The basics of JavaScript are deeply

JS's numeric types are divided into two categories: the base data type and the reference data type.The base type occupies the memory stack space, and the reference type is saved in the heap space. A variable of reference type assignment is also

10.10-javascript for loop if judgment statement

Today I learned the For loop in JavaScript and the judgment statement for iffor (initial value; loop condition; action) {Code statements that meet the criteria to execute}Initial value: The initialization variable before the loop, usually an

"Front-end" numeric conversions in layman's JavaScript

Since JavaScript is a weak type of language, type conversions are happening all the while in our code, so understanding the type conversion in JavaScript is critical to understanding how we know how JavaScript works.This paper mainly from the

The difference between = = (equality operator) and = = = (Strict equality operator) in Javascript

In js, "= = =" is called the strict operator, "= =" is called the equality operator.The difference is that the equality operator ( == ) compares two values for equality, and the strict equality operator ( === ) compares whether they are "the same

Javascript-dom Document Object Model 1

HTML DOM (Document Object model)When a Web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model for the page.The HTML DOM model is constructed as a tree of objects.One: HTML DOM treeWith the programmable object model, JavaScript has the

The meaning of javascript:void (0) in JS

void (0) is used to perform certain processing, but does not refresh the page as a whole.Javascript:void (0) indicates that no action is done. Such as:This indicates that this link does not do a jump action, performing the onclick event.I'd like to

Deep understanding of JavaScript impersonating private members

In general, object-oriented languages C + + or Java, objects are private members. There is no class change in JS, nor is the concept of the private member of the object. However, you can simulate a private member by some special notation.1.

Description of the Undefined/null type in JavaScript

1, Overview:※undefined and Null are two data types in JavaScript (other types are: Boolean, String, Number, Object).The ※undefined type has only one value: The Undefined;null type has only one value: null.2,undefined Type Related instructions:※ The

JavaScript Object objects

Object is one of the most used types of ECMAScript. There are two ways to use an object instance. One is with the new operator, and the other is the object literal operator:1 var person=New Object (); 2 "Zhangsan"; 3

JavaScript Process Control Statements-loops

First, the Process Control statement (if statement) in JSFormat:if ( condition 1) {if condition 1 is established, execute the code here}Else{if the condition is not true , execute the code here}format :if ( condition 1) {if condition 1 is

JavaScript: Use atan2 to draw arrows and curves

recently engaged Canvas drawing, knowing that a trigonometric functions such as atan2 (y,x) are available in JavaScript . At first glance, do not know, after all, in high school, learned trigonometric functions are:sin,cos,arcsin,arccos,tan,arctan ,

JavaScript string concatenation

To stitch strings in JavaScript, you can concatenate multiple strings with the ' + ' sign: In ECMAscript6, there is another way of string concatenation: That is, you can use ${} to stitch up the values of two variables, where the entire string

Dom manipulation of JavaScript (node operations)

Create node createelement () var node = document.createelement ("div"); Nothing to say, create an element node, but note that the node is not automatically added to the document. 2, create a text node createTextNode () var value =

Splice () method for detailed JavaScript

The splice () method in JavaScript is a strong array method that has many uses.The main purpose of splice () is to insert items into the middle of the array.There are 3 ways of doing this:Delete --You can delete any number of items, just specify 2

09.05 JavaScript Properties built-in properties custom properties DOM Document Object model

# Properties# # # Built-in properties* JS objects and HTML tags have a mapping relationship# # # Custom Properties* GetAttribute ()* SetAttribute ()* Hasattribute ()* RemoveAttribute ()# # # H5 New custom Attribute action action* HTML:' '*

JavaScript ES6 Arrow Function Guide

ObjectiveThe Fat arrow function (FAT arrow functions), also known as the arrow function, is a new feature from ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ES6). It is rumored that the syntax of the arrow function => is CoffeeScript  affected, and that it shares

JavaScript manipulation dom vs. Jquyer manipulation Dom

1. The object that is wrapped by the jquery method is a class array object . It's completely different from Dom objects, and the only similarity is that they all work with the DOM.2. The object that is wrapped by the jquery method is a class array

JavaScript working mechanism: V8 engine internal mechanism and how to write optimized code 5 tips

OverviewThe JavaScript engine is a program or interpreter that executes JavaScript code. The JavaScript engine can be implemented as a standard interpreter, or an instant compiler that compiles JavaScript into bytecode in some way.Here is a list of

JavaScript uses random numbers and timers to complete a few useful text scrolling effects of small manipulation text, the print effect of text and the color of text flashing

Scrolling of text Printing of text The color of the text flashes Text Word Yan Colors Flash JavaScript uses random numbers and timers to complete a few useful text scrolling effects of small manipulation text, the print

The principle analysis of JavaScript timer implementation

The timer in JavaScript everyone has met in the normal development, but how many people to deeply understand the principle of it? In this paper, we will analyze the implementation of the principle of the timer, the magic of the timer, timer use

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