JavaScript creates a constructor pattern for an object (ii)

Code rewrite for the factory pattern in the previous chapter function Human (name, sex) { = name; = sex; This.say = function () { alert (; } var man = new Human ("Hanwu", "male"); var woman = new Human ("Heavenly Queen"

JavaScript Technical Difficulties (iii) this, new, apply and call details

4 issues related to this, new, call and apply The principle of this pointer is a very complicated question, and if we illustrate this from the implementation mechanism of this in JavaScript, many friends may become more and more confused, so this

Deep understanding of JavaScript modular Programming

Modular programming is a very common form of JavaScript programming. It generally makes the code easier to understand, but there are many good practices that are not widely known. In this article, I will review the basics of JS modular programming

The implementation of JavaScript infinite classification algorithm

javascript| algorithm through ASP dynamic generation of JS array, and then JS in the client to arrange, the largest reduction of server-side pressure. (Server-side only query once, no other action) Database design: ID: Index, AutoNumberMc:varchar 100

JavaScript instance Tutorial (1) directory

javascript| Tutorial JavaScript is a scripting language that is based on object and event-driven and has a secure performance. It is designed to work with HTML Hypertext Markup Language, Java scripting language (Java applets) to link multiple

Multiple ways of being judged as integers in JavaScript

Method one, using the remainder operator to judge Any integer will be divisible by 1, that is, the remainder is 0. Use this rule to determine whether an integer. function Isinteger (obj) {return obj%1 = = 0}Isinteger (3)//TrueIsinteger

JavaScript modular Programming (i): the Writing of modules

As Web sites become "Internet apps," JavaScript code embedded in Web pages is growing larger and more complex. Web pages are more and more like desktop programs, need a team division of work, progress management, unit testing and so on ...

JavaScript modular Programming (II): AMD specification

Today describes how to use modules in a standardized manner. (up to the above) Specification of Modules First think about why the module is important? Because of the module, we can more easily use other people's code, want what function,

Shallow copy and deep replication in deep parsing javascript

Before we talk about the shallow copy and deep copy of JavaScript, we need to discuss the data type of JS. We all know there are five types of number,boolean,string,null,undefined,object. And object also contains Function,array and object itself.

Variable object of JavaScript series

Generally in programming, we will define functions and variables to successfully construct our system. But how does the parser find the data (functions, variables)? What happens when we refer to the object we need? Many ECMAScript programmers know

manipulating XML with JavaScript

Javascript|xml Posted on 2004-11-30 15:55 Ttyp Reading (2178) Comments (13) Edit favorites to 365Key categories: scripts Comments# Re: Manipulating XML 2005-04-08 14:01 Feig with JavaScriptThanks to the landlord, I used to do C/s, the JavaScript

JavaScript File Upload: JavaScript encoding for multiple file uploads

JavaScript encoding for multiple file uploads A Skills: Each time dynamically add a file on the transfer box, it and delete button placed in a separate div, and the button to delete the OnClick event to respond to delete the button to remove the div.

JavaScript tips: JavaScript tips

The success of JavaScript is a great relish, writing JavaScript code for Web pages is the basic skill of all web designers, and this interesting language contains many things that are not well known, even for years of JavaScript programmers who have

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (5)

javascript| Tutorial Using OLE Automation in JavaScript 5. How to handle an instance of an application A document template is a connection between an application and the document it supports. There are two types of document templates: a single

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (3)

javascript| Tutorial Using OLE Automation in JavaScript 3. How to create a new instance of a Automation object Jscript (Microsoft version of JavaScript) is a relaxed type of language. In other words, the variable is not clearly defined as the

JavaScript Instance Tutorial (18) using String functions

javascript| Functions | tutorials | strings String functions that use JavaScript String objects provide many methods, but few programmers make the most of them, which, for a programmer, cannot be said to be a flaw. Strings provide methods that can

Javascript[object. Properties] Highlights of the second

javascript| objects check box (CheckBox) object Property The string value of the name Name property. The string value of the contents of the Value check box. On if set, or off. Boolean value for the contents of the Checked check box. True if set, or

JavaScript parsing: Embedding embedded JavaScript language engine in HTM

Article Introduction: JavaScript parsing: Let search engines see more authentic pages. For a long time, webmasters choose to use JavaScript to achieve the dynamic behavior of the Web page, the reason for this is varied, such as speed up

JavaScript function Binding Application techniques detailed

Article Introduction: function bindings to create a function, you can call another function with the specified parameters in a particular environment. function bindings to create a function, you can call another function with the

Feature implementation of JavaScript template engine Arttemplate

Article Introduction: This article will use the simplest example code to describe the principles of the existing JavaScript template engine, including the new generation of JavaScript template engine Arttemplate features implementation principles,

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