[JavaScript creates random colors] multiple ways to create random colors

8 when making a pie chart or tag cloud, we usually need a lot of color, method two. One is to prepare a beautiful set of candidate colors, and the second is to randomly generate colors. In a lot of or unclear, I think the latter is the only way out.

Analysis of 44 Javascript perverts (up \ Down)


Question 1th["1", "2", "3"].map(parseInt)Knowledge Points: Array/map Number/parseint JavaScript parseint First, map accepts two parameters, a callback function callback, the This value of a callback functionWhere the callback

JavaScript notes (01)

--------------------JavaScript Basics1. How to embed the page1. Inter-row events (mainly for events):2, page script tag embedding:3. External introduction:2. Variable type1, 5 kinds of basic data types:Number, String, Boolean, Undefined, null2, 1

A detailed description of JavaScript arithmetic operators

Arithmetic operators+,-,*,/,%,+ +, --+ +,-- divided into prefix form and suffix formprefix form plus minus 1 in executionThe suffix form executes plus minus 1Attention+ number to connect two stringsas long as one of the + connected operands is a

Jquery/javascript for all-in-all selection

1234checkbox's Exercises 59 Ten One the + A the + - $ $ Select all - - User Number the User Account - User name Wuyi User Sex the User Age - Home Address Wu - About $10010 -root - Heart Grow fonder - Men A22 + Henan the - $ the10011 theroot

JavaScript in function bind ()

Function bind () and curryingAll JavaScript functions has a method called bind, binds to an object and returns a new function. The first argument to bind sets the this context of the function. function area (height) { return this.width * height;}

The principle of the Object.prototype.toString method in JavaScript

In JavaScript, the most reliable way to determine what kind of built-in type an object's value belongs to is through the Object.prototype.toString method.? 12 vararr = [];console.log(Object.prototype.toString.call(arr))

The ToString () method in JavaScript

The ToString () method in JavaScript is used primarily for objects such as array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, number, and so on. Here are some of the analytic and simple applications of these methods, and make a discipline to make a memo.(1)

JavaScript Basics Comb----data types

JavaScript data TypesThere are six main categories of JavaScript data types:Undefined, NULL, string, number, object, Boolean1.Undefined ---Declare a variable with VAR but not initialized,Using the typeof operator on an uninitialized variable or a

Linked list structure in JavaScript-doubly linked list

1. ConceptIn the previous article we have learned the list structure, the list is characterized by the length is not fixed, do not worry about inserting new elements when the problem of new location. When inserting an element, just find the

"Turn" 10 JavaScript easy to make a small mistake, you a few shots?

Today, JavaScript has become the core of Web page editing. Especially in the past few years, the Internet has witnessed the emergence of a large number of JS libraries in the areas of spa development, graphics processing, and interaction.If you deal

JavaScript Advanced Programming (summary in the book)

Note: This article belongs to the personal summary, the knowledge point is not complete, the wrong place, also hope forgive me. (I will revise it in the future, correction)This book: the introduction of JS and the use of HTML in the skip. (Straight

JavaScript Intensive Tutorial--javascript Math Object

This article is the official HTML5 training course for Brother Lian it education organization, mainly introduces: JavaScript intensive tutorial--javascript Math (Arithmetic) objectThe Math object works by performing common arithmetic tasks.Round

Write a parametric JavaScript function parsequerystring, which is used to parse URL parameters into an object

var url = "http://www.taobao.com/index.php?key0=0&key1=1&key2=2.............";var obj = parseQueryString(url);      function parseQueryString(argu){  var str = argu.split(‘?‘)[1];  var result = {};  var temp = str.split(‘&‘);  for(var i=0;

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (20): Do you really understand JavaScript? "Answer

introduce yesterday's "Uncle's Notes" (19): Do you really understand JavaScript? "Inside of the 5 topics, there are many answers, found that the strongman or a lot of people are all correct." Today, we will analyze these 5 topics in detail and hope

Several methods for array de-weight-------javascript description

The first method: the use of JSON objects, if no JSON object is added, otherwise not added, and finally return the properties of the JSON object, the time complexity of O (n) function deletearrayrepeat (arr) { var result = {};

Differences between the "typeof" operator and the "instanceof" operator in JavaScript

In javascript, the operators "typeof" and "instanceof" can be used to determine the type of data, so what are the differences between the two operators?Difference one: use different ways.The most obvious difference is the way these two operators are

Chapter II using JavaScript in Html-javascript advanced programming

first, The JavaScript code contained within the In this example, the external file example.js will be loaded into the current Page. The external file must contain only those JavaScript code that is normally placed between the start . As with the

JavaScript Advanced (2)---object Type

JavaScript Advanced (2)---object TypeJavaScript Original Object Type (6): (data Type)number,string,boolean,function,undefined (object Type)object(null, {}, Array, Date, RegExp ...) ) About Nan Nan is a special

JavaScript two-dimensional array

Note: 1, This example is to verify that the two-dimensional array of two methods of Assignment: 1) first declared after the Assignment. 2) the declaration is assigned at the same time.2. Output the array elements to the Table. (a Key property of the

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