Learn the prototype,getprototypeof and __proto___javascript skills of JavaScript with me

A deep understanding of prototype, getprototypeof and _ proto _ Prototype,getpropertyof and _ proto _ are three methods used to access the prototype. They are named in a similar way so it is easy to confuse. They are used in the following ways:

Learn the undefined and null_javascript skills of JavaScript with me

When discussing the raw data types in JavaScript, most people know the basics from string, number to Boolean. These primitive types are fairly simple and behave in a common sense. However, this article will focus more on the unique raw data types

Follow me to learn about JavaScript call (), apply (), bind () and callback _javascript tips

One, call (), apply (), bind () method In JavaScript, a method is invoked to replace another object by calling or apply, changing the object context of a function from the initial context to the new object specified by Thisobj. The simple thing is

Learn the global variables of JavaScript with me _javascript tips

One, try to use the global object as little as possible The problem with global variables is that both your JavaScript application and all the code on the Web page share these global variables, and they live in the same global namespace, so naming

Common API Summary _javascript techniques based on JavaScript operations DOM

Objective The DOM (Document Object model), which is an API for HTML and XML documents (the application interface) The DOM depicts a hierarchical node tree that runs a developer to add, remove, and modify portions of a page. DOM was born of the

How to pass special characters _javascript techniques based on javascript

Let's introduce JavaScript special characters before we get to the right track. You can use backslashes in JavaScript to add special characters to a text string. inserting special characters The backslash is used to insert ellipses, line breaks,

JavaScript basic article (6) function expression closure _javascript technique

In fact, the main reason for JS support function closure is because JS requires a function to save data. The saved data here is a function. The value of the variable within the function is also saved after the run is completed. As for why JS needs

JavaScript generation Random number method summary _javascript skill

Today, another netizen asked me how JavaScript generates a specified range of numerical random numbers. Math.random () This method is believed to be known to generate random numbers. However, the general reference manual does not show how to use

Learn from me. Scope of JavaScript and scope chain _javascript tips

The scope is one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript well you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains work. Today's article provides a simple introduction to JavaScript scope and scope chain,

How JavaScript gets array max and min _javascript tips

This article illustrates the extension-shrink menu code implemented by JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows:The screenshot of the running effect is as follows: The specific code is as follows:

Flow of a new JavaScript static type checker _javascript tips

Today, we are excited to release a new version of the flow's delicacy, a JavaScript static type checker. Flow adds static type checking for JavaScript to improve development efficiency and code quality. More specifically, the benefits of static type

A deep analysis of JavaScript string manipulation methods Slice, substr, substring and their IE compatibility _javascript techniques

SUBSTR (), substring (), slice () methods are often used to intercept strings, and sometimes confusing usage, so summarized. Reading Table of ContentsSlice ()substring ()substr ()• Summary Slice () Definition: Accepts one or two arguments, and

How JavaScript dynamically creates table tables _javascript tips

Two kinds of JavaScript dynamic creation table Table method, share to everyone, specifically implemented as follows method One: The most primitive way to create one by one elements var a1=document.createelement ("table"); var

Detailed JavaScript _javascript techniques based on object-oriented inheritance instances

A simple example of JavaScript object-oriented inheritance:As an object-oriented language, inheriting nature is one of its great features, although JavaScript's object-oriented implementation mechanism is different from the typical object-oriented

Explain JavaScript logical not operator _javascript tips

In JavaScript, the logical NOT operator is the same as the logical not operator in C and Java, and is represented by an exclamation point (!). Unlike a logical OR and a logical AND operator, the logical NOT operator returns a Boolean value. the

JavaScript Split () method _javascript Tips

Definition and usage of the split () method: The split () method splits the string into an array of strings using the substring of the string as a delimiter, and returns the array. Note: The substring as a delimiter does not become part of the

A detailed explanation of JavaScript expressions and operator _javascript tips

The JavaScript scripting language describes a set of operators for manipulating data values, including unary operators, Boolean operators, arithmetic operators, relational operators, ternary operators, bitwise operators, and assignment operators.An

Understanding Try...catch...finally_javascript skills in JavaScript

This paper analyzes the use of try...catch...finally in JavaScript, and share it for everyone's reference, the specific contents are as follows A little more complex a little bit, it is necessary to use the judgment statement, if else to make

Learn JavaScript from me. Garbage collection mechanism and memory management _javascript skills

-GC of waste recycling mechanism JavaScript has an automatic garbage collection mechanism (Gc:garbage collecation), in other words, the execution environment is responsible for managing the memory used during code execution. Principle: The garbage

A method for writing JavaScript script libraries _javascript tips

JavaScript is the so-called client-side scripting language, a computer programming language that runs inside an internet browser (also known as a Web client because it connects to a Web server to download pages). The way JavaScript works is

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