Management of Linux operating system (operating system and server) II

Why are there some operating systems that stand out from many operating systems? Many people do not know that these operating systems are not just for us to install on the computer, then play games, movies, office use. Every kind of control system

Common Linux Service ports

Linux servers start with a number of system services that provide local and network users with a system-functional interface for Linux that is directly targeted to applications and users. The programs that provide these services are executed by

0723------The DUP, dup2, and FCNTL functions of the Linux base----------file IO

1. DUP functionThe 1.1 DUP function is used to copy a file descriptor , and the copied file descriptor can be used normally (see Example 1). The DUP function returns one of the smallest available file descriptors in the current File descriptor table

[To] TCP/IP principles, Fundamentals, and implementations on Linux

Introduction: This article as a theoretical basis, will tell us the basic principles of TCP/IP and important protocol details, and on this basis, introduced the implementation of TCP/IP on Linux.OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Reference ModelThe OSI

Another use and until loop for the for loop of the Linux learning path

The format of the for loop described earlier is as follows:For VARNAME in List;doStatement...DoneThe For loop in this format is the statement that assigns each value in the list to the variable varname, and then executes in the loop body. When no

Linux command detailed Nice

Command nice-to adjust the priority of the program run"Format" nice [OPTION] [command [arguments ...]]DescriptionOn top of the current program run priority, adjust the specified merit to the new program run priority, Run command line with the new

Compiling ARM-LINUX-GCC 4.8.2

When compiling GCC, Main references from Modified for some reason, marked red place for the modified place Compilation Environment:Kernel Name: LinuxHardware schema name: i686Hardware platform:

Deep understanding of the meaning of the Linux OS daemon

Linux servers start with a number of system services that provide local and network users with a system-functional interface for Linux that is directly targeted to applications and users. The programs that provide these services are executed by

Kali-linux Simple Setup after installation (RPM)

1. Update the SOFTWARE Source:Back up the software source files firstCp/etc/apt/sources.list/etc/apt/sources.list.bakTo modify the Sources.list file:Leafpad/etc/apt/sources.listThen choose to add the following faster sources:#官方源deb http://Http.kali.

Rookie's growth record.--linux wildcard and special character set usage

Wildcard charactersWhen you need to query the desired results with a command, the user does not have to find all of them and can use the shell wildcard character. The wildcard character of the shell command is the following table

Top ten development tools for Linux development environment

linux is an excellent development environment, But without a good development tool as a weapon, the benefits of this environment will be greatly compromised. Fortunately, there are a lot of good Linux and open source development tools for you to

Linux Boot Start program detailed

We assume that you are already familiar with the boot process of other operating systems, and understand the self-test boot steps of the hardware, starting with the boot loader for the Linux operating system (usually lilo for personal computers) and

Linux awk common Command "reprint"

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

"Linux Programming" socket programming

Sockets are abstractions of communication endpoints. The file descriptor is created with the open function, and the socket descriptor is created with the socket function. The socket function prototype is as follows:int socket (int domain, int type,

Linux memory fundamentals and related tuning scenarios

Memory is one of the most important parts of a computer, and it is a bridge to communicate with the CPU. All programs in the computer run in memory, so the performance of the memory affects the computer very much. The memory function is used to

Linux Basics---Users

Users and GroupsI. Concepts of users and groupsThe concept of users and groups is introduced as computers become more and more demanding for multiple users. The so-called user is the operating system used to identify the login system. Is that users

POSIX specification and genre of linux-regular expressions

POSIX specification for Linux/unix tools and regular expressionsA reader who has a basic understanding of regular expressions must not be unfamiliar with expressions such as "\d", "[a-z]+"), which match a numeric character, which matches more than

Errors caused by the system () function under Linux

Look at the problem first.Simply encapsulate the system () function: 1 intpox_system(const char*cmd_line) 2 { 3     returnsystem(cmd_line);

Linux-load Average Analysis

Load AverageTransferred from: What is load? What is load Average?Load is the measure of how much the computer works (wikipedia:the system load is a measure of the amount of work,

Linux and Windows dual system mutual copy file garbled problem

If you need to use the Windows under the Linux files, copy it often found that the Chinese display garbled. The reason is that the default file format in Windows is GBK (gb2312), and Linux is generally UTF-8. The more tedious way is to use the

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