The problem of character garbled in the Linux __linux

Linux under the Chinese will often appear garbled, some browsing the Web page appears garbled, and some text mode shows the Chinese appear garbled. The following figure shows the problem I encountered. I installed the Centos,x-window display Chinese

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS use MIPS-LINUX-GNU-GCC to cross-compile OpenCV required libraries __linux

Thank you so much 1, zlib of the cross-compilation:

Install a printer on an embedded Linux system __linux

1. Introduction:Install printers in Linux environments, usually cups, ghostscript, etc., but usually large in size, several 10 trillionIn my application environment, the requirements of the printing module is not more than 5M, the web search program

Initialization of the Linux kernel subsystem (or function module) __linux

The initialization of various parts in the kernel boot process, such as midrange, page management, slab allocator, Task Scheduler, network, PCI device, and so on, can be divided into two types: One is the key, initialization that must be done and

Linux gzip, bzip2 Common compression, decompression instructions Summary __linux


Linux inside the compression decompression is very commonly used instructions, and Linux support compression instructions are more diverse, and different compression using different technologies, is currently commonly used mainly gzip and bzip2

Finishing--linux character device driven development base __linux

Knowledge Collation –linux character device Driven Development Foundation Linux driver I understand: encapsulates the operation of the underlying hardware and provides an operational interface to the upper application The article in some places did

Configure OPENLDAP service records under Linux __linux

Absrtact: Recent departments need to integrate all the systems, so the leadership said that through the OPENLDAP database to achieve the unified management of all systems, so the need to configure the server on the LDAP service, we choose here is

Linux mount ISO mirroring times wrong solution Mount:can ' t find cdrom in/etc/fstab Or/etc/mtab__linux

Input command: Mount/mnt/cdrom output error: Mount:can ' t find cdrom in/etc/fstab Or/etc/mtabThe error message indicates that the file to be mounted could not be found in/etc/fstabSolution Method:Method one:. Input command: mount-t

Steps on Linux installation Discuz __linux

First, install the Apache server Under the terminal enter the command below: sudo apt-get install apache2 After installation, the next step is to start Apache Sudo/etc/init.d/apache2 restart In the browser to enter http://localhost/or HTTP://127.0.0.

Linux Device Mount command mount and u disk, removable hard disk, CD-ROM Mount __linux

Linux systems do not automatically recognize and load new devices like Windows systems, requiring manual identification and manual loading. Everything in Linux is file. The file is organized by a large file tree, and the root directory of the file

Test a __HTML5 based on QT serial port programming under Linux

This article blog link:, author: jdh, reprint please specify. Environment: Host: Fedora12 Development software: QT Target board: MINI6410 Implementation features: The target board receives the information which the PC

The difference between memory buffer and cache in Linux __linux

The difference between memory buffer and cache in Linux 2011-10-04 14:40:18 This article turns from: Careful friends will notice that when you frequently access files under Linux, physical

Linux thread properties, thread local variables summary __linux

Transferred from The thread properties are structured as follows:typedef struct{int etachstate; Detach State of Threadint schedpolicy; Thread Scheduling PolicyStructsched_param Schedparam;

Linux user space and kernel space __linux

a.introduction (32-bit system) Linux simplifies the segmentation mechanism so that virtual addresses (logical addresses) are always consistent with linear addresses, so Linux's virtual address space is also 0~4g (2^32). The Linux kernel divides

Linux Hot Plug processing mechanism series __linux

When you connect a removable device to the system, the following events occur sequentially in the background of the system: The kernel detects new hardware inserts, and then notifies HotPlug and Udev separately. The former is used to load the

Linux mkfs command parameters and usage---Linux Format file system commands (including swap partitions) __linux

  MKFS command  linux formatted disk command           Linux mkfs         instruction: MKFS   With permissions: Super User usage: MKFS [-v] [-t fstype] [fs-options] filesys [blocks] [-l lable] Description: Build Linux file system on specific

How to make LINUX patch files and how to play Patch__linux

How to make Linux patch files and how to play patch When you make a change to a version of the Linux kernel, if you want to publish it to someone else, you need to make a patch file for that version.The patch file, also called a patch, is a text

Linux tmp folder __linux

Recently started to learn Linux, about the/tmp folder, The/tmp folder is where the Linux temp files are stored, the files in the/tmp folder in the Linux system are emptied, and how long they are emptied and how they are emptied may not be clear. In

Linux under Socket Programming Foundation--socket address API__HTML5

Socket programming refers to a complete set of API programming about sockets, not just the use of socket () system calls, but also a complete set of functions around this system call. Here we will start from the basics and learn how to write the

The Chmod__linux of Linux

Chmod has been confused before, now summed up: In UNIX and Linux operating systems, each file (the folder is also considered a file) is read, write, run set permissions.For example, when I use the ls-l command column file table, I get the following

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