Linux Learning Notes < 23 >--Log system syslog

Syslog ServiceSYSLOGD: System, responsible for recording non-kernel generated log informationKLOGD: Kernel, specifically responsible for recording the log information generated by the kernelKernel related logs for startupKernel---physical terminal (/

Operating system Hash table Linux Kernel application analysis

1. Basic Concepts a hash table, also known as a hash table, is a data structure that is accessed directly from a key value. That is, it accesses records by mapping key code values to a location in the table to speed up lookups. This mapping function

Introduction to the direct I/O mechanism in Linux traditional operating systems, normal I/O operations are typically cached by the kernel, which is called cache I/O. The file access mechanism described in this article is not cached by

Linux Programming (Building development environment--curses)

Crossing, what we are going to talk about today is a little supplement to the previous content, the specific content is: Install the curses Development kit to buildDevelopment environment. The gossip Hugh said, the words return to the positive

Linux Process Management-ps,top,pstree,signal,kill,killall Example Demo

PS: Capture the process run at a point in time[[Email protected] ~]# PS aux : Effective user (effective user)-related process; X : Typically used with the A parameter to list more complete information. Output format planning: L : A longer, more

Linux Custom ISO

Due to the frequent need to install the server, manual operation is too verbose, sometimes do not need to install the network or other environment, so found some ways to customize the Linux ISO. That is, the need to install the package, need to plan

Some classic Linux books

One, the road of Linux1. Introductory article"Linux authoritative guide " book is good, write very comprehensive also relatively broad, involved in not deep, as a primer book Good, you can more comprehensive understanding of Linux. In addition, the

Linux IPC------System V

System V IPC refers to the three types of interprocess communication tools that are introduced in the system V.2 release: (1) semaphore, which is used to manage access to shared resources; (2) shared memory, which can efficiently

Linux/etc directory under Fstab and mTAB

The role of the Etc/fstab file The information about the hard disk partition on the computer is recorded, and when Linux is started, the fsck command to check the partition and Mount command to mount the partition require the information in the

Talking about the Umask value and its corresponding file permission in Linux

Recently just the system to learn the Linux file permissions this piece, in the "Umask value and its corresponding file permissions" on this issue, looked for video (old boy teacher's video, highly recommended), also looked at the bird Brother's

errno and Error tables in Linux systems

1, using a small program output all the errno corresponding error string, the code is as follows#include void ShowError (int err){printf ("errno:%5d, Error:%s\n", err, strerror (err));}void Showallerr (){int i = 0;for (; i {ShowError (i);}}int main (

Some classic Linux books

Some classic Linux booksOne, the road of Linux, the road long its repair far XI, I will go up and down and quest! Get the classic book first!1. Introductory article"Linux authoritative guide" book is good, write very comprehensive also relatively

LINUX-EXT2 File System

File system FeaturesFor example, the main file system used by Windows 98 's previous Microsoft operating system is FAT (or FAT16), and later versions of Windows 2000 have the so-called NTFS file system, as for Linux's Orthodox file system Ext2

One Linux command per day: Linux file type and extension

The Linux file type and the name of the Linux file represent the meanings of two different concepts. We create through general applications such as File.txt, file.tar.gz, these files, although to be opened with different programs, but in the Linux

Linux small white Learn to get started process

This blog is not about writing technology.Speaking of Linux, I am only a small white level. But I do not think that small white can not write a little learning process.Everyone has their own way of learning. Some people like to buy a few books when

Linux File directory Introduction

There are so many resources on the Internet, copy it for yourself!Excerpt from: http:/I've been using Linux for more than a year, and I've been maintaining the site system host. The following is the Linux directory structure description I use the

DNS domain name resolution service for Linux systems

The role and type of 1.DNS systemThe role of DNS system in the network is to maintain an address database, which records the various host domain names also IP address correspondence, in order to provide the client program forward or reverse the

Linux text File view, show commands: Cat head tail grep more less NL

Linuxtext File View, show commands: Cat head tail grep more less NL1. Cat Displays the file Contents command. Command format:#cat [[options]] Common options: -B, calculates all non-empty output lines, starting with a line number of 1.

The path to the quest for Linux cores-about books

Original from author's summary of the book is in place, watching a kind of clairvoyant feeling. Back up, in case you can't find them later.There are a lot of books and web resources to learn

"Reprint" The difference between LINUX and the WINDOWS kernel


The difference between LINUX and the WINDOWS kernel[Disclaimer: Welcome reprint, reprint please specify from CU accessory]There are a lot of saliva stations on Linux and Windows. This paper

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