The _javascript techniques of array random ordering of JavaScript learning notes

Recommended reading: An array summation method of JavaScript learning notes Add, delete, change and check the array of JavaScript learning notes The sort () and reverse () methods are provided in JavaScript to reorder the array items. But many

The implementation of hash map mapping structure in JavaScript _javascript skills

Hash map is usually used in JavaScript as a simple place to store key-value pairs. However, object is not a real hash map shot, and if used improperly, it may pose potential problems. and JavaScript may not provide a local hash map (at least not

JavaScript Classic examples Daily collection and collation (common Classic) _javascript skills

This article is a small series of daily collection and collation of some JS classic examples, hereby share to the cloud Habitat Community Platform for your reference! Adding events across browsers Cross-browser Add event function addevent

A summary of common methods for JavaScript native objects (recommended) _javascript tips

Here are my Learning notes about JavaScript written in the school tutorial, each of which I have personally tested, the purpose of each method and the list of parameters, I have added my own understanding after my own practice, the explanation is

Boolean Boolean values in JavaScript use learning and related techniques to explain _javascript skills

The values of two underlying Boolean types in javascript:1.true2.falseThe Boolean value true represents True and false for false. The generic relational operator returns the result of a Boolean value. In addition, values of 0,-0, NULL, NaN,

JavaScript to develop the Chrome browser Extender UI tutorial _javascript Tips

Basic knowledge1. plugin file structure1.1, Manifest.jsoneach extended, installable WebApp, Skin, has a JSON-formatted manifest file that holds important plug-in-related information. One of the most basic configuration examples: {" name":

JavaScript common local objects summary _javascript tips

One, JavaScript is the Object-oriented programming language Encapsulation: the ability to store relevant information, whether data or method, in an object Aggregation: The ability to store an object within another object Inheritance: The ability

JavaScript implementation by selecting the number of weeks to display the start date and end of the implementation code _javascript tips

Recently encountered a query page in a project where one of the criteria is to display the selected date, month, and number of weeks according to the selected year, such as a requirement. Search on the internet for a while, there are similar but not

A deep analysis of _javascript techniques of data sharing and data transmission in JavaScript

Data sharing and data transfer are mutually reinforcing and we discuss this issue together. The first thing to say is that sharing and passing are scoped. Scopes are areas of work in which the same scope data can be shared, over which the scope is

Foreach,for-in,for-of_javascript techniques for comprehensively parsing the cyclic method in JavaScript

JavaScript is a literal translation script language, a dynamic type, a weak type, a prototype based language, and a built-in support type. Its interpreter, known as the JavaScript engine, is widely used as a scripting language for clients, and is

Example of a dictionary and hash table structure for implementing key values in JavaScript _javascript tips

JavaScript implementation of dictionary (Dictionary)Programming Ideas: Using the Raw object Datastore to store the elements; Two methods to get the dictionary length are implemented, one for variable tracking and one for real-time

JavaScript realizes Arabic numerals and Chinese numerals convert _javascript skills

Arabic numerals to Chinese numeralsCharacteristics of Chinese numerals: Each count is followed by a throne, the throne has: ten, Hundred, thousand, million, billion. The "Million" as a subsection, corresponding to a section of the throne,

JavaScript execution Environment and scope detailed _javascript tips

Recently reread "JavaScript Advanced Programming 3", think should write some blog to record some knowledge of learning, or forget it. Today to summarize is the JS execution environment and scope. First, the execution environment. I. Implementation

Detailed JavaScript form verification (e-mail verification) _javascript Tips

This article has shared JavaScript form validation, and these typical form data validated by JavaScript are:Has the user filled out the required items in the form?is the e-mail address that the user entered legal?Has the user entered a valid

Multiple ways to merge JavaScript arrays _javascript tips

This is a simple article about some of the techniques used in JavaScript arrays. We will use different methods to combine/merge two JS arrays, and discuss the pros/cons of each method. Let us first consider the following: var a = [1, 2, 3, 4

Advanced use techniques of split and join functions in JavaScript _javascript skills

JavaScript has two very powerful and developer-favorite functions: Split and join two opposing functions. These functions allow string to be interchanged with array two types, that is, arrays can be serialized as strings, and vice versa. We can take

JavaScript Concept Summary: Scopes, closures, objects and prototype chains

1 JavaScript variable scope1.1 Function scopeThere is no block scope: The scope is not surrounded by {}, and its scope is determined by the function, so the curly brackets in the statement such as If/for are not separate scopes.As mentioned above,

SetTimeout and SetInterval Analysis of JavaScript Asynchronous Programming (I.)

SetTimeout and SetInterval of JavaScript asynchronous programmingIn the case of asynchronous programming, I will mainly from the following three aspects to summarize the asynchronous programming ( Note: Special explanation: is summed up, I am also a

Section 140th, JavaScript, package library-browser detection

JavaScript, package library-browser detectionWrite one in the function library, the browser detects the object/** SYS Browser detects object with two properties under Object, Liu_lan_qi property and Xi_tong Property * Liu_lan_qi Property, detects

A detailed description of the "repost" JavaScript operating mechanism: Another talk about event Loop

A year ago, I wrote an article, "what is Event Loop?" , and talked about my understanding of the event Loop.Last month, I happened to see Philip Roberts's speech, "help, i ' m stuck in an event-loop". It is only embarrassing to find that their

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