Copy of soft link file under Linux


It is not possible to copy the problem when compiling the LIBNL library for copying to other machines, because the SD card is the FAT32 file system format, and the file system does not support ln soft link file under

First week of Linux Foundation

first week of Linux FoundationFormat of the commandCommand option (option) arguments (parameter) consists of three parts, which require a space intervalThe Options option enables a feature of the command to change the function of the

Solution to the QT program cannot input Chinese in Linux (connect with below)

Before installing the QT Integrated Development Kit, you need to install both the build-essential and Libncurses5-dev development tools and libraries, the Libncurses5-dev library is a library of graphics functions that are widely used under

Knowledge of the Linux package series (attached: Ubuntu16.04 upgrade to 18.04 case)


Linux Basics: Https:// see friends still apt-get update upgrade, very puzzled, later found that he just know this update command but do not know its meaning, so every time you install a package will

Linux Operations Engineer Growth process

Original address: 78059331Beginner's articleLinux OPS Common tool topology see:1rsync ToolsRsync tools are often used in many places to implement synchronization effects on several servers. Our company is using this tool to complete the server game

Linux average load average meaning "turn"

Article Source: Linux average load average meaningThe meaning of load averageThe average payload (load average) refers to the average utilization of the operating queue of the system, or it can be considered as the average of the operational

Linux OpenSSH OpenSSL

Linux OpenSSH OpenSSLNote Date 20180524DirectoryOpenSSHConfigure SSH key-based authenticationServer-side configuration filesBest Practices for SSH servicesOpensslThree componentsPki:public Key InfrastructureEstablish a private CACertificate

Get Linux command Help information and how to use the man manual

Types of commands in Linux The command types in Linux are divided into internal commands and external commands.Use type commands to determine internal and external commands, as shown in the following example: [[email protected] ~]#

Linux (ii)

Files and directories Common command target View Catalog Contents ls Switch directories cd Create and delete operations touch rm mkdir Copying and moving files

Udev under Linux

If you've been using Linux for a long time, then you know that Linux has changed several strategies in the case of device files. Early in Linux, the device files were just plain files with the appropriate set of attributes, created by the Mknod

Linux User and user group management

I. Management of System user accounts1. Add user accountTo add a user account is to create a new account in the system, and then assign the user number, user group, home directory, and login shell resources to the new account. The account you just

Single Chip microcomputer growth path (51 basics)-006 development of 51 single-chip microcomputer under Linux burning and writing environment


There is no IDE like Keli in Linux to develop 51 single-chip microcomputer, development environment can only build themselves.First step: Install the cross-compilation toolA) Install SDCCsudo apt-get install SDCCb) Test SDCC is available, this is a

Linux file Properties

1. In Linux we can use the LL or LS–L command to display the properties of a file and the users and groups to which the file belongs2. "D" represents the file in Linux as a directory file, and the first character in Linux means that the file is a

Linux configuration Git Operation free login SSH public key

CD ~/.sshSsh-keygen-t rsa-b 4096-c "[email protected]" then enter three combo ...You can see two more files in the current directory and Id_rsa with a public key, without a private keyVim Open Public key, copy all content

Installing Nginx under Linux

Prior to using Nginx on Windows system, today try to install Nginx under Linux (CentOS7.2) success. Record it.Nginx's DownloadNginx Bag: Dependency Package (to download the corresponding

Summary of Common Linux commands

1. View the process: Ps-ef or Ps-aux2. View network status: Ifconfig3. Filter: grep filter content file path (filter content under the change file)Grep-r Filtering the content path (filtering the contents of the path)4. Dynamic display of the most

Installing SSH2 extensions in Linux systems detailed Linux skills learning

 in the Linux Server The SSH2 extension is deployed in the environment to compile the SSH script commands in the PHP file , and is configured as follows, if it is run directly in a formal environment, It is recommended that you do a backup. 1.

The awk of Linux

Brief introductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using


ThreadsWe all know that the execution of a program is done by the process, while the actual execution of the code in the process is a thread to complete, it is the real execution flow. Usually a program is called a thread (threads) in a line of

Linux Operations Three Musketeers awk will knowledge-patterns and actions, inner arguments, statement blocks, arrays

Linux command The Three Musketeers awkabout awkAwk is the boss of the Three Musketeers, and the power of awk is that it's not just a command, it's a language, it's very powerful. The report generator, which is displayed after formatting, can

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