Javascript:Math.sin () cos () usage

The positive value of Math.sin (x) x. The return value is between 1.0 and 1.0;The cosine of the Math.Cos (x) x. Returns a number from 1.0 to 1.0;The x in both functions refers to "radian" rather than "angle", and the arc is calculated as: 2*pi/360*

Writing graceful JavaScript with functional programming techniques

Writing graceful JAVASCRIPT_IBM with functional programming techniqueFont: [Increase decrease] type: ReprintFunctional programming languages have been around for quite some time in the academic world, but historically they have not had the tools and

IE (6-11) version, when using the framework of the IFRAME, via a tag javascript:; And JS Jump parent.location when it appears on the new page open case

Problem Description:In the case of an IFRAME, in a child frame, use the following form of jump:href= "javascript:;" onclick= "parent.location.href= ' login.php ';" > exit a>In IE browser, click, will be in the case of exit, and then open a page,

The "JavaScript" drop-down list in select passes multiple values in value, takes out its option display value, and applies this as a navigation

For a drop-down list select, it is well known that the value is the value in the selected option, but what if you need to take out the display value of each option? While it's not necessary to take the option's display value, if you do need the

The prototype and object mechanism in JavaScript

1 Some language features related to objects1.1 Everything is an objectEverything in JavaScript is an object. An object is a collection of properties. Primitive values, such as numbers, strings, and Booleans, are "pseudo-objects", which also have

Javascript this pointer

JavaScript is an object-based dynamic language, which means that everything is an object, and a typical example is that functions are also considered ordinary objects.  PrefaceJavaScript is an object-based dynamic language, which means that

Understanding JavaScript scopes and scope chains

Scopes are one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains work. Today's article provides a simple introduction to JavaScript scopes and scope chains, hoping to

[Coffeescript] Writing JavaScript code in a graceful way

??I have been programming JavaScript for many years, write a lot of JS code, even if it is my experience, but I still work hard to write more beautiful JS code, in this article, I will explore why writing beautiful JS code is so difficult, How to

JavaScript Date Object

Original: JavaScript Date objectUsing JavaScript for so long, has not been well organized, now start to tidy up the knowledge, consolidate.Start with the Date object first.The Date object is used for processing time, and since it is an object, we

Basic JavaScript Concepts

The 1:typeof is used to determine the data type of the variable, although NULL is the null data type, but the object data type is returned, although the function is the object data type, but it returns the function typevar x=null;typeof

JavaScript game aircraft, pick up gifts

A simple JS game, the need for jquery plug-in, is based on the Floyd of the game to make some simplification and modification, the interface is ugly, add some material on the good looking, such as adding a background picture, bullets into various

Several places to note with Google Closure compiler advanced compression JavaScript code

IntroducedThe GCC (Google Closure Compiler) is a JS code compression compilation tool released by Google. It can parse the JS code, remove the unwanted code (dead), and rewrite it, and then compress.Three types of compression modesGCC offers three

JavaScript series----functions (function) Chapter

1. FunctionsThe definition of a function in the mass-user is this: a function is an event-driven or reusable block of code that executes when it is invoked. Admittedly, we don't get anything of value from this abstract definition. Here are some

Getting started with object-oriented JavaScript code

Ext.: JavaScript language contains several inline objects, just to name a few, such as Array , String and Date . However, if you want to create custom functions, you can use one of the

JavaScript Object Constructor Property

OverviewReturns a pointer to a function reference that created the object's prototype. Note that the value of this property is the function itself, not a string that contains the name of the function. For raw values (such as 1, true or " test "),

Seventh chapter: JavaScript arrays

An array is an orderly combination of values. Each value is called an element, and each element has a position in the array, represented by a number, called an index.JavaScript arrays are untyped: The elements of an array can be of any type, and

[JavaScript] named parameters and arguments

The function in JavaScript does not restrict parameters and checks:function does not mind how many parameters are passed in, or what type of arguments are passed in (even if the number of arguments is inconsistent with the definition of

15 JavaScript tools to improve your programming skills

Original address: JavaScript scripting library is a pre-written library in JavaScript that facilitates our development of JavaScript-based applications, especially for Ajax and other web-centric

Chapter Three: JavaScript types, values, and variables.

The operation of a computer program needs to operate on values such as the number 3.14 or the text "Hello World", where the type of value that can be represented and manipulated is called the data type (type), and the most basic feature of a

JavaScript Tips 45 Strokes

Original: Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and best practicesSaad MouslikiIn this article, I'll share some of the JavaScript tips, tricks, and best practices that apply, with the exception of a few, whether it's a browser's JavaScript engine or a

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