33 Tips for troubleshooting and handling Linux operations frequently

As a Linux operation, more or less will encounter such problems or failures, from which to experience, find problems, summarize and analyze the cause of the failure, this is a Linux operations engineer good habits. Every technology breakthrough, are

How do I view the Linux home directory hidden files?

Linuxsystem, how do I see a lot of hidden files and folders, in addition to storing a lot of visible files and folders? What's the use of these hidden files? View Linux home directory hidden files can be implemented by running Ls–a, for hidden files,

Memcached Installing Notes on Linux

The first kind of yum Mode installationMemcached supports many platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS, or Windows.The first step Linux system installation memcached, first install the Libevent libraryUbuntu/debiansudo apt-get install libevent

Linux under the Disk Management Artifact LVM command use and TCP protocol

I. Introduction of LVMLVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a logical Volume manager for Linux kernels and is a mechanism for partition management of disks in Linux environments. Introduce several nouns about LVM first1, PV (physical volume) can be a disk,

Complete steps for Nginx installation on Linux servers

1. Environment Preparation:Server System version: CentOS 6.5Nginx software version: nginx-1.13.92. Resource Preparation:Nginx:http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.13.9.tar.gz3. Installation steps:You can perform an installation of all missing

linux-Offline Installation Nginx

1, installation of Nginx and related components 1.1 openssl installation #  problems make[2]: *** [md5-x86_64.o] error 1make[2]:  leaving directory  '/root/lamp/openssl-0.9.8e/crypto/md5 ' make[1]: *** [subdirs] error  1make[1]: Leaving directory  '/

Linux coding Style

1, https://wenku.baidu.com/view/29009a84bceb19e8b8f6badc.html2, http://blog.csdn.net/stuartguo/article/details/52065642Chinese translated version of documentation/codingstyle if you has any comment or update to the content, please post To LKML

"Find and Awk Linux"

One, find command findExact lookups, which are searched according to the conditions or combination conditions provided, traverse all files, and are therefore slower.Grammar:Find Directory Condition actionThe default directory is the current

Linux Basic Course Notes

Linux system Installation1.1 Disk Partitioning/root Partition/boot system boot partitionPS: It is recommended to separate the/boot partition to facilitate the system faultThe swap partition simulates the space of the hard disk into memory space,

20165203 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

First, install the virtual machine1. Download problem: When you download Ubuntu on the virtual machine, always download for a long time, and the last download failed, which makes me very distressed.Solution: To help students, students gave me a

20165230 preparatory work 3 Linux installation and learning

20165230 pre-Job 3 Linux installation and learning install Linux operating systemThrough the learning practice based on the VirtualBox virtual machine installed Ubuntu Graphics tutorial, started the installation of virtual machines, according to the

2018-2-27 Linux Learning Notes

11.6 MARIADB Installation The MARIADB installation process is similar to MySQL, but the difference is that because we have both MARIADB and MySQL installed on the same machine, we need to tweak the configuration files and startup scripts to

Linux Disk Mount

Disk mount and dismountLinux Disk mounts use mount commands to uninstall the use umount command.The Mount command is used to load the file system to the specified mount point. The most common use of this command is to mount the CDROM so that we can

Linux 124 Lesson 2, managing files from the command line

File directory/represents the root directory the entire system is all in the root directory/boot Store Boot configuration file recommendations, separate into a partition/dev Device file directory such as: CD, HDD/etc store all the configuration

Share several common embedded Linux GUI and its features-dry goods


With the rapid development of Internet and network and gradually entering into people's families, the trend of integration of consumer electronics, computer and communication (3C) is becoming more and more obvious, and embedded system has become the

Linux process overview

First, IntroductionWhen a process in a Linux system runs, it always accesses the resources of the system, accesses the files, or sends a signal to other processes. Does the system allow it to do these things? What is the system's ability to

Linux time Subsystem (iii) User space interface function

First, prefaceFrom an application perspective, there are three types of time-related services that the kernel needs to provide:1, and system time-related services. For example, when you write a record to a database, you need to record the operation

Remember a tangled virtual machine Linux network configuration

To talk about why this is the problem of network configuration, but also from the configuration of DNF (game login), since the Linux server is used by others to set up a good end, extranet access and need to configure the PHP Gateway access

Linux Scheduler-Process priority

First, prefaceThis article mainly describes the concept of process prioritization. From the user space, the process priority is nice value and scheduling priorities, corresponding to the kernel, there are static priorities, realtime priority,

Linux kernel synchronization-atomic operation

First, the source byOur program logic often encounters such sequences of operations:1. Read the value of a variable in memory into the register2. Modify the value of the variable (that is, modify the value in the register)3. Write the values in the

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