A probe into the Boolean logic operation of JavaScript

It is believed that every person with JS will often encounter the scenario of simplifying code with logical operators:evnt=evnt | | window.event, ..... var obj = unknownobj1&&unknownobj2&&unknownobj3;What are the principles of these logical

JavaScript function Completion: toString ()

The ToString () method in JavaScript is used primarily for objects such as array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, number, and so on. Here are some of the analytic and simple applications of these methods, and make a discipline to make a

JavaScript Introductory article

One, you know, why is JavaScript so worthwhile for us to learn? 1. JavaScript is supported by all major browsers.2. Currently, most Web pages worldwide use JavaScript.3. It allows Web pages to present a variety of dynamic effects .4. As a web

JavaScript scope and variable elevation

What is the result of the following program?[JavaScript]View PlainCopy var foo = 1; function Bar () { if (!foo) { var foo = 10; } Alert (foo); } Bar (); The result is 10;What about the following

JavaScript format date, convert time date format

JavaScript format date, convert time date format//An extension to date that converts date to a string of the specified format//the Month (m), Day (d), hour (h), Minute (m), second (s), quarter (q) can be used with 1-2 placeholders,//year (Y) can use

A deep clone of an object in JavaScript

1 functionClone (obj)2 {3 if(typeofObj!= ' object '){4 returnobj;5 }6 7 if(objinstanceofArray) {8 varArr=[];9 for(vari=0; i){Tenarr[i]=Clone (Obj[i]); One } A returnarr; - } - Else if(obj.constructor==Object) { the varjson={}

JavaScript Advanced Programming Learning Notes Chapter fifth-reference types (function parts)

Iv. type of function:1. Method of function definition: function declaration: Functions sum (NUM1, num2) {return NUM1 + num2;} function expression: var sum = function (NUM1, num2) {return NUM1 + num2;};//notice there's a semicolon.

JavaScript mode-function promotion (note)

function Promotion:For all variables, no matter where the function body is declared, it will be promoted to the top of the function in the background. The same is true for functions, because the function is simply the object assigned to the variable.

JavaScript Array object and nested loop notation

' Use strict 'varinfo=[{"name": "Recently wanted to jump River", "Interst": ["History", "food"], "wife": {"name": "A.wen", "interst": ["Tourism", "food", "education person"]}}];//ES6 notation for(Let person of info) {console.log (person);

(translation, continuous updating) Tips on JavaScript (Part Two)

Considering the article is too long, not easy to read, here to separate the second, if there is a follow-up, every 15 points of knowledge is divided into one ...#29-Use cached memory to let recursive functions run fasterThe wave non-tangent sequence

Does JavaScript really have to be asynchronous? and see the principle of settimeout and the use of settimeout (0)

Before today I always thought settimeout This function is asynchronous, inadvertently saw an article about settimeout. found that they once knew all is wrong, hurriedly summarizes under.Look at the code first:var start = new Date (); SetTimeout

Tenth JavaScript Basic syntax

1) Basic Conceptsa) Statement (statement) is the action that is performed to accomplish a task, with a semicolon ending with a semicolon representing the end of the statement. such as: var a = 1;b) Expression , which is a formula for getting the

The ToString () method in JavaScript

The ToString () method in JavaScript is used primarily for objects such as array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, number, and so on. Here are some of the analytic and simple applications of these methods, and make a discipline to make a memo.(1)

JavaScript Learning notes: Creating objects

The most basic way to create objects is through the object constructor or object literal:① creates an object in the form of an object constructor:1 var person=New Object (); or write var person={}2 person.name= ' Zhang San ';② create objects in

Read the summary of chapter eighth, "Writing maintainable JavaScript"

The eighth chapter avoids "empty comparison"Before we deal with the incoming parameters, we definitely need to verify if we want to, that is to say, in most cases, we need to compare the type.The author first gives a code that doesn't seem to feel

JavaScript Learning Notes: Property Types for objects

There are two types of properties in ECMAScript: Data properties and accessor properties1. Data propertiesConfigurable: Indicates whether the property can be redefined by deleting the property through the delete, or whether the attribute can be

JavaScript binary Operations

1, the original code, anti-code, complement, positive subtraction of the complement of the additionJS in the binary operation, the use of 32-bit binary integers, because JS integer are signed number, the highest bit 0 for positive numbers, 1 for

JavaScript Advanced Programming: Tenth Chapter

I. Understanding DOM with different levels of nodes1. Node hierarchyTake the following HTML as an example:sample pagehello world!This simple HTML document can be represented as a hierarchical structure.The document node is the root node of each

JavaScript Splice () method

Definition and usageJavaScript splice () is the most powerful, and it can be used to insert, delete, or replace elements of an array. Here is a brief introduction, interested friendsThe splice () method adds/deletes an item to/from the array, and

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode a string

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode strings, namely: Escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, corresponding 3 decoding functions: Unescape,decodeuri, decodeURIComponent.Here's a brief look at the difference between them1 Escape ()

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