JavaScript uses FileSystemObject to manipulate files and folders

First, the function realizes the core: FileSystemObject objectTo implement the file manipulation function in JavaScript, the main thing is to rely on the FileSystemObject object.Second, FileSystemObject programmingProgramming with a FileSystemObject

Baidu Front-end learning diary 10--javascript Basic Grammar

1. Variable A. Variable typeNumber numbersString stringsBoolean Boolean True and FalseArray arraysObject objectsB. Variable declarationvar n;Unlike other programming languages, in JavaScript you do not need to declare the type of a variable.

JavaScript Learning-Browser objects

Window stands for browser window, width height these thingsNavigator Browser name, version, user-agent and other thingsScreen information on computer screensLocation URL InformationDocument page InformationHTML is represented as a tree structure in

JavaScript tamping basic Series (iv): prototypes

?? There are six types of data in JavaScript: Number, String, Boolean, null, Undefined, and object, and ES6 adds a new data type, symbol. Where objects are referred to as reference types, other data types are called underlying types. In

Evasion of JavaScript multi-human development functions and variable names

The name of the function and the variable is always a headache, the first variable bar, I believe that know JS friends know that in JSThere is no block-level scope for only function scopes, which means that blocks of code that are delimited by curly

JavaScript: 0 Basic easy to learn closures (1)

What is a closure? Beginners of JavaScript will come into contact with a thing called a closure, which sounds like a big one. There are various kinds of explanations on the Internet, in fact, I personally feel that there is no need to use too

Basics of JavaScript

1, identifierAn identifier is a term called a constant or variable named in a program, and not all character composition is a valid identifier, as follows: The component of an identifier can be a letter, a number, an underscore, or a dollar

Deep copy and shallow copy of JavaScript

OriginalThe original Book of Jane: Preliminary understanding of deep copy and shallow copy2. The difference between a deep copy and a shallow copy3, shallow copy of the existence of defects4,

Several ways of writing and application of JavaScript closures and closures

Long time no blog, after a 11 vacation has become lazy, and today is finally the state of recovery. OK, let's get to the point, today I'll talk about the closure in JavaScript! This blog mainly talk about some practical things, mainly the closure of

5-minute mastery of JavaScript tips (from the public, Front end development)

1. Delete the trailing elements of an arrayOne simple way is to change the length of the array: Const arr = [one, One, one, one, one, ]; Truncanting Arr. Length = 3; Console.  Log(arr); //=> [One, one, one]

Creation of arrays in JavaScript add and convert arrays to strings

Creating a JS Arrayvar array=new array ();Creating Arrays in JavaPrivate string[] Array=new string[3];Two completely different, JS is variable-lengthAdd contentArray.push (something);In Javaarray[0]= "ABC";Array to StringArray.join (",")In

JavaScript common DOM manipulation methods and functions

find node ocument.queryselector (selectors) Takes a CSS selector as a parameter, returning the first element node that matches the selector. document.queryselectorall (selectors)//accepts a CSS selector as a parameter, returning all element

JavaScript Basics Summary

First, the introduction of JavaScript: This is a divSecond, JavaScript basic syntax: 1. Definition: var iNum01 = 12,STR = ' abc ', bismove = true; If no type and value are defined, the default is undefine var iNum02;2.js base type: 1, number numeric

is JavaScript passed by value or by reference?

JavaScript is passed by value, but it is the case to know that the original value will change after delivery, or there will be a bug that you can't think of.One, by value pass--meta type inputTip: The arguments passed in by the meta-type (number,

var in javascript self = this

< ;/head> var in javascript self = this

jquery full Select, cancel inverse selection, add JavaScript ternary operation (three kinds of method to achieve inverse selection)

12345Title678 9Ten One A - - the selection -IP - Ports - + - + A at192.168.1.1 -8080 - - - - in8080 - to + - the8080 * $Panax Notoginseng - the + the the -Knowledge Points:The prop () method sets or returns the attributes

An array of javascript

Defining arrays There are two ways to define an array:1, var arr1 = []; Define an empty array2, var = [arr2, "str1", "str2"]; Defines an array of 5 elements.3, var arr3 = new Array (3); Define an empty array4, var arr4 = new Array ("str1", "str2

On the foreach and each in JavaScript

foreach is a method of manipulating an array in ES5, and the main function is to iterate through the array, for example:var arr = [1,2,3,4];arr.foreach (alert); equivalent to:var arr = [1, 2, 3, 4]; for (var k = 0, length = arr.length; k ) {alert

Differences in reference types and value types in JavaScript

First, the storage method is not the sameBasic data typesVariables store simple data segments, store specific values , and are lightweight data storage methodsReference typeThe value of a reference type, an object that can consist of multiple values,

Understanding of the JavaScript prototype chain

First, the concept of the prototype chainJavaScript is an object-oriented programming language in which everythingin JavaScript is an object , and objects are not independent of each other, but have "inherited" relationships.This "inheritance"

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