A method of MD5 the Linux system to generate the files in the directory recursively

This article mainly introduces the Linux system recursive generation directory file MD5 method, using PHP script implementation, the need for friends can refer to the Linux uses md5sum recursively to generate the entire directory MD5 Today to use

Linux Disk free space scheduling management __linux

Disk Management for the operating system in conjunction with memory management, is also the disk partition for the smallest unit of the unified scheduling, and memory of the page frame, Disk Management module with disk block as the smallest unit

Linux tar.gz, tar, bz2, zip, and other formats to decompress, compact command summary __linux

Linux under the tar gz bz2 tgz z and so many compressed files compression and decompression methods, the need for friends can refer to the following: The most common packaging program under Linux is tar, and the packages we use in the TAR program

The maximum number of processes, the maximum number of threads, the number of files opened by the process, and the Ulimit command to modify hardware resource limits under Linux __linux

ulimit command to view and change system limits ulimit Command Detailed Ulimit the resources used by the shell startup process to set system limits Syntax format Ulimit [-ACDFHLMNPSSTVW] [size] Defined in the/etc/security/limits.conf fileLimit.

2018-05-23 Linux Learning

18.11 LVS Dr Mode Setup (recommended)Dr Mode Setup – Preparation workThree machinesDispatcher, also known as the Scheduler (dir)133.130Rs1133.132Rs2133.133Vip133.200Dr Mode SetupDir writes script vim/usr/local/sbin/lvs_dr.sh//content as follows#!

Linux network configuration related commands, virtual network interface eth0:0

network Interface (interface) is the network hardware device in the operating system representation method, such as NIC in the Linux operating system with EthX, is a positive integer starting from 0, such as eth0, eth1 ... ethX. And the common cat

Linux (Ubuntu) Notes

View command Help (XXX/? In Windows)Command--help (-h)Mans commandInfo commandView Help for Linux built-in commandsHelp commandHelp ExportHelp forLs-al | More Flip screen (blank flip screen Q exit) (dir in Windows) (-H user-readable)1.sudo

KDE Plasma 5.11 for the Gnu/linux desktop environment is officially released

The KDE team today formally announced the launch of the KDE Plasma 5.11 Desktop environment for the Gnu/linux release, focusing on some of the core components and introducing new features. The desktop environment version, which was developed over

Linux chmod and Chown change the use of the owner command of the file directory

First, Chown commandPurpose: Change the owner or group of the file. The command is composed of the word change owner.Examples of Use:1. Change the owner of the file:Chown Jim Program.cChange the owner of the file program.c to Jim. As an owner, Jim

Linux 12C DG Installation Documentation

1. View host and database information$ sqlplus/as SYSDBAConnected to:Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release ProductionWith the partitioning, Real application Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, OLAP,Advanced Analytics

Linux file system soft link hard link

IntroThere are many implementations of UNIX file systems, such as UFS (BSD-based UNIX file systems), Ext3, Ext4, ZFS, ReiserFS, and so on.Regardless of the file system, you always need to store the data. the minimum storage unit for a hard disk is a

Linux Learning Notes Command Chapter 1---command ls

Objective:Most of the contacts in Linux are commands and files.  CommandThe command is in its format, and the general format is command [option] Parameter1 parameter2 [paramete3 ...] ;Comments:command is an order. These are the command names that

About GMT UTC CST and Linux time zone settings

GMT is GMT, UTC is the universal Time, GMT and UTC are the same timeBeijing time is East eight district, namely Gmt+8 or utc+8Cst:central Standard Time (CST) is 6 hours behind coordinated Universal time (UTC). This time zone was in use during

Linux ordered the meaning of chmod (8) 755

The meaning of the Linux command chmod 755chmod is Linux The following number represents the permissions for different users or groups of users under the command to set file permissions. It is usually three digits:The first number indicates the

A summary of methods to disable IPV6 under Linux

A summary of methods to disable IPV6 under Linux--http://www.jb51.net/linuxjishu/335724.htmlThis article mainly introduces the method of disabling IPv6 in Linux, the operation of disabling IPV6 or considering the current and IPV4 compatibility

Linux 0-1 modifying host names and IP addresses

1. Modify host name hostname view hostname vi/etc/sysconfig/network Modify hostname= hostname vi/etc/hosts Modify 127.0.1 hostname service Network restart #/etc/ Hosts in the domain name resolution precedence over DNS server 2.IP address Ifconfig

Linux interprocess communication-datagram socket sockets (), bind (), sendto (), Recvfrom (), Close ()

Previous article, Linux interprocess communication--using flow sockets to introduce some basic content about sockets (sockets), and to explain the use of the flow sockets, this article will tell you, the use of datagram sockets.a simple review-what

Linux file permissions detailed


Each file or directory in Linux contains access rights that determine who can access and how to access these files and directories.By setting permissions, you can restrict access by only allowing users to access them, allowing users in a

About the Linux download tool

ReasonHave to say in Windows download since the Thunderbolt has not considered what is BT or electric donkey download, in short, as long as there is nothing thunder, magnet, or ed2k all thrown into the Thunder, Europe, Of course, there are. Torrent

Linux Kernel 4.6 is about to be released

important things say three times! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 will be released soon! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 will be released soon! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 is about to be released!!! Headlines Linux kernel 4.6 will

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