JavaScript URL Chinese Character coding conversion

When using a URL for parameter passing, some Chinese name arguments or URL addresses are often passed, and conversion errors occur during background processing. In some pass-through pages use GB2312, and the Receive page uses UTF8, so that the

Gain insight into JavaScript modular programming

In-depth understanding of JavaScript modular Programming This article was translated from Ben Cherry's "JavaScript Module pattern:in-depth". Although individuals do not quite agree with the necessity of the existence of private variables in

About the sandbox mode of JavaScript

From a linguistic point of view, allowing code to use global variables in an uncontrolled manner is one of the most wrong choices. What is more frightening is that a variable "may" become global (at unknown time and place). But these two, along with

JavaScript removes duplicate values from the array

Using the prototype function (prototype), you can define some very convenient custom functions, and implement various custom functions.The prototype function (prototype) in JavaScript works by creating a prototype property for each time a new

ShowModalDialog () Pass custom parameters (JavaScript fetch URL parameters) to child window and other

That's the way things are. This afternoon I was brushing the joy of the shell brush, suddenly demand came down. It! On This! You! Under To! The Customers say we need to open a new window to make a fuzzy query, and then select a query result to

"Javascript" Dom node

  Everything in the HTML document is a node !The entire document is a document node;Note is a comment node;Each HTML element is an element node;The text content within the element is a text node;Each property of a hyphen element is an attribute node.

JavaScript non-blocking load script

As more and more sites evolve into "Web 2.0″apps, the amount of JavaScript increases. This is a performance concern because scripts has a negative impact on page performance. Mainstream browsers (i.e., IE 6 and 7) block in both ways:

Javascript:dom programming

 Javascript:dom programming1. Nodes and their types1) Element node2) attribute node: An attribute of an element, typically, an action attribute node reads and writes a property value directly through the "element node. Property name" method.3)

Js/javascript Code Comment Specifications and examples

Note In the code writing process of importance, write code more than half a year can be deeply realized. Code that is not annotated is not a good code. For others to learn, at the same time for their own later to the code "upgrade" to see the

JavaScript Date format and this month's get

This article on-line collection reprint, feel very useful place, so stay (after all, knowledge by accumulating) ... 1 The primary use of the Date----to take a separate value Date ()//------Returns the day and time. GetDate ()//---Returns one day in

JavaScript in the Web browser (i)

Advantages of Introducing JS scripts externally : 1) You can delete chunks of Js code from the HTML file, which helps to keep the content and behavior separate, thus simplifying the HTML file. 2) If multiple Web pages are common with the same

Incorrect use of Var in javascript causes undefined

In JavaScript, depending on the scope of the variables are divided into local variables and global variables, the directly defined variables are global variables, global variables can be all the script access; the variables defined in the function

JavaScript in a Web browser (ii)

Client Javascript Time Line: 1) The Web browser creates the Document object and begins parsing the web pages, parsing the HTML elements and their textual content, and adding the element object and the Text node into the document. At this stage

A brief analysis of JavaScript garbage collection mechanism

The JavaScript language is an excellent scripting language. This includes the flexibility of scripting languages and features of many high-level languages. For example, to build and instantiate an object, the garbage collection mechanism (Gc:garbage

Reproduced Loss of precision for JavaScript decimal and large integers

Title: Loss of precision for JavaScript decimal and large integersAuthor: DemonLinks: All articles of this blog are subject to the terms "Attribution-NonCommercial use-share 2.5 mainland

JavaScript Math Object Methods

Math Object method Method Description ABS (x) The absolute value of the return number. ACOs (x) The inverse cosine value of the returned number. ASIN (x) Returns the inverse

The concept of javascript--objects--built-in objects

All objects that include built-in objects are child objects of object objects.1. Array (): Build the built-in constructor function of the arrayExample: There are two ways to create an array:2. Boolean: Is an object that is not the same as a Boolean

Examples of use of double exclamation marks in JavaScript

!! Generally used to cast the subsequent expression to a Boolean type of data (Boolean), which can only be true or false;Often see such an example:The code is as follows:var A;var b=!! AA default is undefined.!a is true,!! A is false, so the value

Translation In JavaScript, {}+{} equals how much?

Original: Bernhardt recently pointed out an interesting JavaScript quirk in a short lecture video "Wat" : When you add objects and arrays together, you get some unexpected results. This

Organize some JavaScript time processing extension functions

In JavaScript, time processing is often needed. Recently want to slowly build their own code base, sorting out a few of the previously used JS processing time functions, sent to share with you, later in the use will continue to add and modify the

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