How do I make the Linux user-defined command alias permanently effective? __linux

How to make the user-defined command alias for Linux permanently effective. The alias (Chinese called "Alias") allows you to redefine the Shell command in Linux with a shorter name, simplifying the command line input. If you often deal with the

Linux Login Process __linux

1.init start-up; 2.fork, Exec executes Getty; 3.getty Open terminal, set standard input and output and standard error output; 4.getty again exec execute login; 5.login checks the username and password in the/etc/passwd and obtains various

Processing of Linux Compressed files __linux

Before you make a concrete summary of the various types of compressed files, first understand two concepts: packaging and compression. Packing refers to the A large pile of files or directories into a total file, compression is a large file through

Linux/debian Installation Day Remember __linux

1: The problem with the installation source. The other day my Ubuntu was ruined by my carelessness, and then I wanted to experience the new Linux release. First of all, fedora, I listen to Fedora, because a lot of the software on this release is

Linux uses semaphores to achieve thread synchronization and mutex __linux

Threads use mutexes to achieve mutual exclusion between threads, the mutex itself is a state of identification of resources, when it can be applied to the lock when the resources can be used, when the lock failed to request that the resource is

Friendly arm nanopc-t3 plus,s5p6818 compile Linux kernel process __linux

follow the wiki tutorial to compile kernel 4.4.y: My compiler is this one, set first 1, cross_compile=aarch64-linux-gnu- Configuration file in arch/arm64/configs/ 2, make arch=arm64 nanopi3_linux_defconfig 3, Make arch=arm64 Problem

DIRECTFB porting (GUI arm Linux DIRECTFB GTK tslib) __linux

DIRECTFB Transplant 1 PrefaceA few years ago, once developed an embedded product, now the market still exists, but because of the rapid upgrading of electronic products, many components are not procured, in order to continue the product life cycle,

Linux kernel support for CPU hot-swappable __linux

CPU hotplug Support in Linux (tm) Kernel Maintainers: CPU Hotplug Core: Rusty Russell Srivatsa Vaddagiri I386: Zwane Mwaikambo PPC64: Nathan Lynch Joel Schopp IA64/X86_64: Ashok Raj s390: Heiko Carstens Authors:ashok Raj Lots of

Modify the Linux system time EDT to Cst__linux

I saw a machine this morning. Time does not match, this thought the system time and the network Beijing time is not synchronized, on the terminal command performs the network time synchronization [Root@localhost ~]# ntpdate

EXEC command-related __linux Linux

EXEC command related in Linux: Both exec and source are part of the Bash Internal command (builtins commands), where you enter man exec or man source to view all internal command information.The bash shell commands fall into two categories: external

Inode explanation (solve the problem that Linux has space but prompt disk space is insufficient) __linux

FileName-> inode-> device block Turn from:Http:// First, what is the inode. Understand the inode, from

Linux Network protocol stack kernel analysis __linux

1. Linux Network Path 1.1 Sending End 1.1.1 Application Layer (1) Socket The application layer of the various network applications are basically through the Linux Socket programming interface and kernel Space network protocol stack communication.

Basics of Linux (vi)--learning notes-Regular expressions

The text is primarily a note of study notes when learning the basics of Linux in an experimental building.If you have copyright questions, please contact: Mastering basic commands: sed, grep, awk usageMastering regular expression

50 of the best Firefox extensions on Linux __linux

Firefox has hundreds of extensions, which one do you want to use? This collection of 50 popular extensions, download after installation, will make your Firefox browsing easier. Note that most extensions can be used on FireFox2.0, and if they are not

Linux USB driver Framework 1__linux

The first contact with the OS-related device driver writing, it is very interesting, in order to not forget what I have seen, notes and summary of course indispensable, not to mention I decided to work for embedded. Well, to get to the next step,

The grep command in Linux, query multiple strings with or, regular expression base description

using the grep ' word1|word2 ' filename is not the right command. You should use the following command: 1,grep-e ' word1|word2 ' filename2,egrep ' word1|word2 ' filename3,grep ' word1/|word2 ' filenameWhy do I need to add-e, about grep and

Linux 2.6 Interrupt The lower half of the mechanism analysis __linux

This article is reproduced to: This article mainly from the user's point of view to the Linux 2.6 kernel of the lower half of the mechanism SOFTIRQ, tasklet and Workqueue analysis, for these three mechanisms in

Get current time in Linux kernel __linux

7.2. Learn the current time The kernel code can always get a representation of the current time by viewing the value of the jifies. Often, this value represents only the time since the last boot, and this fact is irrelevant to the driver because its

Common operation commands and shortcut keys Summary in Linux environment __linux

Write in the beginning: Work Fast 2 months, with the most is the Linux environment, from the beginning of the confusion, to now more and more familiar, which many rough grinding untold. Expect Up-and will also have this experience, and then put

Maemo Linux Mobile Platform Series Analysis: 6 Maemo Platform Development D-bus __linux

    in the Maemo platform, D-bus is a very important middleware (middleware) solution, primarily for communication between processes. There are already a lot of services using D-bus, and then there are different ways to implement them. D-bus is run

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