Symbolic link application in Linux

There are two different types of links, soft links and hard links, here we only discuss soft links. A soft link is actually a pointer to a file. You will find this soft link easy to use.I. Using soft links to save multiple images of a fileLet's

Linux commands for viewing the contents of a file

Linux commands for viewing the contents of a file Watch the contents of the archive: Cat, TAC, more, less, head, tail, NL, just what we mentioned just to show the appearance of the file, or to move and copy a file or directory, so what if we want

Ejabberd Frame construction under Linux

Ejabberd, an open source framework for IM for Erlang, has been looking for a time to study:1. Download Ejabberd installation packagewget Http:// After the

Linux fcntl functions

FcntlFunction Description: Manipulate the attributes of the file according to the file description.#include #include int fcntl (int fd, int cmd);int fcntl (int fd, int cmd, long arg);int fcntl (int fd, int cmd, struct flock

Linux shared Memory (one)

Inux system Programming I've been looking at the Original link memory is a piece of memory that is reserved for the system to be considered for communication between multiple

Linux Essays---Touch and mkdir

first, the purposeThis article describes the new file or directory, delete files, or directory commands under Linux. Touch can create a new file, mkdir to create a new directory, and RM to delete a file or directory. This article will select the

Send mail with mail under Linux

Ways to send mail using an external mailbox Bin/mail will send mail by default using local SendMail, which requires the local machine to install and start the SendMail service, which is cumbersome to configure and will cause

Linux component Encapsulation (i) Mutex lock Mutexlock

Since the functions of the Pthread series are all successful and return 0, we need a code to judge the processing error:#define Tiny_check (exp) if(! EXP) { "File:%s, line:%d Exp: ["#exp"] is true, abort.\n " , __file__,

Linux installation configuration sendmail for mail delivery

SendMail ConfigurationYum-y Update SendMail SENDMAIL-CFSendMail Related Categories1. Configuration file directory:/etc/mail2. Record:/var/log/maillog3. Temporary directory of received correspondence:/var/spool/mail/4. Temporary catalogue of Outgoing

Linux Learning One

Advantages and disadvantages of 1.Linux:Advantages:A stable systemFree or little feeSecurity, quick fixes for vulnerabilitiesMulti-tasking, multi-userPlanning for users and usersRelatively non-resource-intensive systemsSuitable for embedded systems

Apt-get command in Ubuntu Linux system

Apt-get command in Ubuntu Linux system (Via|via)Common APT Command parameters: Apt-cache Search Package Apt-cache Show package for information about packages, such as description, size, version, etc. sudo apt-get install package sudo apt-get Install

Some problems with Linux patching

Linuxpatchlinux Kernel Document CommandheaderOne interesting feature of Unix-like operating systems is the source-level patch pack. On Windows we patched all to run an executable program, and then we can finish the patch, which is very convenient

"Linux Device Drivers" The 12th Chapter PCI driver--note

Brief introduction This chapter gives a summary of a high-level bus architecture Discussion focuses on kernel functions for accessing peripheral Component interconnect (PCI, peripheral interconnect) Peripherals PCI bus is the

Kali Linux Command Set

System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Suggestions for learning Linux/unix programming methods

Suppose you are a computer trained, the basic courses of computer science such as data structure, operating system, architecture, compiling principle, computer network you have all repairedI think it can be divided into 4 stages, level from low to

Top Ten Popular Linux

Did you ever know where the charm or power of Linux comes from? That is, because of the wide variety of distributions, the Linux camp is growing, each distribution has a large number of users, developers volunteer for the relevant projects to devote

Linux shutdown Shutdown system command usage introduction

The shutdown command is the most commonly used shutdown command, which can be used not only to shut down the system immediately, but also to shut down the system Linux shutdown command at a specified time shutdownShutting down, rebooting the

Common commands for text processing under Linux

As we all know, in Linux under the "All documents" principle, all the configuration files can be edited and stored in the form of text. Therefore, the ability to manipulate text files determines whether you can responds very well under Linux. Today,

Linux and Windows serial communication

Serial port is commonly used in the data transmission between the computer and the external serial device, because the serial communication is convenient and easy to use, so widely used. Now the international serial port new technology and new

Linux (Fedora) EFI startup Windows Error \efi\microsoft\boot\bootmgfw.efi is missing

The computer is a dual system, Windows 8.1+fedora 20, when you install Fedora, a new EFI system partition is added to the disk, and two EFI system partitions appear because Windows also has an EFI system partition. Booting fedora from the EFI in

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