Explore how JavaScript uses the Concat method to merge an array

Recently in the bad to fill JS knowledge, always will because of JS strong grammar and feel shocked. Because the previous neglect of the front end, led to some understanding of the error. So repent, make up your mind, no matter what you do, have the

JavaScript Basics (Ii.)

Object JavaScript is an object-oriented language, so you can use object-oriented thinking to design a JavaScript object is a data entity that is composed of some properties and methods that are related to each other. JS built-in

JavaScript methods and benefits of reducing global variables

I used to encapsulate a very large ship monitoring JS plugin based on Google Maps. At that time due to lack of entry, coupled with the lack of experience, resulting in JS writing is not good, global variables are everywhere. To the back, the

(turn) JavaScript 44 strokes of kinky tricks

1. Be sure to use the var keyword when assigning a value to a variable for the first timeVariables are not declared and are directly assignable, and as a new global variable by default, avoid using global variables as much as possible.2, the use of =

JavaScript scope and scope chain excerpt

Scopes are one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains work. Today's article provides a simple introduction to JavaScript scopes and scope chains, hoping to

Performance optimizations for JavaScript: loading and executing

As Web2.0 technology continues to spread, more and more applications are being processed on the client side using JavaScript technology, making JavaScript performance in the browser the most important usability issue for developers. This problem is

JavaScript strings intercept substring, substr, and slice

This article describes in detail the substring (), substr (), and Slice () three JS string interception methods in JavaScript, and the substring () method is used to extract the character of a string intermediary between two specified subscripts.

The difference between "Var" and "Var" when declaring in JavaScript

While JavaScript declares variables, while declaring them with the Var keyword and declaring them without the keyword, there are many times when it is not a problem to run, but there is a difference between the two ways. Code that works correctly

JavaScript Replace () method

Definition and UsageThe replace () method is used to replace other characters with some characters in a string, or to replace a substring that matches a regular expression.Stringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) Parameters

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript Scope series fifth-a diagram to understand the execution environment and scope

xTable of Contents [1] illustration [2] concept [3] description [4] Summing up the previous wordsFor the Execution Environment (execution context) and scope (scope) is not easy to distinguish, and even many people think they are one thing, but the

Object inheritance relationships in JavaScript

I believe that every student who has studied other languages will feel a lot of difficulties when they learn JavaScript.This is really a language to subvert our previous programming ideas, not to mention its various data types and expressionsThe

JavaScript array definition

There are four ways to define an arrayUsing constructors:var a = new Array ();var B = new Array (8);var c = new Array ("First", "second", "third");or array Direct volume:var d = ["First", "second", "third"];PropertyArray has only one property, that

Popular JavaScript Library--jquery

1, in order to simplify the development of JavaScript, some Javsscript library was born. The JavaScript library encapsulates a number of predefined objects and utility functions. A rich client page that helps users build Web2.0 features with highly

Object and array objects in JavaScript

Reference type: is a data structure used to organize data and functionality together.5.1 object--Object Type!To create an object instance, the first method: Use the new operator followed by the object constructor1 1 var person = new Object (), 2 2

JavaScript Advanced Program Design reading notes---execution environment and scope

Execution Environment and scopeThe execution environment (execution context, which is sometimes referred to as "environment" for simplicity) is one of the most important concepts in JavaScript. The execution environment defines the other data that a

[Effective JavaScript note] 62nd: using nested or named callback functions in an asynchronous sequence

Sequence of operations for asynchronous programs61 describes how the asynchronous API performs potentially costly I/O operations without blocking the application from continuing to process other inputs. Understanding the sequence of operations of

Pre-loaded and JavaScript Image () objects

Pre-loaded and JavaScript Image () objectsMany high-res images can really make your Web site more uncluttered. But they also make the site more slow to access-the image is a file, the file uses bandwidth, and the bandwidth is directly related to the

"JavaScript Advanced Program Design" Reading notes---operation selector

Unary operatorAn operator that can manipulate only one value is called a unary operator. The unary operator is the simplest operator in ECMAScript.1. Increment and decrement operatorsThe increment and decrement operators draw directly from C, and

[Effective JavaScript notes] 50th: Iterative methods are better than loops

"Lazy" programmers are good programmers. Copy and paste boilerplate code, one but the code is wrong, or the code function is modified, then the program at the time of modification, the programmer needs to find all the same functions of the code is

JavaScript Object Properties and methods summary

1 JavaScript Object Properties and methods summary2Date: 2015-03-06Editor: www.jquerycn.cn3 In detail, JavaScript Object properties and Object methods related knowledge, including JavaScript strings, arrays, dates and other properties of the object

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