dom object's DataSet Property mode

1 special ways to set properties for DOM:The DataSet property of the DOM object gets the properties defined by the Data-xxx methodSince we often need to customize properties on labels to store data or state, it is easy to confuse custom attributes

Javascript&jquery.2javascript data

DataData type is very important, it is the premise of computer operation Security.Common data types in JavaScript are: numbers, strings, Boolean values (Ture or FALSE) All data types are: String, number, Boolean, null, undefined, symbol.Use

Array of JavaScript (i)

In JavaScript, objects, arrays, functions are the most commonly used things, finished writing objects and functions, finally, the array bar, refers to the array, you can only think, Map,foreach Ah, Pop,push ah, when really not a little bit of

JavaScript BOM, Dom operations, nodes, and tables (ii)

BOM operation one, what is a BOMBOM (Browser object model)The BOM provides an object that is independent of the content and interacts with the browser window;A BOM is composed of a series of related objects, and each object provides many methods and

JavaScript Prototype understanding

Creating an object can be done by means of an object literal:var stu = { name:"Zhang San", sayname:function() { Console.log ( This . Name); }However, we have to create more than one Stu object can not write the above code repeatedly

Use JavaScript to implement a small game of scissors and stone cloth (from shallow to deep)

Use JavaScript to implement a small game of scissors and stone clothSimple parsing:The principle of scissors and stone cloth is similar to the comparison of the numbers in an array, of course, we can use the corresponding numbers to represent the

The difference between a JavaScript map and a foreach

Principle: Advanced browsers support the Foreach methodSyntax: both foreach and map support 2 parameters: One is the callback function (Item,index,list) and the context; ForEach: Used to iterate over each item in the array;

"Turn" to explain the exception handling method in JavaScript

There are three types of programming errors: (1) syntax errors and (2) run-time error (3) logic errors:Syntax error:Syntax errors, also known as parsing errors, are performed at compile time in a traditional programming language and appear in

A. Common methods for JavaScript arrays

1. Basic methods:Push: Adding a return value to the end of the array is the new length of the arrayUnshift: Adding a return value to the beginning of the array is the new length of the arrayPop: Delete the end item of an array the return value is a

Javascript: Document Object Model

Using the DOM treeFirst, access the element1. Select a single element node(1) Geteelementbyid ()Using the element's ID attribute(2) using the CSS selector to return the first matching elementQueryselector ()Varhotitem=document.queryselectorall (' li.

Class and inheritance in the ES6 of JavaScript

Reference: https://www.imooc.com/article/17389Https://www.cnblogs.com/chenyangsuaige/p/6130737.htmlInheritance can be well encapsulated, subclasses can reuse the methods of the parent class directly, and add their own properties and methods.The

JavaScript Foundation Reinforcement 6--dom

The DOM operations of this section of JavaScript mainly include the following: Select elements by ID, name, tag name; Get and set element attributes through GetAttribute and SetAttribute; Get the parent element through ParentNode,

An iterative approach to the type of JavaScript arrays (array)

ECMAScript 5 defines 5 iterative methods for an array. Each method receives two parameters: the function to run on each item and, optionally, the scope object that runs the function-the value that affects this.The functions passed into these methods

Javascript reserved Keywords

JavascriptReserved Keywords In JavaScript, some identifiers are reserved keywords and cannot be used as variable names or function names. JavaScript StandardAll modern browsers fully support ECMAScript 3 (the third edition of

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