Linux MKFS error format file system clears Sybase database recovery records

The purpose of this blog is mainly to alert themselves in the operation of the Linux operating time can not be taken lightly, regardless of what kind of operation should be cautious, especially to run the core business of the system, before

The problem of using FreeTDS to connect MSSQL Chinese garbled in Linux "reference 2"

php5.3 case, with PDO Dblib driver can not connect MSSQL, according to the official description, 5.2 has modified this bug,5.3 No.It is possible to use the MSSQL function that comes with PHP. Compile the Freetds,php_mssql,pdo_dblib parameters as

MAC, Linux replacement command line SVN diff for P4merge, Vimdiff

2015-01-21 21:25:52Here first the programmer of the Big God's blog address (PS: Great god, I am not to copy oh, really afraid of their own forgotten),, there are many articles, I was handy search to browse the next,

Setup date for Linux time

Linux The clock is divided into the system clock and the hardware (Real time clock, or RTC) clock. The system clock is the clock in the current Linux kernel, and the hardware clock is a battery-powered clock on the motherboard that can be set in the

A Linux command (directory) per day

Ext.: with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1.

Linux process management and system monitoring ps,top

Under Linux, process viewing and process management are frequently used commands, and we can use PS to view information about each process in the previous state, or to view the process's property information in real time through the top command. The

A study on the principle of Coredump, Linux version x86 6.4 section virtual function

In the previous section, you have explored the arrangement of the member variables of a class, and now look at the arrangement of virtual function tables and member variables and the arrangement between virtual functions.Let's look at an example: 1

User account settings under the Linux character interface

creating, modifying, and deleting user accounts under the Linux system character interface mainly uses the 3 commands of Useradd,usermod and Userdel.I. Create a user accountCreate a user account is to create a new account in the system, and then

"Coredump Problem principle Inquiry" Linux x86 version 6.3 section has member variables of class Coredump example

After exploring the distribution of the class member variables, locate a coredump example to practice one:(gdb) bt#0 0x0804863c in xuzhina_dump_c06_s2_ex::p rint () () #1 0x08048713 in Main ()Take a look at XUZHINA_DUMP_C06_S2_EX: A compilation of

Linux under Cpabe Toolkit installation Tutorial

1, installation M4sudo apt-get install M42. Installation of GMP Download Gmplib./configureMake Make Checksudo Make Install3. Installation of PBC Download PBCUnzip,

A summary of the causes and debugging methods of the next segment error in Linux environment (reproduced)

Reprinted from Http:// in the Linux environment to do C language project, because it is on the basis of an original project two development, and project engineering is huge and

Linux Chapter Fifth installation and management procedures


Linux Chapter Fifth installation and management proceduresEnjoy Life Love the Challenge                                                                                                                                                                   

Linux SVN server Setup, client operation, backup and recovery

Subversion (SVN) is an open source version control system that manages data changes over time. This data is placed in a central repository, which is much like an ordinary file server that remembers every change in the file so that it can be restored

Linux mutual exclusion and synchronization application (vi): File lock

"Copyright Notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: or .../gentleliu, the article is for learning communication only, do not use for commercial purposes"When there are multiple processes in a

SMP test of Erlang in multi-core environment under Linux

Goal(1) Understand the effect of Erlang concurrent process scheduling on CPU core load in multi-core CPU environment;(2) The memory addition mechanism of Erlang virtual machine;(3) The operation of Erlang process;(4) Monitoring CPU usage under

Efficient method for obtaining/backtrace of Linux function call stacks

There are four ways to get the function call stack for Linux, see called Stack TRACE GENERATION. Here is a brief list of the four scenarios mentioned in this article:Method 1 gcc built-in function __builtin_return_addressMethod 2 BackTrace function

Linux authentication methods for logging UNIX and Windows logs with Syslog

Linux authentication using syslog to record UNIX and Windows logs, it is a good idea to schedule a dedicated log server in the network to record system logs. This article takes the syslog under FreeBSD as an example and describes how to use the

Linux and Windows shared folders in embedded VMS

VMS in Linux with Windows shared folder ZTDescribes the host is Windows, the client is the setting under Linux.1, installing Vmtools for LinuxSelect the VMware Workstation Program menu Vm>install VMware Tools ...To start Linux on the guest computer,

Linux compiled install Darwin streaming Server 6.0.3 ...

The current mainstream streaming servers are Microsoft's Windows Media Server, RealNetworks Helixserver and Apple's Darwin streaming server. Microsoft Windows Media Server can only be used under Windows2000 Server and Windows 2003 server, not in the

Linux compilation install Darwin streaming Server 6.0.3

After buying the VPS has always wanted to build a streaming service on the above, search for a lot of information on the Internet, most of it is the introduction of Linux installed in Darwin streaming Server 5.5.5, because this version provides

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