Linux/redhat Wired Network configuration

Ifconfig Configure the Network interface tool introduction; Ifconfig is a tool used to view, configure, enable, or disable network interfaces, which is extremely common. For example, we can use this tool to temporarily configure the network card IP

"Linux" SOLARIS10 Configure host name hostname to resolve hostname as unknown problem

1. The phenomenon of problems Host name (hostname) is displayed as unknown 2. How to Solve My environment is for unknown, one is not set host name, two are using DHCP assigned IP mode The workaround steps are described below: First procedure:

Linux operation hint: "Can ' t open file for writing" or "Operation not permitted" solution __linux

Use VI command on Linux to modify a file content, found that can not save, each time the use of ": q!" command can exit normally but use ": wq!" When the command saves the file and exits, a message appears: E212:can ' t open file for writing press

Linux under the puzzled Package view tar package file content __linux

To reduce the amount of space occupied by log files, in many cases we package the log files in days or weeks as tar.gz packages. While this is a good space to take advantage of, it is inconvenient when we want to look at the contents of a compressed

Linux 2.6 Dispatch System Analysis--on 2.4 progress __linux

Analysis of Linux 2.6 scheduling system content:

Linux decompression rar compressed file __linux


At present, most of the downloads on the Web are RAR package, in the window, of course, you can use the mouse to decompress, for some Linux systems, the system is usually brought by the RAR, but some systems, such as my bar, there is no belt, or I

Some commands for Linux

Command Introductionmkdir Create directory commands make directoryTouch Create File "touch", modify timestampPWD Displays the current path-ls-l (long) d (directory) display directory or file full listLs-l/root/Tree view directory StructureCD switch

FTP Server Setup in Ftp-linux

First, the FTP working principle(1) FTP use port[Email protected] ~]# Cat/etc/services | grep ftpftp-data 20/tcp #数据链路: Port 20ftp 21/tcp #控制链路: Port 21(2) FTP connection modeTwo connection modes are supported: Active mode (Port) and

Top of Linux commands

TOP–HV | -abchimmss–d delay–n iterations–p pid [, PID ...]The top program provides a dynamic, real-time view of the running system that displays system profiles and a list of tasks currently managed by the Linux kernel. The types of system profiles

# # Linux Server removes garbled files and folders

because of the general trend of PHP, there are more and more opportunities to access Linux servers. Unlike Windows servers, Linux servers only support characters such as numbers, English, and no way toidentification. so that caused us to pack the

Linux commands in detail (iii)./configure, make, make install command

These are typical installation steps for programs that are generated using the GNU autoconf and AutomakeI. BASIC information1./configure is used to detect the target characteristics of your installation platform. For example, it detects if you have

Linux installation vmware Kernel-header problem

View the log file,Cat/tmp/vmware-xiuyuan/vmware-modconfig-9996.log | MoreThere are a few lines in the log file:Setting header path for 3.7.2-204.fc18.x86_64 to "/lib/modules/3.7.2-204.fc18.x86_64/build/include".Validating path "/lib/modules/3.7.2-204

linux- Kernel boot Analysis makefile file

Learning GoalsAnalyze the makefile file to see which files in the kernel are compiled, how they are compiled, and how the order of connections is determined!Linux kernel source code contains a lot of makefile files, these makefile files contain

/ETC/PASSWD,/etc/shadow, and/etc/group file content interpretation in Linux

One,/etc/passwd is the user database, where the domain gives the user name, encryption password and other information of the userThe record line in the/etc/shadow file corresponds to one by one in/etc/passwd, which is automatically generated by the

Linux commands for viewing system information and for installed packages

Systemuname -aView kernel/Os/cpu informationhead -n 1 /etc/issueViewing the operating system versioncat /proc/cpuinfoView CPU InformationhostnameView computer Namelspci -tvList all PCI deviceslsusb -tvList all USB deviceslsmodList the loaded kernel

Linux Process Management

1. Basic overview of the processDefinition: A process is a running instance of an executable program that has been started./proc directory under the name of a directory, each directory represents a process, preserving the properties of the process

Linux Learning-Modification of the owner and owner group

Modification of genus Chown, three forms of Master commandChown. Genus Group Parameter (parameter is file name or directory name) modified by owner and groupChown. Genus Group Parameter (parameter is file name or directory name) only modify the


One. Nginx configuration file Nginx configuration file:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf/etc/nginx/conf.d/ /etc/nginx/default.d/Configuration file StructureThe structure of the Nginx configuration file:Main (Global configuration segment)Events {...}HTTP {...

Play Linux Server common commands

To view some basic information about the server:Linux Basic command: some commands not found/unusable: the installed system version[Email

Automating deployment scripts--linux executing SH scripts

Automation deployment Script file directory:Run the main program:./!/bin/bashscriptpath=$ (CD "$ (dirname") "; pwd)install_log= $SCRIPTPATH/install_log.txtecho "***start install***" > $Install _logecho "Workspace is $SCRIPTPATH" | Tee-a "$

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