Linux gzip Compression output

First, Gzip introductionGZIP is the abbreviation for GNU Zip, which is a file compression program for GNU Free Software and is often used to represent the gzip file format. The authors of the software are Jean-loup gailly and Mark Adler. October 31,

Linux How to implement boot start program detailed

Linux boot Start program detailedWe assume that you are already familiar with the boot process of other operating systems, and understand the self-test boot steps of the hardware, starting with the boot loader for the Linux operating system (usually

Linux Laravel Installation

First step: Install PHP SuiteSo far Laravel is 5.1 version, need to have PHP requirements, to php5.59 aboveof these requirements are satisfied by the Laravel Homestead virtual machine: * PHP >= 5.5.9 * OpenSSL PHP Extension * PDO PHP Extension *

Linux Process scheduling principle

Reprinted from: Process priorityThe process provides two priorities, one is the normal process priority, and the second is the real-time priority. The former is suitable for

Kill lui lei dog---kill lui lei dog---linux no:4 linux ls command parameters detailed

Here is a short list of some of the common options used with LS.     Keep in mind that you can get a complete list of options by reading the LS manual page (man ls). -a-(All). Lists all the files in the directory, including hidden files (. filename).

Linux change file owner and owning Group Chown command note

Chown to change the main or owning group of a fileChange file owner: #chown Zek 123.txt (Zek is the name of the owner)#ls-L 123.txt-rw-rw-rw-1 Zek Root 12777 December 4 20:31 123.txtChange file to group such as: #chown: User1 123.txt# ls-l

One Linux command per day: Tar command

Through SSH access to the server, will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is an essential tool for a powerful. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed, the most powerful.The

Linux command line and command

Vamei Source: Http:// Welcome reprint, Please also keep this statement. Thank you!Linux commands are important tools and are often the biggest bottleneck for beginners. A friend with a long time Linux GUI, basically do not use

One Linux command per day (+): Linux directory structure

For every Linux learner, learn about the directory structure of a Linux file system, is a very important step to learn Linux., in-depth understanding of the Linux file directory structure of the standard and detailed features of each directory, for

One Linux command per day: Kill command

The KILL command in Linux is used to terminate the run of the specified process (terminate a process) and is a common command for process management under Linux. Typically, terminating a foreground process can use the CTRL + C key, but for a

One Linux command per day (5): RM command

Yesterday I learned the command to create files and directories mkdir, today learn about the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: RM command. RM is a commonly used command that removes one or more files or directories from a

Linux Camera Driver Learning: (iv) uvc-camera driver Framework Analysis

Uvc:usb Video ClassUVC Drive: drivers\media\video\uvc\UVC_DRIVER.C Analysis:1. Usb_register (&uvc_driver.driver);2. Uvc_probeUvc_register_videoVdev = Video_device_alloc ();Vdev->fops = &uvc_fops;Video_register_deviceDownload the UVC specification in

LINUX common Commands (ii)

3. find files by nameAbsolute path: The fully qualified name, which defines each subdirectory that arrives and uniquely represents a single file, and the first character is the absolute path. Relative path: The same as the absolute path is a

Practice--linux Message Queuing msg for interprocess communication to insist, perhaps not a deep understanding, but at least to ensure that the impression.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Message Queuing (also called Message Queuing) can overcome some of the drawbacks

Linux Command Learning Notes directory

Linux Command Learning Notes directory is in use recently, Linux, by the way the commands used to organize a bit. I. File directory Operations Command: 0.linux Command Learning Note (0): Man command 1.linux Command learning Note (1): ls command

Linux Process Learning notes-process exit/Terminate process

if!supportlists]-->ÿ Exit/terminating a processvoid_exit (intStatus) andvoidExitintstatus) Both functions let the process exit, the parameter status indicates what state the process will exit in,Some states are pre-defined, such as exit_success (a

(RPM) One Linux command per day (8): Tar

Through SSH access to the server, will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is an essential tool for a powerful. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed, the most powerful.The

Linux Directory Specifications and Meanings (RPM)

Linux Directory ConfigurationAfter learning about the types and attributes of each file, and how to change the information about file properties/permissions, let's see why every Linux distributions their profiles, executable files, and every

A detailed example of alarm function and pause function in Linux

Alarm (time), after execution, tells the kernel to let the kernel send a timed signal to the process after a timeframe, and then the process captures the signal and processes it;The pause () function pauses the process to give up the CPU, but the

Linux accounts and groups [transfer from Vbird]

Linux accounts and groupsAn important part of the administrator's job is "Manage accounts"! Because the whole system is your management, and all the general user's account application, must be through your assistance! So you have to understand how

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