Role JavaScript access and manipulate databases

JS Operation Access DatabaseJS Code Connecting to a SQL Server databaseJS Code    Querying a DB instanceJS Code Manipulating Database instancesJS Code

Conversion of JavaScript objects to JSON strings

1.eval function JSON text converted to objectIn order to convert the JSON text to an object, you can use the Eval function. The Eval function calls the JavaScript editor. Because JSON is a subset of JavaScript, the compiler will parse the text

typeof + Instanceof+tostring+constructor How to determine the JavaScript data type

First, typeofThe variables in JS are loosely typed (i.e., weakly typed) and can be used to hold any type of data.typeof can be used to detect the data type of a given variable, the possible return value:1. ' Undefined '---this value is undefined;2. '

"JavaScript design mode" Reading note one (interface)

1. What is an interfaceThe parents who have studied design patterns may have heard of a principle of programming: "Programming for interfaces rather than implementing programming". So what exactly is an interface?An interface defines the means by

Arguments Property (function) (JavaScript)

Reprint: (v=vs.94). aspxGets The parameters of the currently executing Function object. function. ArgumentsNotefunction argument is the name of the currently executing function, and can be omitted. ">

Caller Property (function) (JavaScript)

Reprint: (v=vs.94). aspxGets the function that invokes the current function.Functionname.callerNotefunctionName object is the name of any executing function.">The FunctionName object is the name of

The meaning of JavaScript regular expressions/g and/I and/GI

Original: JavaScript regular expressions/g and/I and/gi meaningsregularexpression=/pattern/[Switch]This switch has three values G: Global match I: Ignore case GI: Global match + ignore case JScript Language Reference----------------------------------

javascript--Browser object model BOM, text Object model DOM, JavaScript language Foundation ECMAScript

The contents of JavaScript contain the following three parts: ECMAScript (CORE): JavaScript Language Foundation; DOM (Document Object model): Provides access to HTML and XML interfaces; BOM (Browser object model): Provides objects

JavaScript state machine and its application in workflow

#javascript状态机及在工作流中的应用 # #状态机什么叫状态机 (finite state machine), the written explanation can be found by search engines. In layman's terms, a collection of code is a set of state definitions, lookups, transitions, and event distributions. The

JavaScript Regular Expression decimal type

If you want to read and understand it, you can read it a bit. If you only need the results, skip to the end of this article.There was a need to match the decimal type with a JavaScript regular expression, and then the previous writing was not fully

Find the longest sequential sequence of numbers in an array (JavaScript implementation)

Original topic: Given an unordered sequence of integers, the longest sequential sequence of numbers is found. For example: Given [100, 4, 200, 1, 3, 2], The longest sequential sequence of numbers is [1, 2, 3, 4]. A solution

JavaScript special Effects source code (8, other effects)

1. Chinese dateChinese date [without modification] [a total of 1 steps]]====1, add the following code heml between the 2. Current date and time3. Rolling subtitles with connection  Rolling subtitles with links [modify name and link] [a total of 1

True and false of values in JavaScript

The values for Flase are:False0 All but the above are ture, including "0" (zero in quotes), "false" (false in quotes) , empty functions, [] (empty array), and {} ( Empty objects), are all truevar a =!! (0); Falsevar B =!! ("0"); TrueA

JavaScript special effects Source (4, mouse effects)

1, mouse induction--Fade effect2, mouse Induction--pop-up warning boxMouse Induction-pop-up warning box [modify the text] [total 1 steps] [This effect is not much use, but in the individual places can also add a lot of color! ^-^]====1, add the

ExtJS Learning------ext.define Inheritance Extend, using JavaScript to achieve an inheritance like EXT

(1) Succession of Ext.define extendSpecific examples:Ext.onready (function () {//sup class parent ext.define (' person ', {config:{name: ' BJSXT '}, constructor:function (config) {var me = this; Me.initconfig (config);}); /sub class Subclass

How JavaScript correctly uses Getelementbyid,getelementsbyname (), and getElementsByTagName ()

Web standards can access any of the tags in the document through getElementById (), Getelementsbyname (), and getElementsByTagName ().(1) getElementById ():getElementById () can access a specific element in the document, as the name implies, by

Dom manipulation of JavaScript (node operations)

Create node createelement () var node = document.createelement ("div"); Nothing to say, create an element node, but note that the node is not automatically added to the document. 2, create a text node createTextNode () var value =

IFrame Child Page method of invoking parent page JavaScript function (common method for chrome and IE support)

How the IFRAME child page invokes the parent page JavaScript function Today encountered an IFRAME child page called the parent page JS function requirements, the solution is very simple, but in the Chrome browser encountered a small problem. By the

JavaScript Replace function

DefinedThe replace () function is used for replacing strings. Grammar Stringobject.replace (Regexp/substr, newsubstr/function) Parameters REGEXP/SUBSTR Regular Expression/string Newsubstr/function Replace text/Generate alternate text function

Four animation effects buttons implemented by css3 and 34 Special Effects buttons implemented by css3

Four animation effects buttons implemented by css3 and 34 Special Effects buttons implemented by css3 Today we will introduce you to the css3 button, which contains four special effects of animation, such: Online Preview and download source

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