JavaScript learns to record Day4-map, set, and iterable

JavaScript learns to record Day4-map, set, and iterable[TOC]The default object representation of JavaScript {} can be thought of as a Map data structure in another language Dictionary , or a set of key-value pairs.But the JavaScript object has a

JavaScript Code Snippets

Anagrams of string (with duplicates)Use recursion. For each letter in a given string, create a crossword puzzle for the letter. Use map () to combine the letters with each part of the puzzle, and then use reduce () to combine all the crossword

JavaScript Basic Learning Series-prototype chain mode

1, the demo code is as follows:2. Draw as follows:3. Rules:1) Each function data type (normal function/Class) has a naturally-built property:prototype (prototype), and this property is the value of an object data type2) and prototype on the browser

TypeScript VS JavaScript Depth Comparison

TypeScript and JavaScript are two of the most popular scripting languages in current project development, and we already know that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, but what's the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript? When choosing a

48 pieces of JavaScript code carefully collected, in just 30 seconds to understand

Original: Chalarangelo: IT168 Https:// The project, which comes from GitHub user Chalarangelo, now has more than 5,000 star on GitHub and has carefully collected

What is the JavaScript event stream?

First, the incidentAn event is a specific interaction moment that occurs in a document or in a browser window.An event is an action performed by the user or the browser itself, such as Click,load and MouseOver, which are the names of the

Those holes in JavaScript that manipulate the DOM

JS in the operation of the DOM there are many cross-browser aspects of the pit, this article took me nearly a week to tidy up, I will be based on the example to organize those big and small "pit."The DOM works by loading the static content of the

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) Learning Note Three

Sixth Chapter ObjectAn object can be considered an unordered collection of its properties, and each property is a name/value pair. JavaScript objects are dynamic, can be added or can be deleted, and can manipulate objects by reference, not by value.

Ternary operator--javascript Basic tutorial Mark

Ternary operatorsJudging the conditions? (The condition is true when executed): (the condition is false)Contrast memoryvar color= ' Red ';Determine if the color is redif (color=== ' red ') {Console.log (' takeout ');}else {Console.log (' nothing ');}

"JavaScript from Beginner to mastery" lesson two

The second lesson on JavaScript charm-02VariableSpeaking of variables, we have to mention that we have a relatively old TV series called "Bao-Sky". Bao-Sky has a very powerful sword called "Imperial Sword", see Imperial Sword like to see the emperor.

The factory method, constructor, and class in JavaScript

The factory method, constructor, and class in JavaScript This article is reproduced from: Zhongcheng translationTranslator: CheuchenLinks:

What is a JavaScript closure?

What is a JavaScript closure? This article is reproduced from: Zhongcheng translationTranslator: McbaiLinks:

Deep cloning of JavaScript objects

When you do a project, you need to add a new attribute to the object, and you don't want to modify the original object. So write: var newObj = oldobj, but the object will change after the new object property is changed, because whether it is a new

Detailed analysis of JavaScript regular expressions

One: Grammar rulesThe 1.RegExp constructor creates a regular expression object that matches the text to a pattern .2.REGEXP is made up of two parts①pattern(正则表达式的文本)  ② flags(    g:Global match; Find all matches, not stop after first

Code Kata: Large integer Arithmetic-in addition to JavaScript implementation

Division is not the manual algorithm to calculate, the basic idea is to do subtraction repeatedly, see from the divisor of the most can subtract how many divisor, quotient is how much.Division function: If the former value is less than the

JavaScript Performance Optimization tips sharing

JavaScript, as the most common literal-translation scripting language, has been widely used in WEB application development. In order to improve the performance of Web applications, it is a good choice to start with the JavaScript performance

javascript: The difference between an expression and a statement

javascript: The difference between an expression and a statementJavaScript language essence:Expressions are composed of operators, and the syntax structure that produces the results is calculated.A program is made up of statements, which are

On the prototype and prototype chain of JavaScript

On the prototype and prototype chain of JavaScriptHere, we list several concepts of prototypes, as follows: Prototype property [[prototype]] __proto__ Prototype propertyWhenever a function is created, a property is created for

JavaScript (iv): Operators & Data type conversions

+: addition of operator; connection stringAddition will automatically convert other types of values to strings, and then join operations!1 varA=1+2;2Console.log (' First: ' +a);3 vara=1+2+ ' 3 ';//calculate the 1+2 first and then connect to the ' 3 '

JavaScript numeric and string conversion examples

Http:// Converting numbers to stringsA. To convert a number to a string, simply add an empty string to it:Copy CodeThe code is as follows:var n = 100;var n_as_string = n + "";B. To make a number more explicitly

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