Build a Web site and connect to a database in a Linux environment

Note: All the content is sister paper I personally set up a successful operation, if there is a problem, please email to communicate. [Email protected] (this QQ is only used to receive mail, under normal circumstances will not login, all have

Talking about the Umask value and its corresponding file permission in Linux

Recently just the system to learn the Linux file permissions this piece, in the "Umask value and its corresponding file permissions" on this issue, looked for video (old boy teacher's video, highly recommended), also looked at the bird Brother's

Some classic Linux books

Some classic Linux booksOne, the road of Linux, the road long its repair far XI, I will go up and down and quest! Get the classic book first!1. Introductory article"Linux authoritative guide" book is good, write very comprehensive also relatively

Linux text File view, show commands: Cat head tail grep more less NL

Linuxtext File View, show commands: Cat head tail grep more less NL1. Cat Displays the file Contents command. Command format:#cat [[options]] Common options: -B, calculates all non-empty output lines, starting with a line number of 1.

Make the Linux server default to use the Chinese character set ZH_CN. UTF-8

I. Problem description and related conceptsThe character set settings of a Linux server may affect the appearance of the Web page "??? "Such as the question mark garbled, but also may result in the file part of the characters garbled."locales

How to turn on a secure SNMP agent on a Linux server

Server monitoring tools help us to understand the performance and functionality of the server in real time from any location. Monitoring Bao Server monitoring suite, real-time CPU utilization, memory utilization, average load, disk I/O, network

Linux system () and popen () differences

Linux system () and Popen () Differences 1. Introduction to System () and Popen ()In Linux we can execute a shell command through system (), and Popen () executes shell commands and communicates through pipelines and shell commands.System (), Popen (

The path to the quest for Linux cores-about books

Original from author's summary of the book is in place, watching a kind of clairvoyant feeling. Back up, in case you can't find them later.There are a lot of books and web resources to learn

/etc/fstab files in Linux have been deleted or modified, causing the system to fail to start

In Linux, the/etc/fstab file is a disk mount problem, if the file is accidentally modified, or deleted, it will cause the system cannot be restarted. Because the/etc/fstab file is a record of the disk mount information, if there is a problem with

[Linux & SVN] SVN introduction and Linux under SVN command ingest

1. What is SVN? SVN is the abbreviation for Subversion, is an open source version control system, compared to RCS, CVS, it uses the branch management system, its design goal is to replace CVS. Many version control services on the Internet have

Linux View folder size, disk remaining space (DU/DF)

1. IntroductionDu view the directory size, DF to view disk usage.2. DuDisk usage(1) Basic functions Recursively view the size of all files under a folder(2) Common parameters: -h,–human-readable display dimensions in a more readable manner (e.g. 1K 2

Linux file and directory operations management commands

1. PWD: Show working directory path -P: Show actual physical path -L: Show link path 2. CD: Change the working directory path CD: Go to User's home directory cd~: Go to User's home directory cd-: Returns the

Iv. Linux/unix operation Command Accumulate "chmod, chown, tail"

using Linux/unix next. Often use the text interface to set up the system or the operating system, the author is in command of this aspect of the process of continuous contact. Therefore, in order toThis special brewing, preparation, began the

DNS basic concepts and resource record types for Linux

Dns:domian Name ServiceName resolution, name resolving (behind the query process, database)Fqdnip172.16.0.1 www.magedu.comNsswitch: Provides a platform for name resolution mechanisms and does not provide name resolution functionality by

"linux& unix--document describing the character and authority of the narrative "

personal Learning and collation, if there are deficiencies, please do not hesitate to enlighten. Reprint Please specify:@CSU-maxSeries Blog:                     Linux&unix Study of the first play--the description and permission of file descriptor   

Management and monitoring of Linux basic--linux process

This article focuses on the concept of process in Linux and the management tools of the process. Original: concept of a process what is a processA process is an entity that is a program in a computer. A

Linux under struct dirent,dir,struct stat use example

Linux under struct dirent,dir,struct stat use exampleIn the following example, read the folder in the directory, file, and output some property values, specific related structure definition, can refer

Linux Makefile obj-m obj-y

The goal definition is the main part of Kbuild makefile and is also the core part. The main definition is to compile the file, all the options, and to which subdirectories to perform the recursive operation. The simplest kbuild makefile contains

Brief analysis of Linux initialization init system, part 3rd: Systemd

In recent years, the Linux system init process has undergone two major evolution, the traditional sysvinit has gradually faded out of the historical stage, the new upstart and systemd each have the characteristics, more and more Linux distribution

77 Common Linux commands and tools

77 Common Linux commands and toolsLinux administrators cannot eat with GUI graphical interfaces alone. That's why we're editing this most useful Linux command manual. This guide is specifically designed for Linux administrators and system

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