Data type conversions in JavaScript

The "original values" mentioned in this article refer to undefined,null,boolean,string and number.The objects in this article are native objects, which are converted by the host objects (browser-defined objects) according to their respective

JavaScript string, Date, number, Math, array object day0912

String object:How to create an object:One: var str=new string ("string content");Two: var str= "string content";Common methods for string objects:Anchor () Production anchor pointBlink () Adding blink tags to elementsCharAt () returns the character

JavaScript gets URL parameters and parameter values

javascript get URL parameters and parameter values JavaScript gets URL parameters and parameter values

Dom manipulation of JavaScript

The Document Object Model DOM defines a standard way to access and manipulate HTML documents. The DOM renders an HTML document as a tree structure with elements, attributes, and text (the node tree).HTML A document can say a collection of nodes, and

Site Front end _javascript.0012.javascript deep objects

Basic type:Description: The basic type variable is mainly stored in the stack memory variable name + variable value, variable assignment when the parser determines that this value is the base type, then allocates a fixed size of space, the base type

On JavaScript Object-oriented

Two of the programming patterns we usepop--process-oriented programming (Process-oriented programming)Process-oriented programming is a programming method of thinking and organizing based on function, which emphasizes that the process of data

Graphical JavaScript prototype chain

This paper attempts to expound the concepts of JS Zhongyuan type (prototype) and prototype chain (prototype chain) and their action mechanism. The previous article (graphical JavaScript context and scope) introduced the concept of variable scope in

Javascript constructor mode, prototype mode

The first two days after writing the combination of inheritance, intends to summarize the prototype inherited, but today looked at the Factory mode, the constructor mode and prototype mode, I think it is necessary to summarize to deepen the

JavaScript Operator Precedence

The following table lists the JavaScript operators, sorted from highest to lowest in order of precedence. operators that have the same precedence are evaluated in order from left to right. Operator Description . [ ]

Deep understanding of the differences between constructors and prototype objects in JavaScript

A detailed description of the prototype property in JavaScript This article details the disadvantages of the constructor and the prototype (prototype), the prototype chain (prototype chain), the constructor (constructor), Some features of the

Website Front end _javascript.0005.javascript operation expression

Unary operators:1. Increment + + decrement-- var userage = 25console.log (///25-remains as-is userage,//26-Adds 1 on the original base and returns ++userage,//25-minus 1 on the original basis and returns --userage,///25-return first and then

JavaScript: Use of date selector components

Objective:In actual project development, date selection is a very common and important issue, in the form of design to date validation, if you let the user input time, then it is not advisable to use the regular to verify its correctness, because he

JavaScript Intensive Tutorial--statement

This article is the official HTML5 training course for h5edu institutions, mainly introduces: JavaScript intensive tutorial--statementConditional statementsOften when writing code, you always need to perform different actions for different decisions.

Get URL parameters quickly using JavaScript

First of all: the originalQuick tip:get URL Parameters with JavaScript function Getallurlparams (URL) {var queryString = URL? url.split ('? ') [1]: (1); var obj = {}; if (queryString)

JavaScript self-executing functions (immediately-invoked function Expression)

1. The JavaScript compiler, when encountering the keyword "function", is considered by default to be a function declaration, not an expression.2. You can call it after the declared function is enclosed by parentheses. Like whatfunction foo ()

A detailed description of the application of Parentnode,childnodes,children in JavaScript

This article is the application of Parentnode,childnodes,children in JavaScript, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you"ParentNode"Used to get the parent node of an element. Parentnodes is understood as a container with a

On JavaScript Objects (iii)---pass/compare objects

Passing Objects When we copy an object or pass an object to a function, it is often passed a reference to that object. So we make any changes to the object's references, which in effect will affect the original object of the reference.var she =

12 types of JavaScript syntax that are not suitable for use

1. = = (O゜▽゜) o☆[bingo!] JavaScript has two sets of equality operators, one set = = and! =, and the other is = = = and!==. The former compares only the values of equality, while the latter compares the same types in addition to the

JavaScript-------Switch Statement

Use the switch statement to select one of several code blocks to execute.GrammarSwitch (n) {Case 1: Execute code block 1 break;case 2: Execute code block 2 break;default: N code that executes when different from 1 and 2How it works: first set

Implementation of array multi-conditional ordering using Javascript iterative method

Multi-conditional ordering may have a lot of ideas, efficiency is different, my method may only be suitable for their own use, after all, the purpose is to achieve the function, so the most stupid method, but the effect is very ideal, after several

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