New JavaScript data structure streams

Recently saw a new JavaScript applet--streams, originally thought to be a common JavaScript class library, but after reading about it, I found that this is not a simple class library, and the author's focus is not the function of this class library,

JavaScript Basic Syntax

First, the basic grammar 1. Basic syntax and variables 2. Data type 3. Tips Summary 1. Basic syntax and variables1.1 StatementsJavaScript is a line of execution (line), in general, each row is a statement, the statement

JavaScript review--javascript data type implicit conversion

The JavaScript data type is implicitly converted.One, the function classIsNaN ()The function implicitly converts the number () to a parameter and returns true if the conversion is unsuccessful.Alert ()The content of the output is implicitly

Front-end JavaScript coding specification

In the years of development mailbox Webmail process, NetEase mailbox front-end team accumulated a lot of experience, we developed a lot of basic JS Library, to achieve a large number of front-end effect components, developed a mature OPOA framework

JavaScript converts Unicode encoding to Chinese

VarThe following methods are commonly used in the conversion of such data to Chinese issues.1. Eval parsing or new Function ("' + str + ')" ()// "I am a Unicode encoding"2. Unescape parsing// "I am a Unicode encoding" C # Chinese and Unicode

A deep understanding of the similarities and differences between exec and match methods in JavaScript

Before reading this article, please read the following question:Title 17:read The following JavaScript code:var sometext= "web2.0. net2.0";var pattern=/(\w+) (\d) \. (\d)/g;var outcome_exec=pattern.exec (Sometext);var outcome_matc=sometext.match

javascript--Date Time

Start reviewing JS today and prepare for the next round of projects:JavaScript document/////The first part//Creation Date Object//var box=new date ();//Create a Date object//var box=new date (date.parse (' 6/13/2014 ')); Build a Newdate//var

JavaScript Learning Summary

One: Objects in JavaScriptDivided into 3 kinds.1.JavaScript Built-in objectsCommonly used have Date,array,string,math, objects, these are often used, must be mastered well.2. Document Object Model (MODEL,DOM)This object represents multiple

JavaScript function 2--arguments

Today we go on to the next article to continue the topic of JavaScript functions. What we're going to talk about today is the--arguments of a function to an important attribute in the image. Related reading: JavaScript function 1--

2014 Best JavaScript Editor Large inventory

1. Webstorm Webstorm is a lightweight, powerful IDE that provides the perfect solution for node. JS's complex client development and server-side development. Webstorm's Smart Code Editor supports JavaScript, node. js, HTML, and CSS. Webstorm

7 High-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugins

For those who like to write technical blog, must be very familiar with the code highlighting components. An excellent JavaScript code highlighting plugin will help you render any programming language, including coloring of some keywords, indentation

Parsing JavaScript code should be placed in the HTML code which location is better

This paper summarizes a variety of ways to place JS code, the need for friends can refer to the followingWhere do you place JavaScript code?Typically, JavaScript code is used in conjunction with HTML code to place JavaScript code anywhere in an HTML

JavaScript Event Model

I. Flow of eventsThe event flow means that more than one element on the page can have the same event. Logically, each element must be able to respond to events in the specified order. The sequence of events is the main difference between the events

The parsing steps of the JavaScript JavaScript learning JS script

There are two ways to add JavaScript code to the HTML code, that is, to use the   Async Script Async:This property is a new property of HTML5, similar to the Defer property, which is a property that alters the behavior of external script execution.

Summary of JavaScript data type conversion methods

Convert to Boolean typeUse two times non-op (!) : Tiantai Yi Zhuang Metallurgy 1 !!5 ==> true With the Boolean constructor: 1 newBoolean(5) == > true The value is converted to a Boolean

Five ways Javascript removes whitespace before and after a string

First: cyclic check replacement[JavaScript] function returnRemove the left blankfunctionTrimleft (s) {if(s = =NULL) { return""; } varwhitespace =NewString ("\t\n\r"); varstr =NewString (s);if(Whitespace.indexof (Str.charat (0))! =-1) { varj=0, i

The role of the Eval () function in JavaScript

Code highlighting produced by Actipro Codehighlighter (freeware)>, first of all, a simple understanding .eval can execute a string generation statement, similar to the SQL exec (). What are the use cases for eval?

JavaScript Quest: Powerful prototypes and prototype chains

The foo variable is the for (var i in foo) { if (Foo.hasownproperty (i)) { console.log (i)) {if (i) }, in the above example;}JavaScript does not contain the traditional class inheritance model, but rather uses the Prototypal prototype

How to get the BLOB data using JavaScript XMLHttpRequest by sync

Tested:Firefox 33+ OKChrome 38+ OKIE 6--ie ten FailedThanks to Ruan Yi Feng ' s blog: sample shows how to get BLOB data using a JavaScript XMLHttpRequest by sync.The website "Tell

JavaScript gets the parameters in the current URL

JavaScript gets the parameters in the current page URL can use the search method of location, get to the URL? The following sections, such as Http:localhost:8080/manager/index.jsp?id=1Use the search method of location to get to the string? id=1;

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