JavaScript Key-value pairs

JavaScript Key-value pairs

You don't know the javascript--item19 execution context (execution context)

In this article, I'll delve deeper into the most basic parts of JavaScript-the execution context (execution contexts). After reading this article, you should be aware of what the interpreter did, why the functions and variables can be used before

Understanding built-in objects in JavaScript

All programming languages have internal (or built-in) objects to create the basic functionality of the language. An internal object is the basis for the language in which you write custom code, which implements custom functionality based on your

The difference between a JavaScript declaration object with Var and no Var

When JavaScript declares variablesvar AAA = 111;AndAAA = 111;Is it the same in two different ways?Say less nonsense, first on the code.var aaa = one; function test4 () { var aaa = $;} Test4 (); Console.log (AAA);What was the result? 11This is a

The difference between a JavaScript declaration object with Var and no Var

When JavaScript declares variablesvar AAA = 111;AndAAA = 111;Is it the same in two different ways?Say less nonsense, first on the code.var aaa = one; function test4 () { var aaa = $;} Test4 (); Console.log (AAA);What was the result?11This is a

JavaScript: Understanding Try...catch...finally

Before, I always like to use Console.log (do some thing) to perform the output type and value, want to see the popup immediately, it will be directly in the browser alert (), these are the basics.A little more complex, it is necessary to use the

JavaScript Basics-types, values, and variables

Objects and arrays are mutable types; The string is immutable: You can access text anywhere in the string, but JavaScript does not provide a way to modify the text content of the string.JavaScript variables are untyped (untyped), variables can be

JavaScript oriented[Exploring Object-oriented JavaScript advanced language features]

JavaScript orientedExplore object-oriented JavaScript advanced language featuresPrologue.  JavaScript Introduce1. JsabstractJavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape Company engineer Brendan Eich, which has been popularized and

Javascript random number int range one number float

1. Randomly take an int range of one number, such as 0-3 to take 0,1,2,3, including 0 and 3Common error notation:because the range of Javascirpt math.random () is [0,1], contains 0, does not contain 1, the error is written, because Math.floor is

In JavaScript if and switch,== and = = = Detailed

Today, when the plugin boxscroll, because if the condition of more than two, then immediately think of rewriting switch. Change to half, suddenly remember a jshint and other code quality testing tools, a requirement, with = = = to replace = =,

JavaScript Domain name learning and the implementation of object inheritance

1. Defining namespacesvar Namespace = new Object ();Namespace.register = function (path) {var arr = Path.split (".");var ns = "";for (Var i=0;iif (i>0) ns + = ".";NS + = Arr[i];Eval ("If" (typeof ("+ ns +") = = ' undefined ') "+ ns +" = new Object ()

JavaScript memory optimization

In contrast to C + +, the use of JavaScript in memory has allowed us to focus more on the writing of business logic in development. But as business continues to complicate the development of single-page applications, mobile HTML5 applications, and

JavaScript exec Match Difference

Before reading this article, please read the following question: var sometext= "web2.0. net2.0"; var pattern=/(\w+) (\d) \. (\d)/g;var outcome_exec=pattern.exec (sometext); var outcome_matc=sometext.match (pattern); What is outcome_exec[1] and

The This keyword in javascript

The This keyword in javascriptThe keyword this in a JavaScript function does not refer to itself (itself), for example: function foo(num) {Console.log ("foo:"+ num);//Keep track of what many times ' foo ' is called This. count++;} Foo.count

JavaScript implements the private, protected, public, static, and inheritance of classes

Classes in basic knowledge javascriptJavaScript is actually a weakly typed language, unlike languages such as C + + and Java. So, in JavaScript, there is no concept of class, but in practice, classes are important, such as writing a game, what would

Use ActiveXObject to create FileSystemObject action files in JavaScript

Note: If you are using JavaScript to read local files, you are experiencing security issues.It needs to be set in the browser, as follows:Tools, Internet Options-security-Custom level-enable "No ActiveX controls identified as safe for initialization

javascript--windows--basic function (i)

The Window object is the core of the BOM, and the Window object refers to the current browser window!html>head>meta http-equiv="Content-type" Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8 ">title>Window objecttitle>script type="Text/javascript"> function mysty(

JavaScript DOM Programming Art-Read notes

StatementThe code written by JavaScript must be embedded in a html/xhtml document to be executed.Mark-upgoes here ... Better way to put JavaScript code in a separate file ——. js (extension)Mark-upgoes ... Example: test.htmljust a testMark-up Goes

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series: JavaScript core (must read the master)

This article is an overview of the Ecma-262-3 in detail series (I will translate these articles into this series (第11-19 chapter) later. Each chapter has a more detailed link to the content, and you can continue to read the detailed links for each

JavaScript unsigned shift operator >>> three greater than sign use method

JavaScript unsigned shift operator >>> three greater than sign use methodThe unsigned shift operator in JavaScript is represented by a three greater than sign.Calculation methodExample 100>>>2The binary of 100 is01100100Move 2 bits to the right

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