JavaScript Common validation functions

javascript| function First, the Verification class1, digital verification within1.1 Integers1.2 Integers greater than 0 (validation of ID to be transmitted)1.3 Validation of negative integers1.4 integers cannot be larger than IMAX1.5 integers cannot

JavaScript implements Magical page scrolling control

Javascript| Control | page First, when I move the mouse over this indicator, the page scrolls up automatically, and the page scrolls down automatically when you move the mouse to the indicator. We have to lament the magic of the new technology! It

Examples of JavaScript integrated verification methods for Web Forms

Javascript| Web page As a web designer, a coder, are you tired of the form verification question in web designProblem? The most tireless copy if(x) {alert (' wrong ');}, or the use of a difficult and I meanIde? Well, let me tell you a more lazy way

JavaScript implementation UrlEncode

Encode|javascript function UrlEncode (plaintext) {//The JavaScript escape and unescape functions do not correspond//WI Th what browsers actually do ... var safechars = "0123456789" +//Numeric "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" +//alphabetic "AB"

The problem with JavaScript full screen display

Javascript| Problem | show Return to a fixed page:function BK (strURL){Window.location.href=strurl} BK ("a.jsp") Open a page and display it in full screen return to normal effect display Note:The URL represents the address of the pop-up

Small window programs that can be dragged (JavaScript)

Javascript| Program First, introduce some of the relevant events and methods of this program: Event.button: event occurs when the action of the mouse if 1 is the left mouse button 2 for the right mouse button but now seems to have 8 of MS has been

Javascript generates a specified range numeric random number by Shawl.qiu

javascript| Random Description: I originally thought that the random number of Js should be nothing, look up the handbook. After looking up the handbook, I know that the information presented is poor, and there are no random numbers to generate M-n

Implementing Inheritance in JavaScript

javascript| inheriting JavaScript scripting languages is a powerful object-oriented language. This article describes how to implement inheritance in JavaScript. Prototype JavaScript does not implement class inheritance, but it can be implemented

Keyboard control events for JavaScript

Javascript| Control Getting keyboard control events is one of the most powerful ways to achieve interactivity.The first thing you need to know is how to initialize the event, the basic statement is as follows:Document.onkeydown = KeyDownWhen the

JavaScript dynamically add Table rows

Javascript| News Describes how to use JavaScript to dynamically add table rows and explain the methods in detail Add Table Rows DynamicallyWen/rayThe table section code is as follows: First line the second line Third line The JavaScript functions

Object-oriented JavaScript programming

Javascript| Programming | objects Object-oriented JavaScript programming should not be unfamiliar to people who have done Web applications, initially to do some simple form validation, basically playing with some technical things. IE 4.0 introduced

JavaScript changes background, hide, and style

Javascript How does JavaScript change background, hide, and style? See the following function, getElementById is an ID element taken. JavaScript is sensitive to capitalization, so pay special attention to it! function Gongqiu2

Methods of Javascript:window objects

javascript|window| objects Open (url,windowname,parameterlist): The Open method creates a new browser window and loads a specified URL address in a new window.Close (): Closing method closes a browser window.Alert (text): POPs up an information

JavaScript numeric date converted to Chinese character date format

Javascript| Chinese Characters | date Yyyy-mm-dd:Chinese display: Value= "Convert" >

JavaScript several commonly used form input judgments

JavaScript//Function name: Chksafe Function Description: Check whether contains "'", ' \ \ ', '/' Parameter description: The string to check Return value: 0: is 1: not function Chksafe (a) { return 1; /* Fibdn = new Array ("'", "\ \", ",", ",", ";",

A summary of JavaScript review knowledge

Javascript 1,javascript is an interpretative scripting language written in a procedural way;2, is the object based language (can use and create objects);3, simple and compact design based on Java Basic statement and control flow, variable type

Zhang Xiaoxiang: JavaScript Tutorial notes: HTML Basics

HTML Basics |javascript| Notes | tutorials Understanding HTML languages Web developers think that HTML is the most trivial technology, but it is the foundation; Hypertext Markup Language extension can be:. html or. htm;<>: start tag; : end tag; tags

JavaScript analog ACDSee Simple features

JavaScript is simple to zoom in and zoom out, showing the coordinates function. -------------------------------------------Demo Code: --------------------------------------- Document"Id="

Javascript+xml to achieve a single two-level Pull-down dish

javascript|xml| Menu | dropdown One, simple explanation The biggest advantage of this menu is that you can cross any label on the page, or even the frame, (the General menu will be blocked by Select,object,flash) so if you have this need, then this

JavaScript-Written Cookie class


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