JavaScript technology often used in B/s development

JavaScript First, the Verification class1, digital verification within1.1 Integers1.2 Integers greater than 0 (validation of ID to be transmitted)1.3 Validation of negative integers1.4 integers cannot be larger than IMAX1.5 integers cannot be less

Using object-oriented thinking to process cookies in JavaScript

cookie|javascript| objects 1. Create a Cookie Object Because it is used as a class name or namespace, it is similar to the Math object, where a cookie is used to represent the objectvar Cookie = new Object ();2, to implement the method of setting

Get URL parameters from JavaScript

Javascript There are generally two ways to submit data for a page: Get,post. Post is the so-called form submission, which uses views, and get is submitted by URL. Get methods generally use background code (such as asp, to obtain parameters,

Detailed JavaScript Object attribute application

Javascript| Object | detailed Document ObjectAn object that contains information about the current document.PropertyTitle of the current document, if not defined, contains "untitled".Location the full URL of the document.LastModified contains the

Javascript function to check whether the picture size is greater than the expected size, or greater than the expected size by STABX

javascript| function | show Title: Javascript function to check whether the picture size is greater than the expected size, or greater than the expected size by STABX Body: QUOTE: found that the use of ASP to determine the size of the picture yaks

Common JavaScript functions

javascript| function /**************************************************** Eo_jslib.js* JavaScript Regular expression test*******************************************************/ The checksum is all made up of numbersfunction IsDigit (s){var patrn=/^

JavaScript tutorials-from Getting started to mastering (2)

javascript| Tutorial JavaScript basic data Structure JavaScript, which provides scripting languages, is very similar to C + +, except that it removes easily-generated errors such as pointers in C and provides a powerful class library. For people

JavaScript actual application: Child window and parent window interaction

javascript| Parent Window | interaction | child window The recent project development needs the child window and the parent window interaction content, basically is simply is the handle window information passes to the parent window, and closes

File operations for JavaScript

Javascript JavaScript is a Web page production can not be separated from the scripting language, relying on it, a Web page content is lively, full of vitality. But maybe you haven't found and applied some of its more advanced features? For example,

How do I control the size of uploaded files with javascript?

javascript| Control | upload How do I control the size of uploaded files with javascript? --------This paper is to control the size of uploaded files using JavaScript and some properties such as filesize,fileupdateddate, such as the image in IE. The

JavaScript Error code Interpretation Encyclopedia

Javascript| Error JScript run-time Error A JScript Run-time error is an error that occurs when a JScript script attempts to perform an action that the system cannot run. When you are running a script, evaluating a variable expression, or you are

Easy to create a simple lottery system with JavaScript

Javascript Author: JeggAt the end of the year, many companies are busy with the annual meeting, there will be some lottery activities, the following program is written in JavaScript with a simple lottery system to share with you. This code borrows

The purpose of JavaScript

Javascript Realazy's blog: From today on, I will publish PPK on JavaScript to this blog. PPK is one of the Web developers I admire for nothing, just because, as a JavaScript developer, he covers a range of web standards,

Using JavaScript to implement artificial intelligence scripts

javascript| Script Recently on the Internet to see an article, said JavaScript = C+lisp, so think about the problem, since JavaScript contains some of the lisp of the lineage, then use JavaScript to implement a Lisp-like AI script what will it look

7 methods of JavaScript encryption and decryption

Javascript| Encryption | decryption This article presents a total of seven JavaScript encryption methods:In the Web page (in fact, is the Web Trojan hehe), the most annoying is their own hard to write the client IE run the JavaScript code is often

IE and Firefox JavaScript read and write XML to achieve AD rotation

javascript|xml| Advertising Recently updated the home page ads, ASP. NET advertising control is easy to achieve this, but the homepage is a static page, Lenovo advertising control principle decided to use JavaScript+xml To achieve this aspect of

JavaScript implements common form validation functions

javascript| Form Validation | functions Whether it is a dynamic site, or other b/s structure of the system, can not be separated from the formForms act as a very important role for the client to submit data to the server.This begs the question, is

Jscript/javascript conditional Compilation

javascript|js|jscript| Compilation | condition Conditional compilation of jscript/javascript in IE Author: JavaScript KitTranslator: Zou (Sheneyan)Translation Date:2006-02-12English Original: Conditional Compilation of Jscript/javascript in

Using JavaScript to detect browser-related features

Javascript| Browser First, detect the name of the browserProblem:The standard support for JavaScript is different for different browsers, and sometimes you want the script to work well on different browsers, and then you need to detect the browser,

JavaScript speed: The efficiency of combining string concatenation

The javascript| string is often used to assemble a large string to output in the course of scripting development, according to a rule. For example, when writing a script control to control the appearance of the entire control of the HTML tag output,

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