Linux FTPS FTP-OVER-SSL Configuration experiment

This article is for personal practice full-text reference is encrypted with the SSL protocol, and SSL is set for encryption such as HTTP/SMTP. SFTP is SSH encryption, SSH is for telnet/ftp and

Unix/linux shared memory applications and traps

Unix/linux shared memory applications and traps (2012-06-12-14:32)Tags: Linux memory classification: Linux applicationsShared memory is a piece of memory that is reserved for the system to be considered for communication between multiple processes.

Linux under RAR command detailed

Linux under RAR command detailedUsage: RAR - ....- A Adding files to compressed files C Add a compressed file comment Cf Add a file comment cw Write a compressed file

Linux check process, kill process, START process

Keywords: Linux check process, kill process, START process1. Check processThe PS command finds the PID number associated with the process:PS A shows all programs under the current terminal, including other users ' programs.Ps-a Show All Programs.PS

Regular expressions for Linux grep, Egrep

Read Catalogue Simple Introduction Some options and functions of regular expressions Basic Regular Expressions Extending regular Expressions In the transport Wei Chong expression for the author must learn and

Resolving time zone issues in embedded Linux

If let me do the work of the upper software, I can do it handy, but let me do platform work (System problem solving, driver writing, software porting, etc.), really unfamiliar. So many problems are stones, no experience. Many problems are a piece of

Linux Makefile (Chinese version 1)

############################################################################## Generic Makefile for C + + programUsage# ------# 1. Copy makefile to your code directory# 2. "Customizable section" customization only when necessary# * In order to use

How Linux views common commands such as process, kill process, start process, etc.

1. Check processThe PS command finds the PID number associated with the process:PS A shows all programs under the current terminal, including other users ' programs.Ps-a Show All Programs.PS C shows the actual instruction name of each program when

Master-slave replication, zone transfer for the Linux DNS service family

ObjectiveObjectiveIn the previous article has explained the cache server and forward-and-backward parsing, in this article explains how to configure the DNS master-slave server, and zone transfer, according to the previous experiment continue to

Linux Host system directory error operation permissions modified to 777 fix method

ECS Linux, if the accidental operation of the/directory permissions in bulk settings, such as Chmod-r 777/, most of the system services and commands will not be available, this time can be used by the system's own GETFACL command to copy and restore

Linux syslog Introduction

First, Introduction Syslog is the default log daemon for Linux systems. The default primary and secondary configuration files are/etc/syslog.conf and/etc/sysconfig/syslog files, respectively. Normally, Syslog accepts information from various

28 Unix/linux Command-line artifact

Below are the 28 Kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 Command line tools (original link), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows. This article is also discussed in Hacker

Linux Directory Commands:mkdir, rmdir, tree dirname,basename

Directory management class commands for Linux commands: mkdir, rmdir, tree, DirName, basenamemkdir command: Create directory/new directorySyntax: mkdir [OPTION]/path/to/somewhereCommon parameter options:-P: Create parent directory//Recursive


Transferred from: I think of the Linux system modified hostname is already very familiar with, today encountered a few problems, these questions give me a good lesson, a lot of knowledge points,

Fault troubleshooting for 1-minute load 5000+ in a Linux system

Yesterday morning when viewing the Zabbix monitoring interface, the number of processes found on one of the servers and the 1-minute load had reached a very alarming number, the Zabbix default alarm value was the number of processes in the 5-minute

Linux Common Command Daquan


people who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many, because we only need to master the commands we use most often.

Linux Polling directory FTP transfer files

Before the company, on the Linux server need to write a shell script, the function is as follows: Scheduled task 5 Seconds to execute, polling the current machine ( a directory, and a directory of all qrytyp* The file at the beginning is

The Btrfs file system for Linux learning

Btrfs is a very powerful file system on the Linux system, full name: B-tree, was developed by Oracle in 2007 based on the GPL agreement. So how do we create and use it for Btrfs file system? Below we will study it in the experiment with the CENTOS7

Linux manual installation of Tmux compilation and problems encountered

when performing command operations with a Linux terminal, it is often ctrl+alt+t to open multiple tabs for different operations. If you are performing one operation, you need to focus on the execution results of another operation. Let the operation

Linux Sort Command

Ext.: Sort command DetailsSort is a very common command in Linux, sort by tube, concentrate, five minutes to fix sort, start now!1 How the Sort worksSort compares each line of a

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