Linux parent directory permissions affect sub-directory file operations

The following shows that Tomcat made an error when deleting owner's own document, prompting permission denied.This is because user Tomcat does not have W permissions in the document's parent directory permissions. Although Tomcat is the owner of the

mkdir Command--linux command application of large dictionary 729 commands interpretation

The content originates from the people's post and Telecommunications press "Linux command Application big dictionary"tell 729 commands, 1935 examplesLearn about the Linux system's reference books, desk book, encountered the command or command not

Linux commands: Free command-show memory information

Free command Function descriptionthe free command is used to display system memory status, including system physical memory, virtual memory, shared memory, and system cache. Use the following: free [options] [-s (interval

Linux Platform PostGIS Installation

1. Prerequisites:PostgreSQL 9.6.1 has been installed through source mode and can be run successfully.2. Other OS PacketsOs:centos 6.4 X64X64:libxml2-devel3.geos-3.6.0 tar XJVF

Linux Platform PostGIS Installation

1. Prerequisites:PostgreSQL 9.6.1 has been installed through source mode and can be run successfully.2. Other OS PacketsOs:centos 6.4 X64X64:libxml2-devel3.geos-3.6.0 tar XJVF

Unix/linux System Management Technical Manual Read (12)

2016.11.17Variables and quotingVariable names is unmarked in assignments if prefixed with a dollar sign when their values is referenced. For example:$ Etcdir= '/etc '$ echo $etcdir/etcDo not put spaces around the = symbol or the shell would mistake

Linux Server Setup Key verification login

Two methods:Method One: Create a secret key with Linux built-in RSAMethod Two: Using the CRT client, generate the secret key650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt=" J_0056.gif "/>650" this.width=650; "src="

Linux Basic article -05,linux directory Management ls CD pwd mkdir rmdir tree

Directory Management ls CD pwd mkdir rmdir tree################################################################LS: Display directoryCD: Switch directoriesPWD: Show current directorymkdir: Creating a DirectoryRMDIR: Deleting a directoryTree: Show

What are the Linux environment variables

What is an environment variableLearn or use Linux , modify environment variables are often encountered, in the end what is the environment variable? Environment variables are features of the bash shell that store information about shell sessions and

Linux Operations (ix)

today's situation makes people sigh, things are not as I thought, school recruit failed, garbage Ann Chang, not keep the credit of CICC, did not receive any news. has transferred to the intern, the day after tomorrow has the opportunity to enter the

Linux system Backup and recovery

Preface: The previous article briefly introduces the concepts of backup and recovery for Linux systems, followed by a previous article on two commonly used backup and restore commands.1 Common Backup commandsBefore you introduce the backup RESTORE

Ubuntu Linux system contains two types of environment variables

Ubuntu Linux systems contain two types of environment variables: System environment variables and user environment variables. The system environment variable is valid for all system users, and the user environment variable is only valid for the

Linux command (+): CP command

Linux in the system cp (copy) the command is used to copy files or directories. Man CP can get CP a detailed description ofCommand format:CP [OPTION] ... [-T] SOURCE DEST//CP [ options ] ... [-T] Source PurposeCP [OPTION] ... SOURCE ...

Linux command (+): Touch command

With Touch This command, we can easily modify the date and time of the file, and can also create an empty file. However, it is important to note that even when we copy a file, all properties are copied, but there is no way to copy the CTime property.

Unix/linux System Management Technical Manual Read (10)

2016.11.4 9:30-10:15Adding new softwareIf you do need to install additional software, your first need to determine the canonical name of the relevant software PAC Kage. For example, you ' d need to translate "I want to install locate" to "I need to

Linux High Availability Cluster (HA) rationale (reproduced)

I. What is a highly available clusterA highly available cluster is when one node or server fails, another node automatically and immediately provides services, and the resources on the failed node are transferred to another node, so that the other

One Linux command per day: Tar command

Through SSH access to the server, will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is an essential tool for a powerful. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed, the most powerful.The

One Linux command per day: exec of the Find command

Find is a very common Linux command, but what we generally find out is not just to look at it, there will be further operations, this time the role of exec is revealed.EXEC explained :The-exec parameter is followed by command, which terminates with

Linux view CPU and Memory usage (RPM)

During system maintenance, it may be necessary to review the CPU usage at any time, and to analyze the system condition according to the corresponding information. In CentOS, you can view CPU usage by using the top command. After running the top

Linux file permissions and Access modes

For more secure storage of files, Linux gives different permissions to different files, each with the following three permissions: Owner permissions: What the file owner can do Group permissions: Actions that can be made by the user

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