JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)--javascript overview

//all content after a double slash is a comment//Read the notes here: they explain the JavaScript code.//A variable is a symbolic name that represents a value//variables are declared through the var keywordvarX//declare a variable x//value can be

JavaScript Learning notes-Object classification

Classification of objects and built-in math objectsI. Classification of objects1. Built-in objectsGlobalMath2. Local objectsArrayNumberStringBooleanFunctionRegexp3. Host ObjectsDomBomSecond, the Math objectFormat: Math. Method (Parameter)1. Take the

JavaScript I learn six objects factory functions and constructors

This article is Jin Xu-liang teacher NetEase Cloud Class of course notes, record down, for memo.Overview Using object literals, or adding new members dynamically to an empty object, is the easiest way to create an object. However, in

The inheritance of JavaScript

JavaScript's prototype chain;JavaScript prototype chain, I would like to understand it, but has not understood, today seriously studied the next tutorial, the prototype chain of their own understanding of the language under the description;There is

Javascript--math Object

The Math object, which provides a mathematical calculation of the data.Using the properties and methods of Math, the code is as follows:Run Results :3.14159265358979315Note: The Math object is an intrinsic object that you can call all of its

JavaScript base 1:javascript Errors-Throw, Try, and Catch

The TRY statement tests the code block for errors.The catch statement handles the error.The throw statement creates a custom error.Errors are bound to occur, and when the JavaScript engine executes JavaScript code, various errors occur: it can be a

Methods for JavaScript Object inheritance

Writing this topic is simply to take notes for yourself, or old forget.The first method:function fn1 (x) {this.x = x;        } function fn2 (x, y) {this.tmpobj = fn1;        This.tmpobj (x);        Delete this.tmpobj;    This.y = y; }Second method:

Simple introduction to JavaScript throwing exceptions

Role: Similar to Java, but I feel very chicken. Haha, personal opinion ...Code on: 123.html Throw exception Throw exception   Simple introduction to JavaScript throwing exceptions

JavaScript variable Declaration Promotion

JavaScript variable declaration elevation (hoisting)JavaScript's variable declarations have a hoisting mechanism, and the JavaScript engine, when executed, promotes the declaration of all variables to the front of the current scope .Look at a piece

Precedence of operators in JavaScript

Operator Precedenceoperator Precedence in JavaScript is a set of rules. This rule controls the order in which operators execute when evaluating expressions. Operations with higher precedence are performed Mr. Foo the operators of lower precedence.

JavaScript Get path

JavaScript Get path1. Design Source code javascript received Fetch path 2. Design Results(1) When initializing(2) Get the current URL(3) Get the folder after the host address(4) Returns the position of the first occurrence of a specified

10 JavaScript Tips

1. Variable conversionsIt looks simple, but as far as I can see, using constructors, such as array () or number (), is a common practice for variable conversions. Always use raw data types (sometimes called literals) to convert variables, which is

Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented JavaScript

To illustrate that JavaScript is a thoroughly object-oriented language, it is necessary to start with object-oriented concepts and explore some of the concepts in object-oriented: All things Are object object has encapsulation and

Kettle using JavaScript steps to filter special characters

Kettle using JavaScript steps to filter special charactersUsing kettle when extracting large amounts of Excel data, always encountering some special characters in Excel, causing the ExecuteSQL script step to fail, this article records some methods

JavaScript Math and Number objects

Original: JavaScript Math and Number ObjectMath object: A Mathematical object that provides a mathematical calculation of the data. such as: Get absolute value, rounding up and so on. No constructors, cannot be initialized, only static properties

JavaScript Array Object

Original: JavaScript Array objectArray Arrays 1. IntroductionAn array is an ordered collection of values. Each value is called an element, and each element has a position in the array, represented by a number, called an index. JavaScript arrays are

JavaScript memory optimization

JavaScript memory optimizationIn contrast to C + +, the use of JavaScript in memory has allowed us to focus more on the writing of business logic in development. But as business continues to complicate the development of single-page applications,

JavaScript's Process Control statement switch

A switch statement is a multiple-condition judgment used to compare multiple values for equality. varbox = 1; Switch(box) {//Multiple values for judging box equality Case1: Alert (' One '); Break;//Break ; To prevent a statement from

JavaScript bitwise operators, assignment operators, other operators, ternary operators, operator precedence

One, bitwise operatorsIn general applications, we basically use an operator that is not in place. Although, it is based on the underlying, performance and speed will be very good, and that is because the lower level, the use of the difficulty is

JavaScript relational (comparison) operators

Operators used for comparison are called as relational operators: less Than (), less than or equal (=), equal (= =), unequal (! =), congruent (identity) (= = =), not congruent (not identical) (!==)As with other operators, you should follow the rules

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