JavaScript methods and Techniques Encyclopedia

Skill This is a blog about JavaScript, which I saw on the clang. The author introduced quite comprehensive, so reprinted to let interested friends to see. Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ There are times when you are proficient in a language, but it turns out that

JavaScript version of date input control (1)

Control New Document function showdb ()//Display control/hidden space{var currentdate=new Date ();var cyear=currentdate.getfullyear ();var cmonth=currentdate.getmonth ();var cday=currentdate.getday ();var A=document.getelementbyid

Javascript[object. Properties] Collection of eight

Object String ObjectA String object provides a number of ways to manipulate the contents of a string. Property Length string, that is, the number of characters in the string. Method Big (), Blink (), bold (), fixed (), italics (), small

Javascript[object. Properties] Highlights of the Seven

Object Submit and Reset objectsProperty The contents of the Value value= property. The contents of the name Name= property. Method Click () Select button Event handlers OnClick executes when the button is clicked. Password

JavaScript objects and Array reference Encyclopedia (4)

Reference | objects | Array Links array document an array of link objects in the order in which they appear in the document (the property itself is an object) Location The URL of the currently displayed document. The user cannot change the

Beginners JavaScript Cookie (4)

cookie| Beginners { var arg = name + "="; var alen = Arg.length; var clen = document.cookie.length; var i = 0; while (I var j = i + Alen; if (Document.cookie.substring (i, j) = arg) Return Getcookieval (j); i = Document.cookie.indexOf ("", I) +

Beginners JavaScript Cookie (2)

cookie| Beginners After experimenting and studying the sample program above, you will find that: 1. You are not able to read and display cookies. If you want to look at this cookie you need to specify another string variable that is the same as

JavaScript objects and Array reference Encyclopedia (11)

Reference | objects | array blur move focus to the field Select Choose Input Area B.24 Radio Object It is a property of a Form object, a set of radio buttons (option buttons) () in the Body of the window. Property Checked the status of a check

JavaScript Browser output

Javascript| Browser 26 Access Document object 1 27 Dynamic Output HTML 1 28 Output Line Wrapping 1 Document.writeln ("a"); 2 Document.writeln ("B"); 29 Output Date 1 30 time zone for the specified date 1 31 Set Date output format 1 32 Reading URL

JavaScript file actions

Javascript JavaScript is a Web page production can not be separated from the scripting language, relying on it, a Web page content is lively, full of vitality. But maybe you haven't found and applied some of its more advanced features? For example,

Regular expressions check the format of IP and email strings (JavaScript implementation)

javascript| Regular | string Function.js Check the format of IP addressWrite by Kenfunction Checkip (IP){var re =/^ ((\d) | ( ([1-9]) \d | (1\d\d) | (2 ([0-4]\d) |5 ([0-5]))) \. ((\d) | (([1-9]) \d | (1\d\d) | (2 ([0-4]\d) |5 ([0-5]))) \. ((\d) | (([

Implement some random events with JavaScript

javascript| Random 1, random ads 2. Random background color random background 3. Random background pattern random images 4. Random pattern Place the following code between : Place the following code anywhere in

JavaScript: Full fault tolerance and automatic browser maximization

javascript| Browser | fault-tolerant | Maximizing error code instant processing Our JavaScript code is sometimes flawed by our negligence, so that the user How do you handle this situation when browsing pops up with annoying error-tip frames? Here

JavaScript implementation of the word tag + word search function

Javascript Use JavaScript method to select the text of the mouse with emphasis on style, but also the search function. Demo effect, please see this blog page with the mouse text selection effect The complete sample code is as follows untitled

JavaScript technology to achieve real online audition

JavaScript features This script: layer technology that applies javascript, and some function () to enable the corresponding scrolling of the lyrics while playing the music. Use Realplay RM format music to play the download at the same time. (This

Exception handling in JavaScript

Javascript| Exception Handling problem: You want to handle a script error (exception) outside of the user view to prevent the browser from reporting an error message to the user. Solution: A quick-and-dirty (fast-food), backward-compatible way:

Making sound buttons using JavaScript

javascript| button Can let the button to make a sound script, this does not have to make flash button also can, I try to feel good.Production method:1, new file: Dynamicaudiobutton.js, Code: Customize Dynamic Audio Link custom dynamically sound

JavaScript objects and array reference Encyclopedia 5

Javascript| Reference | object | array sup () to turn text in a string into superscript (superscript) font () toLowerCase () turns text in a string to lowercase toUpperCase () to capitalize text in a string b.28 Submit Object It is a property of

Complete validation of forms with regular expressions and JavaScript

Javascript| Regular Code:When using, save the following JavaScript code in a single JS file.1. Form requirementsAll of the following types of fields in the form will be validated in turn, all validation is to remove the leading and suffix spaces,

JavaScript tutorials-from Getting started to mastering (7)

javascript| Tutorial javascript windows and input and output JavaScript is an object-based scripting language, and its input and output is done through objects. Where the input can be done through a Window object, and the output can be achieved by

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