Linux Learning Notes Linux directory Architecture _unix Linux

Linux Directory Architecture /root directory /bin commonly used commands binary file's catalogue /boot store files that must be read when the system is started, including the core (kernel) /boot/grub/menu.lst Grub Settings /boot/vmlinuz kernel RAM

Linux command alias and ln (alias and link command) usage

The alias command is used to set the name of the directive. We can use this command to simplify some of the longer commands. When using alias, the user must use single quotes ' to cause the original command to prevent special characters from causing

Find bulk Delete empty files and empty folder scripts in Linux


Method of bulk deleting empty files (Files of size equal to 0) under Linux The code is as follows Copy Code Find. -name "*"-type f-size 0c | Xargs-n 1 rm-f This also allows you to delete a file of a specified

Linux uses cacti to monitor network card traffic configuration several examples

Cacti is a set of graphical analysis tools for network traffic monitoring based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP and RRDtool. If you want to use CACTI to monitor the Linux server's network card traffic, you need to install Net-snmp-utils-related packages on the

Linux directory structure and the main contents of the directory detailed analysis _unix Linux

The "/" root directory section has the following subdirectories:The/usr directory contains all the commands, libraries, documents, and other files. These files will not be changed during normal operation. This directory also contains the main

Overview of Linux log file systems _unix Linux

A file system is a system software that manages and organizes data stored on disk drives, guaranteeing data integrity, which guarantees the consistency of the data written to the disk and the content that is subsequently read. In addition to saving

Introduction to Linux Chapter 3rd RH use guide _unix Linux

The 3rd chapter: Red Hat Linux 7.1 Usage Basics 3.1 Login and exit system 1. Start the system Usually Lilo is installed on the MBR, after the computer starts, the MBR program is executed, there will be a not very beautiful graphics: the left side

Linux Administrator's Manual (4)--memory management _unix Linux

This chapter describes the memory management features of Linux, namely virtual memory and disk caching. Describe what the system administrator should consider, work, and purpose. What is virtual memory? Linux supports virtual memory by using disk

Linux System File Command master Guide _unix Linux

For file commands, we discuss some fairly simple and intuitive management commands here. It only describes the functionality of other, more complex commands, so that when you need to use them, you know that they exist and what they use. This article

Linux Administrator's Manual (8)--Backup _unix Linux

Hardware is not certain to be reliable The software must be unreliable. People aren't sure they're unreliable. and nature must be reliable. This sheet explains why, how, when to do backups, and how to back up the things that are backed up. The

Linux Administrator Handbook (8) _unix Linux

Hardware is not certain to be reliableThe software must be unreliable.People aren't sure they're unreliable.and nature must be reliable. This sheet explains why, how, when to do backups, and how to back up the things that are backed up. The

Ten ways to improve Linux system security setting method _unix Linux

Linux is a UNIX-like operating system. In theory, there is no significant security flaw in the design of UNIX itself. For years, the vast majority of security problems found on Unix operating systems exist primarily in individual programs, so most

Linux Administrator Handbook (2) _unix Linux

This chapter describes an important part of the standard Linux directory tree, based on FSSTND file system standards. Outlines a general approach to dividing a directory tree into several separate file systems for different purposes and given

Analysis of compressed files under Linux _unix Linux

For those who have just come in contact with Linux, it will certainly give Linux a lot of different file names to get dizzy. Let's just say, in the case of compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most

Unix wonderful quiz _unix Linux

One: This article answers to the following questions: 1.1 Who will help you to make this FAQ? 1.2 When someone mentions ' RN (1) ' or ' CTime (3) ', what does the number in the scraping mean? 1.3 What is the origin of some strange unix instruction

UNIX system common management commands _unix Linux

I. INTRODUCTION Unix system, as a powerful multi-user time-sharing operating system, has been applied in more and more occasions, and the requirements of UNIX system management are more and more, but the current Books on UNIX system management

Talk about the difference between flock, LOCKF and fcntl in Linux _unix Linux

First flock and Fcntl are system calls, and LOCKF are library functions. LOCKF is actually a fcntl package, so the LOCKF and Fcntl are the same, and the effect of locking the file is the same. The Fcntl and LOCKF are put together in most cases when

mkdir and Touch command differences in Linux

first, the purposeThis article describes the new file or folder, delete files, or folder commands under Linux. Touch is able to create new files and mkdir to create new folders. RM is used to delete files or folders. This article will choose the

Linux ALSA sound card driver Four: Control device creation

Statement: The content of this blog by Http:// Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!Control InterfaceThe control interface primarily allows user-space Applications (ALSA-LIB) to access and control

Linux decompression. Tar. tgz. tar.gz. Tar. Files such as Z

. tarUnpacking: Tar xvf Filename.tarPackage: Tar cvf filename.tar DirName(Note: Tar is packaged, not compressed!) )---------------------------------------------. gzDecompression 1:gunzip filename.gzDecompression 2:gzip-d filename.gzCompression: gzip

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