Make appears missing delimiter (Linux)

To write a makefile file:ACCESS.O:ACCESS.C cd_data.hGCC $ (CFLAGS)-i$ (INCLUDE)-C ACCESS.C16APPLICATION:APP_UI.O ACCESS.OGCC $ (CFLAGS)-o application app_ui.o ACCESS.O $ (LIBS)19Clean:RM-F Application *.OMissing delimiter error occurs after you

Linux Learning Command ll post field explanation (RPM)

Original link: List Information DetailedWhen we use the Ls-l command to view the Keyholder information of files and subdirectories in a directory, we get a detailed list of file and directory names.

Linux command--28 Tar

Through SSH access to the server, will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is an essential tool for a powerful. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed, the most powerful.

Linux system Programming-process synchronization and mutual exclusion: POSIX-known semaphores

In the POSIX standard, the semaphore is divided into two types, one is the nameless semaphore, and the other is a well-known semaphore. The nameless semaphore is typically used for inter-thread synchronization or mutual exclusion, and a well- known

Time server (Linux NTP)

System time and hardware timeHardware time: Recorded on the motherboard CMOS time, by the motherboard of the button battery power operation, the computer shuts down after the normal operation.System time: The clock in Linux kernel, when the

Compression and decompression of Linux under Zip package

Description of the Linux zip command in detail: Compress the file. Syntax: Zip [-acddffghjjkllmoqrstuvvwxyz$][-b ][-ll][-n ][-t ][-][compressed file [Documents ...] [-i Specifies the directory where files are temporarily stored. -C adds a comment

How to load Linux systems using only a USB flash drive

How to load Linux systems using only a USB flash driveMaybe you've heard Linux and are a little curious about it, and you finally want to actually experience it, but you probably don't know where to start.It is likely that you have searched the

< data collection > New generation Linux File System Btrfs Introduction

From: Http:// profileThe file system appears to be a relatively stable part of the kernel, and over the years, people have been using the Ext2/3,ext file system for its excellent stability as the

How to install YAF in a Linux environment

My native Environment configurationlinuxMint17.1php5.5nginx1.4.6Start installation belowDownload the latest YAF packageHttp:// latest version I downloaded is 2.3.3Extract$PHP _bin/phpize . /configure--with-php-config=

Linux Quick Configure SVN library

[Author]: KwuSubversion is still the first choice for most corporate code management, and this article describes the steps of the Linux quick Configuration svn repository:1, install the SVN configuration library, which uses centos6.6 's own

Linux Hard link Soft Connect

Scenario Description:Sometimes under Linux we have a big project with absolute path related, and now want to see through the Eclipse source code and modify the source code, then the problem is:1. If we copy the source code into the Eclipse project,

Linux Get host information

The information of the host in Linux is usually stored in/etc/hosts, and we can read the file information through the function gethostent.Note that the address of the struct Hostent struct object returned is a static buffer, the address of this

How to release time_wait under Linux

Transferred from:'s service site obviously too slow to check the number of server connections, tangled in how to fix time_wait# Netstat-an|awk '/tcp/{print $6} ' |sort|uniq-cClose_wait2 CLOSING136

Linux system time and host synchronization and time zone settings in VMware

There are various data on the network, but the simplest way is to modify the virtual machine's configuration file *.VMX.Modify Tools.synctime = "FALSE" to Tools.synctime = "TURE".However, this requires VMware tools support, and the installation of

Linux Programming--File Operations (chapter III)

The previous article is the file operation (chapter III), the code in the article in the file operation (code download).3.6 formatted output and input 3.6.1 printf, fprintf, and sprintf functions printf functions are capable of formatting and

Time Management for Linux systems

Time Management for Linux systems1 Viewing system time and date: date[Email protected] desktop]# date Tue June 2 05:25:05 EDT 20152 View hardware time: Hwclock--show | -R[Email protected] desktop]# hwclock Tue 05:40:30 AM EDT-0.272377 seconds3

Linux SVN use

SVN is a version management system, formerly known as CVS, which is the cornerstone of open source software. Even in the case of sufficient communication, many people maintain the same source code must also be chaotic situation, version management

A detailed description of the tar command under Linux

Transferred from: is one of the most commonly used backup tools in a Linux environment. Tar (tap archive) is intended to manipulate tape files, but Linux-based file manipulation mechanisms can

Common compression decompression commands under Linux

Inux Zip commandZip-r*All files and folders under the current directory are compressed into files, and-R indicates that all files in the subdirectory are compressed recursively.2.unzipUnzip-o-d/home/sunny Myfile.zipUnzip the

Build Iredmail mail server under Linux

Iredmail is an open-source, free mail server project that is published under the GPL (V2) protocol. Official website (domestic not accessible), can be accessed through is a good Post Office Server free

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