Let JavaScript save HTML5 's offline storage

When Internet connectivity is ubiquitous today, we suddenly have another requirement, offline Web. Gmail, Google Reader, Zoho these excellent Web apps all support offline use, thanks to Google Gears. While the real offline Web relies on HTML 5, the

Framework Classification and main functions of JavaScript frame design

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript frame Design Framework Classification and the main functions of the relevant data, the need for friends can refer to the The current JavaScript framework can be divided into 5 categories, from internal

Analysis of JavaScript Date calculation examples

The examples in this article describe JavaScript date calculations. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 function Setleavedate ()

On JavaScript exception Handling statements

Considering the error in JS can be more than the server side of the code generated more errors, and also difficult to find and modify, so the JS code must have exception handling as well as a global deal. The operation of the program will

JavaScript deletes the method rollup of an array repeating element

The examples in this article describe the way JavaScript deletes an array of repeating elements. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Here to share a front-end interview high-frequency problem, the main

JavaScript page with random display of pictures special effects source code

javascript| Random | effects | web | page Effects | show | Source code First get a JS file, such as Image.js, the code is as follows: Today=new Date (); Jran=today.gettime (); function rnd () { ia=9301; ic=49297; im=233280; Jran = (jran*ia+ic)%

Strange recruit JavaScript oppressive search method

Javascript Friends with relevant experience know that JScript is limited in efficiency after all, when looking up data in an array, it is slow to perform with conventional algorithms. For example, in a 500-string data array, we want to find a

Script instance: manipulating strings with JavaScript

javascript| Script | string Although JavaScript has many uses, processing strings is one of the most popular. Let's take a closer look at the use of JavaScript to manipulate strings. In JavaScript, a String is an object. String objects are not

IE and Firefox JavaScript read and write XML to achieve AD rotation

javascript|xml| Advertising Recently updated the home page ads, ASP. NET advertising control is easy to achieve this, but the homepage is a static page, Lenovo advertising control principle decided to use JavaScript+xml To achieve this aspect of

Jscript/javascript conditional Compilation

javascript|js|jscript| Compilation | condition Conditional compilation of jscript/javascript in IE Author: JavaScript KitTranslator: Zou (Sheneyan)Translation Date:2006-02-12English Original: Conditional Compilation of Jscript/javascript in

Using JavaScript to detect browser-related features

Javascript| Browser First, detect the name of the browserProblem:The standard support for JavaScript is different for different browsers, and sometimes you want the script to work well on different browsers, and then you need to detect the browser,

Primary JavaScript Learning Tutorial (iii)

Javascript| Tutorial The basic composition of JavaScript scripting language is programmed by control statements, functions, objects, methods, attributes, and so on. One, program control flow In any language, program control flow is necessary, it

The use of JavaScript in data transfer between pages

Data | Page function Description: Tantousyaid,edaban,torihikisakitantousyamei Three fields from the main page to the Reference child screen. The reference sprite retrieves the qualifying records with these three keywords for the retrieval condition

JavaScript with half the effort (3)

Javascript Chapter Eighth using Windows 1. Display text on the status bar of the browser sohu 2. Change the background color 3. List background color 4. Change text and link colors look at this text color sohu 5. Change the title of the document

JavaScript with half the effort (1)

Javascript This article is Dengyong by the classic forum Tsinghua University published the "Half a series of JavaScript", I read the book, some translated it. A few years ago looked, recently nothing, turned over, very helpful. This book should have

Javascript+html imitate the MonthView control in VB

monthview demo Methods Description Demo monthview.initialize () Initializing Controls monthview.setlanguage (par) parameters: "cn" "en" Set control display language monthview.setborder (par) Parameters: Border

About the communication between JavaScript and Flash

JavaScript This article discusses 3 basic Flash/javascript communication methods: JavaScript to Flash Communication----JavaScript method using Flash Player flash to JavaScript communication----The use of flash Fscommand flash to flash communications-

MD5 encrypted JavaScript Implementation example


Encryption/* MD5 Message-digest Algorithm-javascript ' Modification HISTORY: ' 1.0 16-feb-2001-phil Fresle (sales@frez.co.uk)-Initial Version (vb/asp code) ' 1.0 21-feb-2001-enrico Mosanghini (erik504@yahoo.com)-JavaScript porting */ function MD5

How VBScript passes variables between javascript

about how VBScript and JavaScript pass variables (both server-side and client) A: Recently, often encountered a netizen asked, how to make VBScript and Javascipt pass variables. I don't know why I'm doing this. Because almost every scripting

JavaScript parsing: Let search engines see more authentic Web pages

For a long time, webmasters choose to use JavaScript to achieve the dynamic behavior of the Web page, the reason for this is varied, such as speed up the page response speed, reduce site traffic, hidden links or embedded ads. Because the early

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