Linux Process scheduling principle

Referenced from: Linux process scheduling principleThe target of Linux process scheduling 1. Efficiency: High efficiency means that more tasks are done at the same time. The scheduler

Linux Startup Process Learning

The learning process is a guide to Linux from the master boot record to the first user-space program.The process of starting a Linux system consists of a series of steps. But whether you're launching a standard X86 desktop or embedded PowerPC, most

Summary of Linux kernel debugging methods BackTrace

BackTrace"Use" user-state or kernel-state program to backtrack stack information when exiting abnormally"principle" by analyzing the current stack, backtracking the upper function's frame address in the current stack until the top-level function. A

One linux command directory per day

Reprint: with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1.

Linux good books, classic books recommended

Linux Good Book, classic book recommendation thought article"Linux/unix design Idea "The book combines the principles of UNIX and Linux effectively and summarizes the principles of unix/linux software development. While preserving the UNIX aspect of

The eighth week of Linux kernel Design Learning summary understanding process scheduling and process switching process scheduling time tracking analysis process

Chen Chaojan Original works reproduced please specify the source"Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course, the video contentGeneral execution of Linux systemsThe most common scenario : The running user-

Linux Kernel Analysis--seventh chapter link

The seventh chapter--Link1, link is a variety of code and data parts collected and combined into a single file process, this file can be loaded into the memory and execution.2, the link can be executed at compile time, when loading, run time.7.1

Linux Fork EXEC, etc.

Http:// the next process in memory has three

Top ten most popular Linux distributions in the world

The reason for creating this web page is to help new Linux users choose the most appropriate operating system in a growing number of Linux distributions. It lists the 10 most popular Linux distributions to date (plus FreeBSD, the most popular BSD

Marco Linux OPS beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Video tutorial Video tutorials full Download (nearly 50G)

Marco Linux OPS beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Video tutorial Video tutorials full Download (nearly 50G)Catalogue Details:18_02_ssl protocol, OpenSSL, and creating a private CA18_03_OPENSSH Service and its related applications09_01_ disk and

Linux mount command Mount Umount detailed

Linux mount command Mount Umount detailedCommand format: Mount [options] [-o mount Options] Mount [-t vfstype] [-O options] Device dirwhich1.-T vfstype specifies the type of file system that is not normally specified. Mount will automatically

Linux mount (disk mount)

"Function description":Disk Mount"Syntax format":Mount-aMount-l mount  [-t  file system "[-l Label name [-o  additional options "[-n]  appliance file name mount point "Option Parameters": -A :/etc/fstab all

Linux-dns Server (2): Bind zone transfer

1. BINDThe zone transfer(master-Slave synchronization)when a domain within the primary DNS downtime or high pressure requires adding a DNS server to replace the primary DNS or relieve the stress of primary DNS. Host Planning: Role

CD of Linux commands

CD commandUseful: Jump DirectoryUsage: Enter the CD plus the directory you want to jump to, here are a few thingsExample:One, enter the subdirectory of the current directoryMy current directory is/home/jim,  There are a lot of folders under this

Linux various IPC mechanisms (process communication)

Linux various IPC mechanisms (2011-07-08 16:58:35) Original Address:Linux various IPC mechanisms (RPM)Jianpengliu The original post on the IBM Developerworks website, is a series of articles, author Zheng Yanxin,

More than 80 Linux system administrator-required monitoring tools

With the continuous development of the Internet industry, a variety of monitoring tools are countless. Here is a list of the most complete monitoring tools on the Web. So you can have more than 80 ways to manage your machine. In this article, we

Linux mount (Mount) command detailed

On Linux systems, you can use the Mount command to mount a disc image file, a removable hard disk, a USB flash drive, and a Windows network share and a UNIX NFS network share.Linux is an excellent open-source operating system, can run in

Linux Learning Note 2 chgrp chmod chown

chgrp Change Group changes the user group that the file belongs to eg. Chgrp-r User 1.txt[[email protected] test]# ll   Query the files and properties under the test directory total 0                   is now empty, no files [[email protected ] test]

Easily build your own Linux distribution

Many people who want to build their own Linux distributions may find it interesting or useful to learn more about Linux, or because they have a very formal problem to solve. But the secret is that it's not difficult to build a perfect release. In

Linux How to implement boot start program detailed

we assume that you are already familiar with the boot process of other operating systems, and understand the self-test boot steps of the hardware, starting with the boot loader for the Linux operating system (usually lilo for personal computers) and

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