The most basic of Linux (including installing a Linux system in a virtual machine)

Here is a CentOS 6.5 64bit example (learn to use this, Kali is interested in his own research (this system is for play penetration))One----"Configuring VMware WorkstationCustom--Select compatible version--Select installation method (choose Install

Linux--autoconf and Automake use

autoconf and Automake use  first, generate makefile flowchartsecond, specific examplesOrder of execution: AutoScan; aclocal; Autoconf Autoheader; Automake--add-missing;./configure; make;./helloworld;1. Build CatalogueCreate a HelloWorld directory

One linux command directory per day

Starting with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1. "Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine"2.

Linux installation svn and configuration use

1. Install SVNapt-get install subversion2. Build SVN repository1). Create SVN directory: mkdir /home/.svn (use hidden directory)2). cd /home/.svn3). mkdir astar4). Create Warehouse Astar: svnadmin create /home/.svn/astar after execution, Astar

Full name of Linux command

Know his watch, and it needs to know its meaning. Apt = Advanced Packaging Tool AR = archiver As = Assembler awk = "Aho Weiberger and Kernighan" The first letter of the last name of three authors bash = Bourne Again SHell BC = Basic (Better)

Experience sharing of Linux server operation and maintenance security policy everyone, I am a South African ant, today share with you the topic is: Online linux server operation and maintenance security policy experience. Security is the IT industry a commonplace topic, from the previous

Linux top command view memory and multi-core CPU usage Storytelling

View multi-core CPU commandsMpstat-p All and sar-p allDescription: Sar-p all > Aaa.txt redirect output to file Aaa.txtTop commandOften used to monitor Linux system conditions, such as CPU, memory usage, the programmer basically know this command,

The difference between CTime mtime atime file time in Linux

The Linux system has three important file times.respectively: Ctime,atime,mtime.1.ctime (change time) is written to a file that changes with the owner, permission, and so on, that is, when the state of the file was last changed. (Index node change)2.

Debain (SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2 (2016-04-08) x86_64 Gnu/linux) installation attention points and configuration

1. Wireless Card Driver PreparationReady to install the driver (my Dell6430 Configuration Intel U series) (Download driver and unzip on the recognizable storage device)2-18 from "The Journey of a Journey" 2. Installing and configuring sudo

Linux environment Variable Configuration summary

Ld_library_path: Find path for dynamic librariesSet up:Method One: Export ld_library_path=ld_library_path:/xxx but fails after logoutMethod Two: Modify~/.BASHRCor ~/.bash_profile orsystem-Level/etc/profile1. Add For example export

Monitoring tools for more than 80 Linux system administrators

Source: Serverdensity translation Source: Linux ChinaWith the continuous development of the Internet industry, a variety of monitoring tools are countless. Here is a list of the most complete monitoring tools on the Web. So you can have more than 80

Find bulk Delete empty files and empty folders in Linux

How to bulk delete empty files (Files of size equal to 0) under Linux The code is as follows Copy Code Find. -name "*"-type f-size 0c | Xargs-n 1 rm-f You can also delete a file of the specified size,

"Linux Command" ps-aux detailed explanation

This article is reproduced from other user-initiated processes (a) View the processes that are part of your system (x) the user who started the process and the time it Started (U)   Use the "

Arch Linux Installation Little Note

Arch Linux Installation Little NoteThis is just an essay to record the process of starting from a new installation of Arch Linux to a variety of software configurations during use.In fact, for Linux with rolling updates like Arch Linux, there is

Linux Process scheduling principle

Referenced from: Linux process scheduling principleThe target of Linux process scheduling 1. Efficiency: High efficiency means that more tasks are done at the same time. The scheduler

Linux Startup Process Learning

The learning process is a guide to Linux from the master boot record to the first user-space program.The process of starting a Linux system consists of a series of steps. But whether you're launching a standard X86 desktop or embedded PowerPC, most

Summary of Linux kernel debugging methods BackTrace

BackTrace"Use" user-state or kernel-state program to backtrack stack information when exiting abnormally"principle" by analyzing the current stack, backtracking the upper function's frame address in the current stack until the top-level function. A

One linux command directory per day

Reprint: with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1.

Linux good books, classic books recommended

Linux Good Book, classic book recommendation thought article"Linux/unix design Idea "The book combines the principles of UNIX and Linux effectively and summarizes the principles of unix/linux software development. While preserving the UNIX aspect of

The eighth week of Linux kernel Design Learning summary understanding process scheduling and process switching process scheduling time tracking analysis process

Chen Chaojan Original works reproduced please specify the source"Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course, the video contentGeneral execution of Linux systemsThe most common scenario : The running user-

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