ActiveXObject objects in JavaScript

The ActiveXObject object in JavaScript is a reference that enables and returns a Automation object. How to use:NEWOBJ = new ActiveXObject (servername.typename[, location])ActiveXObject object syntax has these parts: where newobj is a required option.

Efficient programming of JavaScript

Objective:JavaScript is definitely one of the most popular programming languages, has a large user base, has a wide range of application prospects. In the front-end development, it is also one of the three carriages, and is the most important link.

JavaScript reading essay 1

1.1 JQuery's Noconflict1 var_jquery=window.jquery//window.jquery may be a variable name for another library, save it with a temporary variable in the JQuery object---var _jquery2_$=window.$//Ibid .3 Jquery.extend ({4Noconflict:function(deep)

How string format JSON is translated into JSON object in JavaScript

What is JSONJSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a graceful way to create JavaScript objects. JSON is also a lightweight data interchange format. JSON is very easy for people to read and write, while facilitating machine parsing and generation. JSON

JavaScript data type, type detection function--MU lesson network Arrayssimilar Programming Exercise

Basic type StringNumberBooleanfunctionUndefinedObject (Null,array,date,window) implicit conversion with "= =" "= = ="num-string var str=num+ 'string-num var num=str-0"= =" after the implicit conversion judgment (that is, determine the value of the

Javascript gets the parameters passed in the Address bar (URL)

Sometimes we need to use the URL in the JS file parameters, but JavaScript is the client execution of the scripting language, and the session is the server side of the object, we can not directly get the value in the session. So, how do we get the

Introduction to JavaScript Regular expressions

A regular expression is an object that is used to describe a character pattern. It is used to perform pattern matching (pattern-matching) and "Find-replace" (search-and-replace) tasks in text. The style of JavaScript is similar to that of

JavaScript Basic Optimization ("JavaScript advanced Programming" reading notes)

1. The tags. If embedded code is included, only the external script file is downloaded and executed, and the embedded code is ignored. All JavaScript references are generally placed behind the page content in the element.2. Circular reference:

javascript--enumerate all properties of an object cyclevar obj = {age:18, fname: "Rand", lname: "McKinnon"};function showprops (obj, objname) { var result = ""; For (var prop in obj) { result + = objname + "." + prop + "=" + Obj[prop] + "\ n"; } return result;}

Relevance score for JavaScript full-text Search


Full-Text Search, unlike most other problems in machine learning, is a common problem that Web programmers often encounter in their daily work. The customer may ask you to provide a search box somewhere, and then you will write a SQL statement

JavaScript file processing: file read

In my previous blog, I described how to use files in JavaScript, with a specific focus on how to get the file object. Only when the user uploads the file by uploading or dragging it, these objects have the metadata of the file. Once you have these

JavaScript file processing: file read

In my previous blog, I described how to use files in JavaScript, with a specific focus on how to get the file object. Only when the user uploads the file by uploading or dragging it, these objects have the metadata of the file. Once you have these

JavaScript server-side advanced Programming (Array.indexof () and LastIndexOf () methods)

Syntax format:Array.indexof (searchelement[, FromIndex]);Array.lastindexof (searchelement[, FromIndex]); function: Returns a specified meta The position of the first occurrence of the vegetarian value in the array. The method will retrieve the array

JavaScript instanceof operator in-depth anatomy

Introduction to the instanceof operator In JavaScript, judging the type of a variable with the typeof operator, a problem occurs when you store a value with a reference type using the TypeOf operator, which returns "object" regardless of what type

href= ' # ' and href= ' # # # ' differences as well as javascript:; with javascript:void (0) Introduction to use

href= ' # ': We sometimes write such a connection xxx in order not to happen jump, actually is not quite correct, because href= "#", contains a location information. The default anchor is #top, which is the top of the Web page, in fact it

JavaScript copy Array

650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 2015-05-14_173618.png "alt=" Wkiol1vubwkhd7qcaagbkfmo5ag096.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src="

A summary of JS object-oriented construction object based on JavaScript Advanced program Design

Introduction:In ECMAScript, there is no independent function, and all functions must be methods of an object. and a function is an object. The properties of all objects can be defined dynamically after the object is created , and early binding

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures. the scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The

Do you really understand JavaScript?

TopicTopic One:if (! (" A "in window) {var a = 1;} alert (a); topic two: var a = 1,b = function A (x) {x && a (--x);}; alert (a); Title III: Function A (x) {return x * 2;} var A;alert (a); topic Four: Function B (x, Y, a) {arguments[2] = 10;alert (a)

"JavaScript summary" JavaScript's IE event and DOM event model

Common event Model 1. is binding on HTML pagesbutton id="button" onclick="function();">按钮button>2. Binding event handling in JavaScript script filesdocument.getElementById(‘button‘function;The event model in IE 1. Use the script for binding (this

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