Linux system development 3 file system development files/directories

" " Linux system Development file operation Ext2 File System Understanding Stat () function access () function chmod () function utime () function truncate () function link () Hard link function symlink () Soft

Linux basic file Management three brothers (CP, MV, RM)

We use the most of the files in our daily work I think it should be copy, cut, move, rename, delete these five. So today we mainly introduce the three commands involved in implementing the above five operations in Linux: CP, MV, RM.CP is a shorthand

Linux different color file types/Permissions/Properties

Linux files are basically divided into three properties: readable ( R), writable ( W), executable ( x) (Take -rwxr-xr-x as an example): Rwx (Owner) r-x (Group) r-x (Other)The permissions represented are: The user is readable, writable, executable,

Linux Common Commands

Dir View your current location CD/Switch Directory Cd.. Switch to the previous level directory LS lists the file names under the directory Ls-l listing the files in the directory for more information LS-LH list the user-friendly

"LINUX" session process Group job terminal

The process group   process Group is a collection of one or more processes. Each process belongs to a process group in addition to a process ID.   Each process group has a unique process group ID. Each process group can have a leader process. The

Basic Linux Knowledge

I. Linux Philosophical thinking1. All Documents2. A small program consisting of a single purpose, combined with a small program to complete complex tasks3. Avoid interaction with the user (avoid graphical interface, the GUI is more prone to bug,

Getting Started with Linux basics

From a 0-based rookie of mine, slowly touching the Linux operating systemSome basic small commands:Normal user switch root command:su-Password: ************Install the interface into the graphical interface command: StartX &Setting the locale:

The Linux du command

The Linux du commandThe Linux du command also looks at the space used, but unlike the DF command, the Linux du command is a view of the space used by the file and directory disks, or some difference from the DF command.1. Command format:du [Options]

Use the W command and the uptime command to view the system load under Linux

In the Linux system to query the system CPU and memory load (usage), we usually used to use top, atop or PS, this article will show you how to use the W command and uptime command to see the load situation of the system, for the uptime command, I

Linux I/O optimized disk read/write parameter settings

Reprint: information about page caching, you can use theCat/proc/meminfoSee. The cached refers to the memory size (Diskcache-swapcache) used for Pagecache. With the write cache

Linux Rookie Learning (iv)--directory structure

Directory structure:For every Linux learner, learn about the directory structure of a Linux file system, is a very important step to learn Linux., in-depth understanding of the Linux file directory structure of the standard and detailed features of

Linux section commands simple usage introduction-ssh, SCP, less, tail, find, grep (continuous add)

SshAn encrypted network protocol that provides a customer-service model.LoginSSH [email protected]SSH IP #不提供用户名是默认使用当前用户的用户名-C Option: Data is compressed during transmission-p+ Port number: Specify port number (default port number 22)-V Option:

<pthread.h> of Linux

Transferred from: under a Linux system follows the POSIX threading interface, called Pthread. To write multithreaded programs under Linux, you need to use the header file pthread.h,

Linux Server program specification

In addition to network communication, the server program must also take into account many other details of the problem, fragmented, but basically the template-style. ——— cited Linux server programs typically run in the background. Daemon is

Introduction of-SSH Principle of Linux operating system and application of free-secret and remote command operation

PS: The use of SSH, to manage a large number of servers can bring great convenience. When we access another server from one server, we can enter password access without compromising efficiency. But when we need to access multiple servers, or

Linux Command cut usage

Linux Command cut usageCut commandCut [OPTION] ... [FILE] ...-D DELIMITER: Indicates delimiter-F Fileds:#: Section # Fields#,#[,#] Discrete multiple fields, such as 1,3,6#-#连续的多个字段, e.g. 1-6Mixed use 1-3,7--output-delimiter=string            [[email 

Embedded Linux interprocess communication (III.)--Daemon process

embedded Linux interprocess communication (III.)--Daemon process First,Introduction to the daemon process1, The Guardian process introduction A daemon (Daemon) is a special process that runs in the background, is independent of the control terminal,

Linux system Programming-process substitution: Exec function family

Under the Windows platform, we can run the executable program by double-clicking, let this executable program become a process, and on the Linux platform, we can pass ./ Run, let an executable program become a process.However, if we are running a

linux-Count Sort Enterprise Application-uniq-sort

1. uniq-report or ignore duplicate rowsby default, only the same rows are adjacent to only one parameter the most commonly used general and sort commands are used to count the number of repeating rows. NAME Uniq-report or omit repeated linessynopsis

Talk about thread-local storage in Linux (1)--What is TLS

Starting with this article is another topic: Thread local Storage (threads locally Storage), before you introduce this concept, talk about variables and multithreading related knowledge.Variable model under multi-threadingIn a single-threaded model,

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