The role of Unix/linux Sync command __linux

Write Cache command--sync After starting the UNIX system with the reboot command, the system prompts for an error message and some applications do not work properly. After careful examination of system files, and the initial correct backup to

A simple example of "Linux" about understanding fork () functions __oracle

1.fork () function The fork () function creates a process that is almost identical to the original process through system calls, and this new process is called a subprocess. Once a process calls the fork () function, the system assigns resources to

Linux-basic (7) Linux file and directory management __linux

"7.1" Directory and Path"7.1.2" directory-related actions 1 Special Directory list: (1) 2 Directory Operation command, let's talk about a few common processing directory commands bar: CDS: Transforming Catalogs PWD: Displaying the current

"Linux Programming" daemon (daemon) detailed and create __HTML5

This article mainly refer to from: Linux system Programming process (eight): Daemon process detailed and create, daemon () use I. Overview Daemon (daemon) is a special process running in the background. It is independent of the control terminal

A small summary of speech recognition under Linux __linux

I have previously sent my snake code, I would like to turn it into speech control up and down, so select the Hkust Flying SDK, there are some documents, but there are some details will let in the development of Linux under the children to create

Install Ruby__linux under Linux

Ruby Installation for Linux systems Ruby installation Package Download Address: Ruby-1.8.6-p111.tar.gz Unpack and install: Tar-xvzf ruby-1.8.6-p111.tar.gz CD

Linux Learning Summary (75) Memcached of non-relational database

A non-relational databaseNon-relational databases are NoSQL, relational databases represent MySQLFor the relational database, it is necessary to store the data in the library, table, row, field, query the time according to the conditions of a line

Linux Basic Command ①

1. Basic commandsLS View this directoryll view this directory and display detailed information equal to Ls-lLs-r dirname recursively displays all contents of a directoryPWD View the text of the current file, which is the current pathCd. . Go to

15 excellent examples of Linux find commands

Find files based on Access/modify/change TimeYou can find a file based on the time attributes of the following three files. The time the file was accessed . Access time is updated when files are accessed . The modified time of the file.

Using the SVN client (Linux)

SVN Server Environment Reference: I use a cloud server ( as the SVN service side, using a VMware virtual machine ( as the SVN clientIf you use the SVN client:[[email

Reprint Linux Operations Fundamentals Learning content

Original Author Address: learning Linux for simple commands have mastered but the complex script shell Python still does not grasp this need to continue to learn ...A lot of things just

Linux 16th Day Package Management

Linux 16th Day Self-study package management Time: 20180802DirectoryLinux Package ManagementRPM Package Management tool usesYum Online Package management toolSource Code Compilation InstallerLinux Package ManagementMost of the software on Linux is

Linux Learning Basics---The first part

1. What is Linux?Linux is a free-to-use and free-to-propagate Unix-like operating system that is a POSIX and Unix-based multiuser, multitasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. It can run major UNIX working software, applications and

Linux LVS (Linux virtual Server) V1.26 Load Balancer Detailed configuration tutorial

2 Linux LVS (Linux virtual Server) V1.26 load balancerConfiguration ideas: Install the LVS server install the kernel link kernel file on the LVS server and manually bind the VIP Configure the Realserver backend service to manually

[Embedded development] Linux performance Analysis-context switching

First, from a question.Believe that many people play mobile phone or PC, have encountered such a situation, the installation of software more system performance is slow, but to see the CPU utilization has been lower than 10%, memory is also very

Linux Basic Instruction Learning

1. Enter the catalogue cd/home/mmkjReturn to the previous level CD.Return root directory CD/Create directory: mkdir XMYFSJ (create XMYFSJ folder)Delete directory: RmDir XMYFSJDelete folder: Rm-rf XMYFSJDisplay file type: filenameCreate an empty file:

Detailed to no friend, a article to help you clear Linux user and user group relationship ~

1. User and user group filesIn Linux, user accounts, user passwords, user group information, and user group passwords are stored in different configuration files.In a Linux system, the user accounts created and their associated information (except

Cobbler Automation Installation Linux

Cobbler批量装系统1. IntroductionNetwork installation Server suite Cobbler (cobbler) Once upon a time, we have been working as a promising career for migrant workers. Since Red Hat launched Kickstart a few years ago, we circumnavigated worth more. No

Linux Operations Foundation Text Processing

1 Tools for extracting textFile content: Less and catFile interception: Head and tailExtract by column: CutExtract by keyword: grep1.2 File ViewFile View command:Cat,tac,revCat [OPTION] ... [FILE] ...-E: Display line terminator $-N: Numbering each

Linux (Radhat) Basic Learning-Virtual machine management

1. Virtual machines:虚拟机指通过软件模拟的具有完整硬件系统功能的、运行在一个完全隔离环境中的完整计算机系统。**Learning is using the Redhat system virtual machine which consists of two parts of the file:(1). Hard disk File (Qcow2 file): The operating system is logged. All system information is

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