Processing ideas for high CPU usage or high load on Linux

1, check the system CPU load and utilization of the command is: Top VmstatTop command: View CPU usage at the process level.Vmstat command: View system-level CPU usage.The following is a detailed illustration to analyze:The 1.1 Top command can view

Advantages of the Linux file name lowercase

Description: From the old Ruan why the file name to lowercase articles, in fact, I think it should be said that the Linux file name is more appropriate for lowercase.First, portabilityLinux systems are case-sensitive, and Windows systems and MAC

Linux Run Selenium Chrome issue under command line is now not allowed to run with root.2. No interface chromedriver calling Chrome will make an error.The first problem solution:Create a new user.Runuser-l username-c ' Python3 'Second question:1. Installing XVFB and

Linux installation ssh and SSH usage with password-free login


First, configure YumSecond, what is SSH The administrator can manage the multiple hosts scattered across the network by remote login. Administrators can do the following for remote hosts: Remote Login remote command

Set UID, set GID, Sticky Bit in Linux

Set UID:SUID permissions are valid only for binary programsPerformer must have X executable permission for the programThis permission is valid only in the course of executing the programPerformer will have permission to host the programSet GID:Sgid

Linux Server name access shh password-free login

You can see that the host name of the current system is localhost.localdomain by logging in as the root user, or by switching to the root user after logging in, and then entering the hostname command at the prompt. Change the network file

2017-2018-1 "Linux kernel Principles and design" 12th Week work

"Linux kernel Principles and design" 12th Week operation SQL Injection basic principle Introduction Group: And 20179215 Yuan Lin complete Experiment One, experiment explanation?? SQL injection attacks are passed into the Web application by

Process Group Session Linux process Groups and Sessions

In Unix-like systems, users typically deal with a variety of related processes. Although there is only one terminal process (the user's login shell , which launches various programs and services through the shell) at login time, many related

Linux system service and Management (services)---------the third day

? RAID disk array? Redundant array of Inexpensive disks–redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks– Through hardware/software technology, multiple small/low-speed disks are integrated into oneA large disk– Value of the array: increased I/O efficiency,

The fork of the Linux Process Primitive () (original!) )

I. Usage Analysis:Fork () This function, it can be said that the name of the person, it is well known that fork the word is meant to fork, the foreigner to take the academic name when there will always be some pictographic ideas, so there is ~The

Linux file links hard link and symbolic link

There are two ways to file links in Linux, one is hard link, also referred to as rigid links, the other is symbolic link, also known as symbolic link. To differentiate between the two, review the common Linux ext2 file system. This filesystem uses

Linux Basic optimization Scripts

[email protected] opt]# cat!/bin/bash################################################################# Base Plform for x86_64 BIT_CENTOS6 ## Define Yum & Base Tools & Security File && Kernel Sysctl ## Author Pharmacodia ## create_time:201

Yum Image source environment deployment record under Linux system

Prior to the introduction of the Linux environment local Yum source configuration method, but this is the simplest and most basic configuration, in the Yum installation may be some package is not complete, the following is the full Yun mirror source

File Summary of common commands for Linux text processing

Transferred from: a preference for Windows programmers, in the past do text processing is always like under Windows with notepad++ and other graphical tools, such as sometimes need to put a

Linux basic four (service management)

DirectoryI. INTRODUCTION AND classification 1. Default operating level of the system2. Classification of services3. Services and Ports Second, service management 1.RPM Package Service Management2. Source Package Service

Linux Common commands

1, cd command This is a very basic, is also a common need to use the command, it is used to switch the current directory, its parameters are to switch to the path of the directory, can be an absolute path, can also be a relative path. Such

Linux in Buffer/cache,swap, virtual memory and page + +

1. Buffer and CacheThe free command provides a more concise view of system memory usage relative to top:[[email protected] ~]$ free-m--in megabytesTotal used free shared buffers Cachedmem:32109 30133 1975 0 472 16881-/+ buffers/cache:12780 19328swap:

Linux Learning Summary--linux program management, terminal type and get command help mode

This chapter blog related Linux knowledge points Computer = hardware + software.Von Neumann theory, five parts: cpu--arithmetic, controller, memory, input device, output device.The Shell environment configuration is configured through

The TR of Linux

By using TR, you can easily implement many of the most basic features of SED. You can see TR as a (extremely) simplified variant of sed: it can replace another character with one character, or it can completely remove some characters. You can also

Windows Installer for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

One: Open "developer Mode"Click the Start menu button and select "Settings"Select "Update and Security" in SettingsIn the menu, select "Developer", and in three options, select "Developer Mode"Click "Yes" in the pop-up warning boxThis opens up the

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