JS JavaScript Object-oriented understanding and simple examples

JavaScript Object-oriented understanding and simple examplesI. JavaScript object-oriented concepts:To illustrate that JavaScript is a thoroughly object-oriented language, it is necessary to start with object-oriented concepts and explore some of the

JavaScript Timing Events

JavaScript Timing EventsBy using JavaScript, we have the ability to execute code after a set interval of time, not immediately after the function is called. We call this a timing event.It is easy to use timing events in JAVASCRITP, and two key

JavaScript variables declare those things

Declaration and initialization are not the sameStatementVAR Joe; The DeclarationInitializeJoe = ' plumber '; The initializationDeclaring a front-facingYou can declare variables at any point in the function by VAR, which act as if they were declared

Access to values in JavaScript and parameter passing issues

Data typeThe data types in JavaScript can be divided into two categories: The original data type value primitive type, such as undefined,null,boolean,number,string. A reference type value , that is, an object type, objects, such as

Deep understanding of the variable scope of JavaScript

Before learning about the variable scope of JavaScript, we should make a few clear points: The variable scope of JavaScript is based on its unique scope chain. JavaScript does not have block-level scopes. Variables declared in a

JavaScript file processing: file read

In my previous blog, I described how to use files in JavaScript, with a specific focus on how to get the file object. Only when the user uploads the file by uploading or dragging it, these objects have the metadata of the file. Once you have these

JavaScript iterates through HTML form elements and form definitions

The following JavaScript code, through the Document object, iterates through all the HTML elements (HTML DOM element).meta http-equiv="Content-type" Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8 ">head>script> //Display all HTML elements that have an "ID"

JavaScript retains two decimal places


JavaScript retains two decimal places

JavaScript Engine Performance Comparison of the two Google V8

Or the same JavaScript arraysort.js as the previous one, now performed by V8 to see how the test resultsfunction Random_str () { var text = ""; var possible = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"; for (var i=0; i

On the principle and defense of JavaScript DDOS attack

ObjectiveDDoS (aka "distributed denial of service") attacks have a long history, but are widely used by hackers. We can define a typical DDoS attack: An attacker directs a large number of hosts to send data to the server until it exceeds the

JavaScript basic data types and type detection

One, "JavaScript basic data Type"JavaScript has a dynamic type. This means that the same variable can be used as a different type"String" "Number" "Object" "Boolean" "function" "Undefined " String TypeProperty:Str.lengthvar str =

JavaScript Date Full Solution

Date constructor new Date () | Date ()No parameter defaults to the time of the system's current time zone, as a result:Sat Apr11 16:42:09 gmt+0800 (China Standard Time)The time it takes to generate a representation of the current system without new

Practical JavaScript tips, tricks, and best practices

JavaScript is the world's first programming language, the language of the web, the language of mobile hybrid apps (such as PhoneGap or Appcelerator), the server-side language (such as Nodejs or Wakanda), and has many other implementations. It is

Javascript&jquery get browser and screen various height width methods Summary and application

"JS article"JavaScript get browser and screen various height width method summary   Document.body.clientWidth//Web page visible area width (body) Document.body.clientHeight//Web page Visible area high (body)

30 JavaScript topics that you "can't do all"


1, the following expression runs as a result:["1", "2", "3"].map (parseint)a.["1", "2", "3"]b.[1,2,3]c.[0,1,2]d. Other ============== Answer: D,parseint The second parameter range is: 2-32, if passed in 0, the default is handled by 10. Please view

JavaScript-check box select All and Cancel

check box select All and Cancelhtml>head>meta http-equiv="Content-type" Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8 ">title>check box select All and Canceltitle>style type="Text/css"> table{ width:px; text-align:center; } style>script

UIWebView interacting with JavaScript III change the value on an HTML page by using the OC page

One thing to say Oh, "UIWebView and JavaScript interaction One" this blog is reproduced by a number of sites, very happy, but there is a bit of fun to say, we reprint someone else's article when remember to explain the source of the reprint, there

JavaScript's RegExp Object

A regular expression is an object that describes the character pattern.JavaScript's RegExp objects and string objects define methods that use regular expressions to perform powerful pattern-matching and text-retrieval and substitution functions.‘****

Common methods for manipulating DOM node elements using JavaScript (Create/delete/replace/copy, etc.)

getElementById (ID)This is one of the most common examples of accessing an element through an ID:test Note: If the ID of the element is not unique, then the first element of that ID name will be taken Getelementsbyname (name)This is done by name

Excerpt: JavaScript performance Optimization Trivia Summary

Original address: http://www.codeceo.com/article/javascript-performance-tips.htmlJavaScript performance issues are not to be underestimated, this requires our developers to write JavaScript program more attention to some details, this article is a

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