Evolution of the way in which identifiers are generated in JavaScript

This paper records the evolution of the way in which the identifier is produced in JS, from ES5 to ES6,ES5 and before it is a way, contains only two kinds of declarations (var/function), ES6 adds some keywords that produce identifiers, such as Let,

The decorator pattern of JavaScript

Decorator Mode description Description: A class to dynamic to another class of functional objects before or after the modification, to add some additional functions; This is the decoration of the function of a class object, the decorated class with

javascript-data type

Javasscript has 5 simple data types (also a basic data type): Undefined, Null, Boolean, number, String 1 of complex data types: Object The data type of all values in JavaScript is one of the above 6 types. So we need a way to detect what type of

Talk about some difficult problems in JavaScript grammar (i.)

1) Intro Not long ago I set up a technology group in a MM asked a question like this, she posted the code as follows: var a = 1;function hehe (){Window.alert (a);var a = 2;Window.alert (a);}Hehe (); The results of the execution are as follows:

A little note using regular expressions in JavaScript

A few days ago in the gap time in reading mastering Regular expressions this book. It is a good book about regular expressions, and I should buy one. It is now temporarily borrowed from the Avik to buy the third edition of the Chinese version to

Arrays under JavaScript and their operations

This article describes the following aspects: 1. How to create an array 2. How to operate the array (add, delete, read) 3. Array common methods and properties How to create an array, generally based on the initialization of simple to divide into

The practice of JavaScript performance testing based on Dojo DOH framework

Introduction to DOH Framework As a rich, highly modular JavaScript library, Dojo is destined to require a large number of unit tests to ensure the stability of each functional module. The Dojo self-contained unit Test Framework DOH (Dojo Objective

Introduction to JavaScript Execution process

As we know, when we write the JS program, open the browser, our code can start to run (of course, to ensure that your code is not a problem, in order to do as you expected). Just said is JS implementation of a large environment, today we learn, JS

Array knowledge points in private custom JavaScript

First joke, 1. Just saw a swimming, think of company organization to Sanya Tourism, the boss jumped the sea, all kinds of struggle, fished up the boss first sentence: I remember I can swim AH. 2. Daughter-in-law said: Husband sorry, I put your new

Regular expressions in JavaScript

A regular expression is an object that describes a character pattern. JavaScript's RegExp objects and string objects define methods that use regular expressions to perform powerful pattern matching and text retrieval and substitution functions. In

Three ways for JavaScript to remove spaces

Method One: The best way. Using regular expressions, this is the core principle.Second, this method uses the prototype properties of JavaScript In fact, you do not use this property can be implemented using the function. But this is easier to

JavaScript Date Cascade component code Analysis and demo

The recent research under JS date cascade Effect feels good, then looked at the next Kissy also just have such a component, also looked at the source code, wrote a good, through Google was first in 2011 Taobao Tiger (nickname) with the original

JavaScript Expressions and operators

1. Expression type After you have defined the variables, you can assign them, a series of operations, such as change, computation, and so on, usually called an expression, that is, a set of variables, constants, Boolean, and operators, so that an

JavaScript design pattern: Observer mode

Have always wanted to put in the actual development of some of the experience systematically sorted out, shared out to some interested in in-depth B/s development of friends, take advantage of the national day to sneak in, the first experimental

JavaScript Object-oriented programming (8) Elegant encapsulation or execution efficiency?

Elegant encapsulation or efficiency of execution? This is a paradox. Elegantly packaged programs look so wonderful: Each attribute is hidden behind an object, and what you see is what the object lets you see, and as to how it operates, it doesn't

Four ways to pass the value of JavaScript HTML static page

One: JavaScript static page value pass the URL ChapterCan pass the URL to the value. Connect the information you want to pass to the URL.Post.htm1 The code is as follows:2 3456Read.htmThe code is as follows:1 +Advantages: It is convenient to take

Null and undefined in JavaScript

The data types of JavaScript are broadly divided into two categories: primitive types and Object types. Where the original type includes numbers, strings, and Boolean values. In addition, there are two special primitive values in javascript: null

javascript:100% native JS implementation of the left and right switch Carousel diagram (no delay loading)

Description: this. html file must have:(1) The Json,json folder must have the file Data.txt, the contents of the file Data.txt are: [{"Imgsrc": "Img/banner1.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC": "Img/banner2.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC": "Img/banner3.jpg"}, {"IMGSRC":

3 Ways to program JavaScript event handlers

First, what is a JavaScript event?Event is the heart of the JavaScript app beating, and the glue that sticks everything together, and the event happens when we interact with the Web page in the browser for some type of interaction.An event might be

JavaScript Chinese chess program (0)-preface

The "javascript Chinese Chess program" series of tutorials will take you from scratch using JavaScript to write a Chinese chess program. Hopefully through this series, we have a certain understanding of the algorithm of the game Program. At the same

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