Linux-folder, file default properties: Umask use

A permission Mask umaskUmask is a chmod package. A total of 4 bits (Gid/uid, owner. Group rights, other users ' rights), only the most commonly used is the latter 3. For example, you use chmod 755 file (at this time the permissions of the files are

Linux Learning Notes (v) system directory structure, ls command, file type, alias command

First with Xshell landing Centos7,First, the system directory structureIn the Command window, enterLS/LS is an abbreviation for list that lists the specified directory or file/is the root directory of the Linux operating system, all files and

Linux Xargs Commands

[Reprint] Reference blog: '--help ' | Cat This command outputs the echo content, which means that Echo's content is treated as a cat-processed file, in effect the output of the Echo command is

FTP Configuration in Linux

Firewall turned on[[Email protected] ~]# service iptables startAdd rule 20 Active port, 21 passive port[[email protected] ~]# iptables-i INPUT 1-p tcp--dport 20:21-j ACCEPTSave Configuration[[Email protected] ~]# service Iptables Saveiptables:saving

Linux first week study notes (11)

Linux first week study notes (one)2.1 system directory structure (top)2.2 System directory structure (bottom)The following lessons begin to be explained commands and specific uses of Linux systems(1) ls (list) command : used to list the system

Linux development-makefile

Makefile IntroductionWhen the make command executes, a makefile file is required to tell the make command how to compile and link the program.First, we use an example to illustrate Makefile's writing rules. In order to give everyone a perceptual

Linux Command Encyclopedia

Linux Command EncyclopediaDirectoryLinux Command Encyclopedia ... 1Directory... 1I. Installation and landing commands ... 1Second, graphical interface related commands ... 2Iii. Information Display Command ... 3Iv. File processing commands ... 7Five,

Linux View folder size du

For a detailed description of the du command parameters see: following is only a brief introduction to it;View the size of the Linux file directory and the number of files that the folder containsTotal

Linux system security Standard specification

First make sure that all the software in the Linux system you are using is installed to the latest version.The vulnerability under Linux is called a non-canonical roughly as follows:User login, OpenSSL, CA certificate, grub encryption, SMB Password

Linux File Basic Properties

Linux system is a typical multi-user system, different users in different positions, with different permissions. In order to protect the security of the system, the Linux system has different requirements for different users to access the same file (

Getting started with LINUX and some basic operations

Getting Started with Linux directory One, user login Two, terminal Three, Shell introduction Four, execute command Five, simple command Six, command line History Seven, bash shortcut Viii. using Ghome-ternimal IX, file management 11,.

Some relationships between soft/hard links and Inode in a Linux system.

Objective:It is well known that hard drives are an integral part of the computer, and no matter what system is running on the computer, the storage device is essential, and the Inode is a part of the disk storage that cannot be replaced. So I'd like

SSH2 extended installation and basic Operation Linux System learning

in theLinuxServerdeployment in the environmentSSH2extension to compilePHPin the fileSSHscript commands, the specific configuration method is as follows, if it is in a formal environment to run directly, it is recommended to do backup. 1. Installing

Notes File permissions and directory configuration for Linux

This article is for the study notes, read articles: Bird's Linux Private dishes-Linux file rights and configuration Users and Groups1) file OwnerIn Linux, when a file is created, the owner

Linux Fundamentals 03

* * Common commands for basic Linux operations (III)* * Linux PackagesLinux software is divided into "source package" and "binary package"SOURCE Bundle: Free, open sourceBinary Package: System default package, ie RPM package (last section we

Linux Command Encyclopedia

First, installation and landing commands1. Enter the graphical interfaceStartX2. Enter the graphical interfaceInit 53. Enter the character interfaceInit 34. LoginLogin5. Shut down the machinePoweroff-P Turn off the power when shutting down the

LNMP One-click installation package – simply configure the Linux server

LNMP One-click installation package – simply configure the Linux serverlnmp-orgwebsite, independent blog More do bigger, more and more pocket, many do the website friends obviously feel that the virtual host has not enough to meet their own web site

Linux Operation Learning------Nginx

1, Nginxis a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, but also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server1.1 KnowAPACHE,NGINX,LIGHTTPD (for pages not written by Java programs)Tomcat,jboss (for Java program write)User concept: The source package

Linux Operation Learning------Nginx

1, Nginxis a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, but also a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server1.1 KnowAPACHE,NGINX,LIGHTTPD (for pages not written by Java programs)Tomcat,jboss (for Java program write)User concept: The source package

PYTHON2/3 Execute external command (LINUX) and program (EXE)--subprocess module subprocess

The Subprocess module enables Python to execute external commands (Linux) and programs (EXE), and to get the corresponding output results for further processing. In Python3.5, the subprocess module replaces the Os.system, os.spawn*. This module is a

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