Summary of common operation of string in Js--javascript, JS string Operation Daquan

The manipulation of strings is very frequent and important in JS. In the past after reading the book can be remembered very clearly, but a little time without, will forget almost, bad memory is flawed ah ... Today on the string of some common

JavaScript Advanced Programming Learning Note 1 basic types.

/************************************************************************************************************** @ Chapter II using JavaScript in HTML*/Document mode, which causes promiscuous mode if no document is declared. In some special cases

To invert HTML in JavaScript

The usual way to escape and invert strings in JavaScript is to use encodeURI (decodeuri),encodeuricomponent ( decodeURIComponent) These methods, the specific use of methods and differences can refer to this article

JavaScript DOM (i)

Directory: Dom Family tree Basic properties and methods of a node Document and GetElement method Dom Family treeThe DOM can portray any HTML or XML document as a structure composed of multi-level nodes. The nodes are divided

JavaScript Replace () method

From: and usageThe replace () method is used to replace other characters with some characters in a string, or to replace a substring that matches a regular

JavaScript jQuery-9 jquery Development plugin (Add new global function, add JQuery object method, add new shorthand method, method parameter)

First, add a new global functionGlobal functions-Global functions, which are actually methods of jquery objects, are, in practice, functions inside the jquery namespace-Some of the features built into jquery are implemented through global

html, JavaScript, URL special characters escape interpretation and how to use the detailed

html, JavaScript, URL special character escapes in the actual programming are useful, some people on the use of special character escapes is not very clear, the following on the escape of Html,javascript,url special characters to do a description

JavaScript Basics -15 JavaScript OOP (Overview, Object templates)

First, JavaScript OOP overviewOOP Overview-Object-oriented language-Package-Store related information (regardless of data or method) in an object-Inheritance-Get properties and methods from other objects-Polymorphic-Ability to run functions or

JavaScript---Parameter: Cannot pass reference type

Summarize: • Pass-by-value (call by value) is the most common evaluation strategy: a function's formal parameter is a copy of the argument that was passed when it was called. Modifying the value of a parameter does not affect the argument.

JavaScript Learning Note (--javascript) built-in objects

1.NumberJavaScript has only one numeric type, can have decimals or not, and can use scientific notation.var y=123e5; // 12300000 var z=123e-5; // 0.00123JavaScript is not a type language. Unlike many other programming languages, JavaScript does

JavaScript authoritative Guide Learning Note 1

Open the book and enter the world of JavaScript. Used to look at all kinds of video, feel what harvest has not, but make brain confusion, hope to follow the rhythm of this book to master JavaScript this language, for my front-end learning lay the

JavaScript Advanced--(JavaScript built-in object---)--math Object---Note finishing

Math ObjectUse the properties and methods of Math:Operation Result:3.14159265358979315The Math object is an intrinsic object that you can call all of its properties and methods without creating it and directly using Math as an object. This is the

Some understanding of JavaScript

Recently read the "Nodejs Development Guide" found that Nodejs in some specific areas by his own strengths, suitable for dense computing but the business logic is relatively simple scenario, if you do the site or choose PHP Bar, hehe, this book I in

JavaScript Source Map Detailed

Last week, JQuery 1.9 was released.This is the last new version prior to version 2.0, with a number of new features, one of which is support for source Map.To access Http://, open the

JavaScript variable declaration has the difference between Var and no Var

1. Variables defined with var within the scope of the function are local variables, which are defined as global variables without var.Using the VAR definitionvar a = ' Hello World ';function bb () {var a = ' Hello Bill ';Console.log (a);}BB ()//'

JavaScript variable declaration elevation (hoisting)

JavaScript's variable declarations have a hoisting mechanism, and the JavaScript engine, when executed, promotes the declaration of all variables to the front of the current scope .Look at a piece of code first 12345 varv =

Performance optimizations for JavaScript: loading and executing

As Web2.0 technology continues to spread, more and more applications are being processed on the client side using JavaScript technology, making JavaScript performance in the browser the most important usability issue for developers. This problem is

JavaScript memory optimization

In contrast to C + +, the use of JavaScript in memory has allowed us to focus more on the writing of business logic in development. But as business continues to complicate the development of single-page applications, mobile HTML5 applications, and

JavaScript, JS operation JSON method Summary (JSON character create transform JSON object)

I believe that the front-end students are not unfamiliar with JSON, a lot of contact. But very few people know the full name of JSON, haha, I also check the information know. (JSON JavaScript Object notation is a lightweight data interchange format

CSS3 animations apply animations and transtions transform with JavaScript to enable hardware-accelerated animations.

Transitions (Transition)  When applied to a property change specified by an element, the property undergoes a gradual transition over time to the value that is ultimately desired.It consists of four attributes:Properties for performing

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